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Lira awoke to banging on the door. “You have to pay.”, said the innkeeper from beyond the door. Lira jumped to her feet in a full panick. She knew that she didn’t have enough for the time she stayed. “Give me a second!”, she yelled pulling out all the money she had. It was only enough for a night but she was there for three days. With a grim face she placed the money on the table in the room with an apologetic note before collecting her things and climbing out the window. She jumped from the second story and covered herself in her cloak. Luckily she always kept her face hidden so she wouldn’t be recognized.

She walked for a few minutes before diving into a nearby tavern. Lira felt guilt over wash her but there was nothing she could do about it. Maybe after she earned some money she would go back and pay. She walked towards the billboard that listed jobs. There was a demon with a high price over its head. Lira seen it at every town she went to. Maybe she could go after his head. She could earn a lot of money and she could help out a lot of people. The only thing was she didn’t know the slightest idea where to start.

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The tavern's door smacked open as Kanon made her way in. She approached the barkeeper and ordered an orange juice. With the barkeep's dexterous hand, the drink was ready in just a few seconds.

"Your drink, miss." The barkeep slided the wooden mug in front of Kanon. "You come alone? I thought Koatlikan priestess usually go around with their Ishtarian partner?"

"He retired." Kanon answered shortly before she emptied the mug in a few big gulp. "Is there any job concerning a demon lord named Darius?"

"D-demon lord? I don't post any job related to those monster. There's job about regular demon if you want to, but no demon lord. Don't want any of my patrons to die."

Kanon sighed. Of course not, as an entity that were deemed as at least regional threat, demon lords strike terror to the heart of most people. One of them was even known for wiping out half of the kingdom's army. She knew that she's suicidal to even trying to hunt one of them. She walked towards the billboard, where an elforc stood firm, browsing through the listed jobs.

"Finding any good job?" She asked the figure. Kanon was a bit hesitant to start a small chat with the imposing figure, just look at that battle axe! But she knew herself not to judge solely based on appearance. Also, doing small talk with random people occasionally provided her with the necessary clue for tracking her target.


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Lira read about a monster of some sort terrorizing a nearby village. That sounded like a nice gig. She was startled by a voice and turned to see the priestess. Lira pointed at the paper with the monster. “A unknown creature tearing up a nearby village.”, she said casually. “I was thinking about taking it but I welcome some competition.” Not soon after thing fell silent.

Lira wasn’t the best at talking to other. It was one of her weak points but she was trying to get better. “So what kind of business does a Koatlikan Priestess have here? Or are you just in the need of some money like me?”

Before Lira could get her answer a hand grabbed onto her shoulder. Turning she seen the innkeeper and she turned pale. “You owe me.”, the man grumbled.

Lira places her hands together in a apologetic stance. “I’m sorry.”, she said lowering herself to meet him eye to eye. “I’ll return to pay you when I get back.”

The man started to fume. “Pay me back my arse! I’ll teach you a lesson!” The man was tubby but have a decent muscle structure on his arms. Balling up his fist the man landed a punch right in Lira’s face. Her hood flew off and everyone gasped. An mixed orc was a rare sight but a frighting on.

Lira straightened her back with her fuse blazing. She picked up the hearty man over her head. “It’s rude to hit a lady!”, she roared throwing him across the bar like he weighed nothing. The surrounding man jumped in shock. After collecting themselves the gathered whatever they could grab and started toward her. “Bring it on!!”

Before she ran in she gave the priestess an apologetic smile.

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"Oh, no. Not again!!" The barkeeper gawked helplessly as the situation turned chaotic. It started with one or two people trying to throw some wooden mugs at the orc but ended up hitting another person. Seeing the irreversible situatuon, he plopped down on his chair and poured a drink for himself.

"BRAAWL!!!" A man yelled loudly as he ripped his tunic to shreds, revealing his ripped muscle and the anchor tattoos on his biceps. He tackled a random person, which retaliate by bashing his body with the tavern's wooden chair. Another person seems to be doing well pinning a soldier with his armlock until the soldier kicked his groin and turned the table.

