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Fantasy harem affair

Would you rather..

  • Fantasy sci-fi

    Votes: 2 9.1%
  • Medieval fantasy

    Votes: 19 86.4%
  • Modern fantasy

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A fantasy harem affair! Welcome to a fun little idea I have. In a original fantasy world, (just like most others!) A hero was foretold to bring a end to evil.
That hero would gather allies and form a legendary squad to lead into battle!
Alot lies ahead of our party, monsters, armies, even the distance alone is formidable...
But that is just the plot, the serious backdrop for characters to interact against.
Like in a harem anime a number of characters will try to stand out as waifu/best boy material.
Have you got what it takes?

Casual/semi detailed in the rp form of a harem anime/manga.
Soooo kinda hoping to make it like a
action/comedy/parody/romance thing.

Characters here

Out of character chat here
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The Flowiest on site
Still at work but I have some time.
Fantasy sci fi— our heroes are apart of a galactic peacekeeping force.
Using technology and mech suits. Think a mix of fallout and anthem with slight more effort on story.

Medieval fantasy— magic, monsters, elves and dwarfs etc.
A questing party has to escort the ‘chosen one’ who was foretold to defeat the reincarnation of wickedness.

Modern fantasy— high school kids with powers (isn’t it always?) fight the supernatural.
Get in quick if you want to secure a spot and trope. Can’t have two tsundere etc

((Edit, I still want to do a fantasy sci fi thing even if it isn't a harem affair aha
Hit me up if you do to))
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The Flowiest on site
Poll is up.
Personally I'm more into medieval and sci fi fantasy but i shall adhere to whichever choice has the most votes

-also, please let me know if you voted.
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I should also mention I will start this with six or seven people including myself, as this is a “harem” affair one character shall be the “main” and the others shall be love interests. While you can be the same sex it’s up to your writing to become best girl/boy and be chosen by the protagonist at the end of the rp. (Depending on numbers maybe two protagonists)

Each trope will be powerful in their own way. Let’s not double up on traits and roles.
For example a fantasy medieval affair would be your standard quest party
Etc etc
The chosen one will have some sort of power that is OP but would require the party for protection.
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When will you decide if the Main protagonist is a boy or girl? I’m assuming you’ll be playing the main protagonist?
I was going to wait on how many people wanted to join But I was going to play a main or interest depending on how many girl characters there is. If it’s a girl main I shall play a interest
If it’s a girl party I shall play a clumsy
big-hearted standard anime pussy protag aha (or something with more of a arc)

I’m more the narrator and side characters. If needed I’ll play protagonist but I was hoping to be the lewd male or stoic kuudere type... maybe a papyrus sort of fellow
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The main protagonist should be a female since most harem anime I have seen had a male protagonist
I’m happy either way. If people who have voted say so and give their preferred role,
Gender and if they want to be protagonist or interest

I shall tally it all up an shit

(Most harem anime have a male lead to allow for clumsy acts to be seen as perverted and comedy. I am ok with writing this either way aha)

((People need to let me know if they have voted otherwise I dunno whose interested or not))
(((Also if you are keen either way and don’t care on the plot because six have voted already)))
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literally a child
I voted. I would prefer to play a female, I can play the protag if it ends up going that way, but I would also like to play the loli trope. not as protag, obviously.


literally a child
typically in a fantasy harem the protag would be over-weakened and his harem will be op but with extreme downsides.


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How OP are we talking? I really like the concept of this, but I'm a bit worried that giving the "protaganist" an OP power will spoil a bit of the fun.
OP as in prophets say they would defeat the reincarnation of evil.
It could be they could be the only one able to wield a special weapon, they have more magic in their blood then others...

The protagonist NEEDS the party so they won’t be solving everything by themselves. It’s More like the protagonist will land the final blow on the big bad. “Op”


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I think the best power the protagonist can have is amplifying the party’s powers. It could be the protagonist has a crazy amount of light magic inside them and when they place their hand on or kiss someone to transfer some of that power the action/attack is turned into something epic.

But I’m open to suggestions
(This is if we do fantasy medieval)


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I think whatever the op power is should take a lot and of energy that way thier not always having to use it and the others get have thier time to shine as well.


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My suggestion is that the "protaganist" doesn't have any special powers whatsoever. He's just prophesied to be the one to kill the big baddie.
This could work but I’d be a dick about it at the end if the protagonist was “carried” through the rp aha
I think whatever the op power is should take a lot and of energy that way thier not always having to use it and the others get have thier time to shine as well.
kinda my main idea, the protagonist (whatever the power is) needs all members of the party. Be it for training them or protection while they charge up. I’ll make sure it makes sense to a anime level aha


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Seeing as the majority is MF the plot is
In the magical world of Karma...
the mystical pair, husband and wife both had a vision of a great evil rising from the opposite side of the world.
But they also saw a light, that light was guided by a party of legendary individuals.
The vision split two ways at the climax...
The husband saw a world conquered by darkness,
The wife saw the light standing tall over evil with legends by their side.

Think fellowship of the ring, a party is formed to get rid of evil.


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But if the protagonist is on equal footing with the rest of the party, that won't happen. If anything, giving him an OP power will just guarantee that the reverse will happen instead.
The easiest thing I can point to and say “no like this!” Would be

My point being the protagonist is important to defeating the big bad at the end, and the love interests are the party who will make that happen.

The protagonist will have to grow to be powerful/useful/whatever. The party is more “powerful/useful” then the main. The op power they have will be what is needed to overall win is what I’m getting at


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The majority vote is medieval fantasy.
So before I make a character thread and determine what type of harem rp this is.
Please PM me your basic character idea in the following cs below. (If you want to be main make it impressive and fair aha but also include a “love interest” version or have a character in mind if you aren’t chosen as main)
((if a male or female main is chosen I’m ok with same sex love interests, make a charismatic trap, add drama see if I care))———
Power: (can be whatever you want but be in mind compromises or changes may need to happen)
Skills of any sort:
Flaws of any sort:
Trope: (tsundere, lewd forward character, loli-little sister/brother type thing with no blood relation, stoic protective sort, wacky, lazy-powerful, whatever. Give a little detail to the character I and the others will work with)


The Flowiest on site
So far I've received One female main, (who I won't officially name until we start)

Two female interests, @Spoiled Bread @LyannaM (who I assume will fall for the main female) ((unless you was hoping for a male main))

Two male interests, @Koala @Grand General
I will probably make a male as well.

I'm still accepting female (and impressive male) mains, as well as male or female characters in the love interest roles.
I am selecting the sheets that in my mind will compliment each other and push narrative along once the rp starts.

If you want to submit a main please do so as quick as possible for me to go through choices
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