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Bullet for my valentine
“Do you really think I care of you eat me, I know it to help you out and that’s all that matters, if I don’t love you or care for you I wouldn’t let you eat and drink my blood” jack crouched next to her and put a hand on her

“I bet that was a long climb, but your not out of breath, you have a lot of stamina, just like in bed” Hailey smiles and climbs down
“Thank you, Jack. I am so glad that you continue to do this for me. I have always appreciated it and will continue to do so”, she snuggles up close to him and wraps her fingers around his arm. She is cold to the touch and Jack is able to feel a small wave from her icy breath against his arm as her mouth grows nearer to him, “I hope that one day we will be able to have an even deeper connection than we already have. I would hope that our child is not born as a bastard.”, she licks along his arm before taking a gentle bite and sucking away at his blood. It begins to drip down the sides of her mouth as she continues.
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eros was picked up over razor's shoulder and pretty much carried by him. she having given a small squeak of surprise,blushing and held onto him. she relaxed as he walked up the metal platforms carrying her over onto the ship. "you don't say? well, i could see why you think that...hmm.." she murmured and purred a little in his ear. "also, you didn't have to carry me you know. i could have walked on my own. orrrrr perhaps you are doing this to sway my mind no?" she asked playfully and nibbled on his ear a little teasingly. eros wouldn't have dared to try to push out of his grip since she seemed quite pleased with her siduation. granted she would rather be sitting and cuddling compared to this but of course it wasn't like she had too much say on the matter just quite yet,plus she seemed to be enjoying having a big strong male carry her on his shoulder. it also may have been strange that eros was currently in a female form as eros was actually indeed in fact originally a male and quite often more so was in male form and even as a male had grown quite feminine compared to what he used to be.
The two finally made it to the deck of the ship. Razor got rid of the metal that he used as stepping stones below him. As he landed, the inertia caused him to sway a bit. He placed Eros to the ground, even though she seemed to look comfortable, “you know, there is something that I’ve been wondering”, Razor started as he scratched his chin, “for a long while, even before your death, you were in your female form a lot more often than usual. Even now, it would make a lot of sense for you to be in your male form.” He thought for a few seconds, “I remember that when I was told how to revive you, that if I added Onyx’s blood to the ingredients to bring you back, you may bring Ruby back with you. Do you feel odd in any shape or form?”, He examines her intently. This was the first time in a while that he had a chance to actually take in all of her beauty. He missed her so much and it was only now that he was processing what just happened, “I really missed seeing your face in the mornings after you were gone...”


Bullet for my valentine
“Yuki I’m sure our kid will turn out fine, it’s not like he or she will become evil, but anyways have you had enough blood” jack sat there looking at her drink his blood “your so cute when you do that”
Yuki nods gently, she bites down on Jack’s arm; wincing at the sound the flesh makes as it rips. The only thing that keeps her doing this is the knowledge that it won’t cause permanent damage to him and how the injury won’t last very long. Where she does feel guilt for Jack’s pain, she knows what the baby needs, and she must provide. The process takes roughly 15 minutes, and by the time that she is finished, Jack’s arm is clean of skin and muscle and he seems to be bleeding out again, “I’m finished”, she looked to his face and could see the extreme pain in his eyes even though he tried to mask it like always, “Are you okay?”, she asked even in knowing that it couldn’t have been possible in his current state. She wasn’t certain if his arm had ever even felt such brutality before.

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