Among the chaos, Kanon walk out unscatched. Tavern brawl was one of her favorite things to do in the past. Unfortunately, she already got three warnings from the archbishop and couldn't afford to be reported for another brawl unless she wants to spent one year of community service in the middle of Talamaka desert. She sat in front of the tavern's counter and ordered another orange juice from the barkeeper.

"Hey, orc. Watch out!" Kanon shouted at the mixed orc figure. Even among the chaos, ones could see that the innkeeper still trying to hit the orc and only the orc. The innkeeper lifted a wooden table and attempted to slam slam the orc with it.


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The chaos before her was part of Lira’s daily life. There was nothing she loved more than a good ol’ tussle. She was swing people around putting other in a head lock but she never did anything to truly harm them. Just a few bruises here and there.

Lora’s ear twitched as she heard the warning and before she knew it she felt a blunt object strike her in the back. She hunched over and paused. Blinded by anger she slowly turned and grabbed the meatball by arm and picked him up in the air. She used him as a weapon knocking down the other men till she was the only one standing.

After realizing what she had done Lira turned pink in the face. As much as she loved fighting she didn’t enjoy the aftermath of it. “I’ll pay you back too barkeep.”, she said starting to pick up the broken glass and turnt tables.

When she was done and placed everything in its proper pile, Lira turned her attention to the priestess. “Thank for trying to warn me. I should have been more aware of my surrounding.”, she said. “My name is Lira.” She held out her hand as a greeting. “If you’re going to head up to that village we should go together. It’s not really fun going anywhere alone.”

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"Don't sweat it. Name's Kanon." Kanon firmly shook Lira's hand. "That's awesome move there. You just go BAAM! and then BOOM!! Ahaha." Kanon looked pretty happy with what she witnessed. She repeat some of the moves Lira used in the brawl, especially when she use the man as a mace.

"No need to rush. Here, let me buy you some orange juice." She browsed her pocket and pull out her money, 5 bronze coins left. Not even enough to pay her two orange juices.

"... or not. Now that plan of your seems good. Grab that flyer and let's go!" Kanon grabbed her leather briefcase from the top of the counter and urged Lira to get out of the tavern. Unfortunately, the barkeep was ready to block their exit, with a big ladle on his hand.

"Not so fast. I will need some money from you tw-"

"Splatter of Hell!" Kanon threw the rest of her orange juice to the barkeep's face. The barkeep screamed as the juice stings his eyes and made him loses his balance.

"May your loss be your gain, mister barkeep. I will pay later." Kanon sidestepped the barkeep and made her way out of the tavern.


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Lira was happy to see someone enjoy her watching her skills. Even the way Kanon replicated her moves were pretty accurate. “Be careful your hurt someone with that.”, she chuckled. Lira wasn’t at all upset when Kanon couldn’t afford the juice. They must be in the same boat then. Money was scarce these days.

When told Lira went to grab the flyer. It wasn’t until she turned around did she realize that they were fleeing. With a panicked expression she followed behind Kanon till they were a safe distance.

“Well aren’t we two peas in a pod.”, she exclaimed. “Two night warriors running away from their debts. But after this job we’ll be set!” Lira pulled out the flyer and drolled over the payment. It was enough to buy two houses with at least 50 acres.

“This town is only a day away. Well I guess that gives us time to learn more about each other.”, she said rolling up the flyer and putting it away. “So tell me about yourself Kanon. How did you become a Koatlikan Priestess? And where is your partner? What’s your favorite food? Where are you from?” Lira paused realizing she was speaking way to much with both her hands and her mouth. “Sorry.”

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"W-wait, calm down." Kanon gestured to Lira to take it slow, she's not used to answering lots of questions at once.

"Let's just say that I'm now taking a... vacation. I shouldn't be wearing this robe actually, since I'm now tracking a demon lord called Darius instead of doing priestly things like I'm supposed to do. Hey, let's use the alleyway. The barkeep might be still pursuing us somewhere behind." Kanon led the pair into the narrow back-alley, nearly tripping on a black cat on the way.

