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Hey everyone, got an idea here that I'm looking to play out with roughly six or so members.

Here's the basics, because I'm not going to develop a whole rp if no one's interested in it. Essentially, a large crater opens up in the arid desert of Nevada. At first, it's believed to be the work of a large asteroid or falling space junk, but the shear size of it continues to stump scientists in the US. Finally, after ensuring the crater wasn't radioactive in any way, a small team of researchers is deployed into it. Two hours after they enter the roughly two mile wide area, visual and radio contact is lost. The same fate befalls the second and third team sent in. At this point the crater is locked down by authorities with the help of personnel from 29 Palms, a Marine Corps base South of the crater's location.

After a few weeks of holding the crater, an initial expeditionary unit is deployed from 29 Palms. They enter the crater, and much like those that went before them, they too seemingly vanish in the expanse. They only thing that keeps them tethered to the modern world, is a series of communication cables purposely rolled out behind advancing vehicles. What the unit reports back is astounding.

An entire world of myth and fantasy lays beyond the crater, I'm still working out the exact details but I can confirm a few things. The forces we'll be playing will not be the first to be sent through, they'll arrive at a large main FOB that is being hastily constructed roughly a month after the initial discovery of the world. The RP, at first, will consist of our unit being posted up in a smaller OP a few miles out from the FOB being constructed. We'll interact with the locals, which means this is how we'll fit in the characters of those who don't want to play as marines. The RP will soon evolve though, as factions begin to incur on the OP and other positions and a much larger plot evolves.

I'm still debating on what the tech level of the world should be, as I don't want engagements to be boring. I'm thinking the fantasy forces will either be somewhere around WW1 tech or colonial era equipment. The point is, I want them to have a fighting chance if given the numbers.

Okay, with all of that out of the way, I do want to inform you all of some logistical things. The faction info is going to be in depth, so be prepared to read a google doc that lays out the personnel, equipment, and vehicles of probably three or so factions before even making a character. Also, there will be a document laying out a few cities/towns that will be nearby our start point. I'm going to do my best to keep these documents short so that you don't have to spend an hour reading about the world. With that being said, once they're created, please actually refer to them when designing a character or doing something in the RP.

Alright, now we're done. I promise. Feel free to post below if you're interested or not. Again, I'm looking for roughly six or a couple more than that for this whole thing, so it'll close up after we've reached that number.


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Interested! but you mentioned giving the natives a chance at fighting? I think magic should be the decisive force multiplier imo. WWI tech doesn't seem like it would cut it out. Just look at the Gulf War! Anyways, just my 2 cents.


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Ok, didn't expect this kind of turnout. Looks Like I will be putting together those docs after all. Also, Heyitsjiwon, there'll definitely be magic weaponry for fantasy factions. I'm thinking we wait for two or more people to voice their interest before I make the actual group thread and start this off.


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okay yeah, this is happening. I'm making the docs now. If anyone would like to feed me suggestions for the fantasy factions feel free to post em here.


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This is the faction sheet for anyone who wants to play as a marine.

-Example Application-
Rank: (see what ranks are currently allowed for players in the sheet)
Class: (rifleman, grenadier, machine gunner, or marksman)
Optional Bio:

Note: there will be a different bio for fantasy characters. Also, don't post in here; just put it together so you're ready to post in actual rp thread when it's up.
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Probably not joining, as this isn't my thing, but a couple of pointers. (Just because I'm wondering.)

Just how big is this asteroid/meteor? Normally, asteroids/meteors that land on the earth don't warrant a task force from the government; however, seeing as this is a larger asteroid that caused a crater, you still need a limiter on size. Anything from a car to half a mile wide would do, buuuut.... That's the bare minimum. A better chance would be between a house sized meteor and a meteor with a diameter of a football field. Here's a link to a specific article on how big an asteroid needs to be to destroy the earth. (Yes, I looked it up. ;))

Secondly: As soon as the United States discovered this world, why didn't they immediately pull back? It has been stated numerous times that the US is a keeper of peace (Don't scoff at me, conspiracy theorists), and they aren't expansionists. So... why is there a military still inside the place?

Thirdly: How did the US prevent other nations from figuring out that there's an ENTIRE FREAKING OTHER WORLD INSIDE A METEOR!? (Apologize for the rest of the bold, I can't get it off. :/) I mean.... A.) Other nations are probably monitoring the sky as well as the US, and a big asteroid lands in the US. Other nations are wanting to know what it is. Secondly: Military actions are bound to get noticed by other nations; they have to stay attentive. Soooo... Logically, they attempt to pry into the US' affairs.


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There’s no meteor darkborn, though I do appreciate the article. As for why the US military is even involved, they weren’t in the beginning. It was only after scientific civilian personnel disappeared into the mysterious expanse of crater that authorities got involved. With 29 Palms being so close to the crater, marines were pulled simply to assist in creating a perimeter around the feature. They would then be sent in, again because of their proximity and how easy it would be to mobilize them, and stayed simply because the US would have been curious. They found a whole new world of unknown size with resources and presumably no earthly influence, in this modern world that’s the perfect place to have some kind of foothold.


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hold on a sec, I need to get a headcount. If you already haven't react to the initial topic post so I can take a look at our numbers, thanks guys.

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