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Hi there! I'm Blank (they/them) - it's been a while since I've gotten into a good roleplay so I thought I'd try and look for a partner here.

  • I'm 22 years old, so I would only like people who are 18+ to contact me about RP.
  • I'm from Scotland, so my timezone is GMT+1 - however, I have no preference in time zones whatsoever.
  • I am mainly into fantasy roleplays and will never roleplay a human - adding onto that, I really like slow-burn romance roleplays and I will usually only play masc characters or non binary characters. Meaning, I usually go for MxM romances. I recently have been interested in trying out FxM romances, however I will only play the female.
  • I ONLY roleplay OCs. I do not roleplay canon characters.
  • I am an artist, so if I get super into the roleplay I will most likely draw our characters and make playlists/moodboards for them and just get really into playing them!
  • I have 10+ years of RP experience and I write my own books in my spare time, so I also really enjoy world-building.
  • I mainly prefer roleplaying on discord but I can also roleplay here if need be.
For the past few years, I have been worldbuilding many different worlds that I would love to have the chance to roleplay in. I’ll list the worlds I have created and if you would like to roleplay it with me, feel free to reply to this thread or throw me a DM!

The World of Edion

Edion is a world based around the sub genre of steampunk, and focuses on elemental magic. Within this world, there is an elite private school by the name of Elemna Academy, which takes in children that possess elemental magic. There are also many different kingdoms in this world in which different elemental magic stems from, however the Academy itself is based in a kingdom by the name of Asaeldan. If you wanted to roleplay romance in this academy however, it would only fit into the seventh year as I only roleplay 18+ characters.

Even though this world solely focuses on the academy itself, there are also many other factors that could be touched upon within a roleplay in this world, if you wanted to venture outside of the academy.

The World of Zalar

A very old world of mine that isn’t that delved into is the world of Zalar, which is also a high fantasy world. This world isn’t based that much around magic, but more into enchanted items and alchemy. In this world, people have skills based on that of animals, so they could be seen as somewhat anthropomorphi, however if anything they only have some physical characteristics of these animals. For example, cat-based skills would mean for extreme agility, and some underwater species such as different fish or sea creatures can have various underwater breathing abilities. If you’ve heard of Sweet Tooth, it’s somewhat like that. Like I said before, this world hasn’t been delved into much, and so if anyone likes the idea of this world, I’d be down to talk more about it and maybe freshen it up a bit.

If you don’t want to roleplay in either of these worlds, I am also down for any other suggestions! I like anything that’s fantasy or supernatural based. I also have some pairing ideas, if you would like to choose one or message me with one you have come up with yourself!

  • Merperson x Sharkperson (or maybe some rival merperson/underwater creature!)

  • Merperson x Human or any other supernatural being

  • Vampire x Hunter / Demon x Hunter

Another world idea could also be a sort of ‘Monster High’ situation, which I think could be interesting. Possibly an academy or college for people with different kinds of magic/different species?

Also, If you have any pairing you would like to have a go at yourself, leave me your ideas in the replies!
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