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Fantasy Fantasy/Horror/"Gothic" story prompts!

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Dystopian, Horror, Magical, Platonic, Romance, Supernatural

Symphony for the Quiet

When Choirs of Fates deafen me
Hello! I am looking to explore some ideas I've had floating around. Many of them are designed for casts of more than one character, though a few are suited for 1-1s. All of these are meant for two people, so the numbers by them are meant to indicate character's per person not people to the scene.

Will RP via discord or over DMs here!
Please be 18+ and be looking for a more detailed, literary style of writing. I like a lot of atmosphere and character depth. I am very new to this site but not at all so to rp, and am looking for some good quality writing!

Index below of things I'm interested in. Categorized by main genre, sub genres next to title. It's safe to say all of these can be platonic or romantic unless explicitly specified. I'm happy with either. Right now I'm happy to play any role(s) in all of these, and will definitely be adding more prompts later. Feel free to come to me with any of your own ideas as well.

Heavily mythology inspired, we write as gods and ancient monsters battling for the fear and adoration of mortal kind. Rival factions, sometimes separated into sub pantheons compete.
This is designed for a minimum of three characters per, but you can go wild and add as many as you want. Can use pre-existing characters from mythology (IE Hera, The Morrigan, Jormungandr etc) or make your own OCs with unique powers, culture and rituals.

Character A has recently discovered they have the power to change fate by writing things into being. But they have no concept of the number of lives they toy with in the process. Character B leads one of said lives, and A's manipulation of destiny pulls them together...by force.
Lot of room to play around with this one. Can be very wholesome or very angsty depending on the motivations of the characters.
A cult has finally succeeded in their master plan to bring about the end of the living world, a spell which caused the ghosts of most of those who had ever lived to manifest upon the earth. They don't sleep, or hide from daylight. They don't care about doors or walls, and can only be kept at bay with constant effort. The group can do nothing but fight to survive the devastation and maybe, just maybe, learn a way to put the spirits back to rest.
Can be a duo plot or a multi char plot easily.
Upon death, the characters each find themselves strewn around a labyrinth-like purgatory, hovering between heaven and hell. They must decide whether to attempt to venture to Elysium, and risk accidentally stumbling into the depths instead, or being content with an eternity wandering the endless plains.
This one very heavily encourages you to just do what you want. Want to throw a random sudden monster in? Go for it. Add another character out of no where? They stumbled across another lost soul. Describe a really specific setting you find cool? There's thousands of chambers, surely it's in there somewhere and they just happened to stumble into it.
[SPOILER="A Thousand Years (Vampire, many variations)" 1 char per.]
Character A, while exploring a hidden section of catacomb that had been sealed off centuries ago by a collapse, unwittingly discovers Character B trapped there in the darkness. It quickly becomes clear that B is what is oft thought of as a 'vampire', and while withered, they survived centuries of total isolation after having been intentionally imprisoned there.
This can really go a lot of ways, and I'm happy to play either character. I'm putting it in 'Gothic' not horror because it can definitely have 'sad but wholesome' vibes, but horror is also an option here. Side characters are also perfectly viable, but this story definitely operates most naturally as a 1-1.

Please DM me if interested, explain a bit about yourself and your priorities in writing, and let me know what you'd like to explore/if you have other ideas, etc!

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