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Fantasy Fantasy Mercenaries: The Light Lotus Company

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Adventure, Dystopian, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Slice of Life


maybe something out of this world
You say we started and I tried to make a stupid joke that I only believe that we started when we made our first posts for the RP, I'm sorry if that joke was too bad.

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Hi friends! I hope you are all having a Happy Thanksgiving! I just wanted to give a quick update. Now I realize that I started the story at the worst possible time for some of ya (2 days before Thanksgiving.) And as a result our start was lighter than I had expected. So, I'll be expecting things to be light for about a few days until the holiday rush is done. For those 2 of you who have started (Scorpio and AngelLexi), would you wanna wait for more people to respond or should I have NPCs react to you? I'd hate for you to be just waiting for things to happen.

Also, since it took a while for me to get everything organized, I understand if some of you have lost interest or if you have a bunch of irl obligations that will inhibit playing. If either is the case, lemme know.

Now to eat some pie...
I'm working on a post which should hopefully be done at some point today! Also Thanksgiving for me was canceled due to some complications, so...

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I will be honest, I am least active at the weekends. But I will always reply within two days if not eariler. I will probably start my story some time tonight for me (4ish hours)

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