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  1. Jack rips onyx's dick off "go learn some fucking manors"
  2. She looked at him and yelped "W-where are your clothes???? Why am I in bed with you?!?!?!"
  3. "Ewww, Onyx, what you did is disgusting...." Jessica walked away quickly and returned to Jack with some cup of water.
  4. "AAAAHHHHH!.. DOOooommm..." He snatched it from Jack
    Onyx turns towards Eros, "I need medical assistance..."

  5. he shifted and looked at himself before looking back at her "what, I ware shorts to bed to help stay cool at night," he propped himself up with his arm "and we're sharing a room now remember?"
  6. Cat saw what had happened and began laffing at Onyx
  7. "Here some water, Jack!!!" Jessica give Jack some glass of water, looking worried.
  8. Jack takes the water and drinks it "thanks"
  9. "What is the matter with you? You ran off and your looking pale...." Jessica place her hand on his face.
  10. she stopped "huh??? oh wait!! I remember nowww!" she smiled and crawled to him clinging onto him. "you are so warm"
  11. Zeda smiled and hugged her "and your very cool," after a couple of minuets he asked, "how are you feeling>?"
  12. she looked at him "my head hurts just a wee bit" she holds his head to her chest "what about you?"
  13. zeda "I feel a bit better now, but it's going to suck when it gets hotter outside" he said shifting his head to look out the window
  14. she giggles and grins "what do you mean its gonna suck? its amazing!"
  15. Zeda pointed to his ears and hair "arctic wolf, I can withstand the cold a lot better than I can withstand heat" he thought for a second "that doesn't mean that I'm not willing to experience the heat."
  16. she looked at him and smiled "really?"
  17. zeda looks at the ceiling "yah," he stayed quiet for a little bit, "do you remember what happened after you ate Cat's pancakes?"
  18. "I saw a fucking flying goat"
  19. Zeda looked at her confused "what"
  20. "First I can't be without water for long and second ... " jack looks down to the deck and doesn't say anything else
  21. "And?" Jessica said it as she really wanna know.
  22. "Nothing it's nothing" jack gets up and sits in the kitchen
  23. Jessica signs as she get a feeling that something is wrong with him, but she won't say anything. "Anyway, Jack, all I wanted to spend time with know I love you...." Jessica said it as follows him toward the kitchen.
  24. she laughs and shakes her head "I don't know what cat put in those pancakes but they made me trip balls"
  25. Zeda smiled "i'm guessing weed" he said stroking the back of her head

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