"Damn cat! I mean, Lords du safa." Kanon immediately shut her cussing and pray for its safety instead. Even after years of being a priestess, there's still some habits from her past that she couldn't just change. Like cussing, or brawling, or smoking, or- oh, she's still far from perfect allright.

"Hey, Lira. You are an adventurer, right? So you have any experience on hunting demon, monster or things like that? Honestly this is my first time doing work like this so I don't really know what is the proper procedure, how to claim prize and things like that."


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Lira could only give a nervous laugh. She knew she had a habit of rambling but she couldn’t help it. Meeting new people was always a thrill for her. They were like an adventure of their own. Plus she didn’t meet many people who wanted to talk to her.

When she heard the name Darius Lira shivered. “Oh I’ve heard of him.”, she said sheepishly. “Taking him down won’t be an easy task. He’s very well guard...so I hear.”

Lira followed through the alleyway and jumped when she heard the cat screech. “Wait, did you just cuss?” A mischievous grin appeared in Lira’s face. “Well, aren’t we just the little rebel?” She laughed at her own joke. “It must be hard to be a Priestess.”

“Oh, well yeah I guess I am an adventurer.”, she said with a smile. “Well, for example we’re about to go take down this monster and when we’re done we’ll go to the leader of the village and claim our reward. Usually everyone in the village pitches in to pay. For the demon lord though it mostly be kingdoms that posted a reward. Even still you might get a title of some sort that every in the region might know. Either way you have to bring proof. Usually their head.”

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"Hmm. I don't really need any reward or recognition for tracking Darius. So, if the monster in that village is actually Darius and we somehow able to rat him out, you can take all the reward." The pair reached the edge of the town. Kanon opened her map to check their direction.

"Our destination, Petra town is not that far, but it will be good if we can hitch a ride. Oh, hey mister!" Kanon waved her hand at an approaching cart. The owner was an old man with hunched back, the horse used to pull the cart didn't look that young either. "We want to go to Petra town, are you going there too?"

The old man stopped the cart and looked at Kanon, but it require Kanon to ask him twice until he finally able to hear Kanon's question.

"You want a ride to Petra? Sure, just hop in. I just sell my pepper so my cart is empty." The old man replied as he pointed at his cart. Kanon smiled widely before jumping into the cart.

"Thank you, old man, I mean, sir."

"Old man is fine." The old man laughed heartily, "and I always appreciate some company along the way."

"Not afraid that we're actually bandits in disguise?"

"If you two are bandits then I will just die, that's it. Come on."

The old man's casual answer made Kanon let out a laugh. She extended her hand to help Lira into the cart.

"Guess we don't need to camp in the forest tonight "


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“I don’t know.”, she started. “If you’re looking for a top notch demon lord it might not be him. I mean if I was the leader of villainy I wouldn’t be worried about a village. I would take kingdoms and crush their ruler to assert dominance.” Lira paused realizing what she was saying. “Of course, I could never do anything like that!” She waved her hands nervously.

Lira did enjoy learning about some of the evilest people in history. They were interesting in the way they operated.

Lira just watched the two converse and smiled. They’re were still nice people like this old gentleman here. Lira took Kanon’s hand and hopped on. Riding in carts wasn’t something she normally did, but she loved watching the horses.

“Have you heard anything about the monster of the village?”, she asked the elder. “Is it big!? I hope it’s big! Large beast are just so cute! It’s hard to fight them sometimes. Kanon do you have any experience in fighting monsters?”

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"Monster? Oh, you two coming for that monster? I was wondering why a priestess and a mixed orc travel together. If you want to hunt the monster though... I suggest don't." The old man faced the traveling pair with a serious look. He jumped to the cart and sat down with Kanon and Lira.

"He came at night, haunting our street. He cuts anyone, but he especially likes kid. Even the guards cower at their post. As the creature filled their nightmare with the worst." After the old man's dramatic storytelling Kanon couldn't decide how to react so she just gave the man some clapping.

"The short version, please?"

"Cih, you youngsters these day can't even appreciate my creativity. It's a hooded monster, usually holding a knife. Green hands. Very agile, come at night and cut up people to take their heart."

"Oh, a humanoid monster, that's good. I have some experience in fighting monsters, nothing bigger than a bear though. So I think I can fare well enough against this monster." Kanon cracked her fist. "But why is the monster only take their heart I wonder..."


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Lira enjoyed the man’s story and listened full heartily. As she listened more and more she thought of something. “Maybe it’s a
Hearavleukuk?”, she wonder a loud. “It’s a creature that was once human but after a tragic event they lost their heart so they go seeking one. This is why Hearavleukuk means heartless.”

Lira was very knowledgeable about these topics but there was no telling for sure if this was what she thought.

“Oh I have plenty of experiences with fighting larger critters.”, she bragged leaning against the cart wall. “I don’t think I’ve ever faced one of these thing before but it will be fun.”

Looking around she couldn’t wait to dive into this adventure. She was sure that together Kanon and herself could take down this thing without any problem at all. “Don’t worry sir we’ll protect you from anything that goes bump in the night.”

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"H-hearavleukuk? That's quite a mouthful name." Kanon chimed in. "Let's just call it Heara. I can't wait to punch it in the face."

They spent the rest of the trip listening to the old man's rambling. He told them about his childrens and grandchildrens, told them about how to cultivate pepper and even told them about his 'epic' tales in search for the best pepper seed ever. Adorned by excessive gesture and dramatic words, his tales were actually plain but still manages to somewhat entertaining to hear. It's like he wanted to become a writer or actor but ended up as pepper farmer.

As the sun drowned itself into the horizon, the cart eventually arrived at the town. Petra was quite a small town. Most of its building consist of narrow two stories wooden structures. The town was bursting with people rushing to go home. Some guards were seen patrolling the area while shouting.

"Curfew time soon. Everyone please stay at home and lock all the doors and windows."

"Ah, yes. Until the monster is killed, there's curfew starting from dusk until dawn. There's an inn around that corner if you want to. I will go home now. Good luck to you gals." The old man gaves Kanon and Lira a salute gesture before telling his horse to continue deeper into the town, leaving the pair at the edge of the town.

Kanon nudged Lira in the shoulder. "So, how do we start this? Do we search for it or-"

"Hey, you two!" A guard wearing a leather armor and holding a spear approached them. "It's curfew time. Don't dilly dally here, go home and lock the doors."


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Lira was drawn into the man’s story. He clearly had much to tell. She never knew that so much went into growing peppers. When they stopped Lira help but frown at the way everyone was rushing. A life lived in fear is no life at all.

She knew that many of the couldn’t move, probably because they didn’t have the capability to do so. It must be hard for them and every other village she came across.

“We’re not dilly dally.”, she said with air quotations. “We’re here to slay your monster!”

Another guard approached and point his spear at Lira shaking like a leaf. “AN ORC!”, he yelled. Everyone who was left outside scrabbles faster. In seconds the roads were cleared.

Lira patted her head down and realized it was clear of her cloak. If it’s one thing she learned over the years was when there was a monster about an orc of any percentage wasn’t welcome. Orcs were still known for their violent side.

Lira held up her hand with a nervous grin. “Woo boy. I’m not here to attack.”, she said pushing the spear away from her face. “I’m here to help with your monster and collect the reward!”

“Yeah right! You just want to eat us!”, the guard replied.

“We don’t eat people! Well I don’t eat people besides look beside me.” Lira pointed to Kanon. “I have a Priestess here who will banish my soul to the deep darkest hell hole she can find if I were lying.” Lira took a lesson from the old man and made sure her performance was exactly dramatic.

“Is what the orc says true?”, the guard asked not taking his eye off if Lira who pleaded with her eyes to go along with her lie.

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"Y-yeah, what she said is true." Kanon was a bit startled by the guards attitude toward Lira. She already got so used to orcs from her previous line of work that she never consider that regular citizen would react so badly at her, guess that's the reason Lira always had her hood on, huh.

"The central temple heard about the crisis here and decided to sent me here, a legit monster hunter, to hunt down the creature. This is my licensed order." Kanon flashed the job flyer in front of the guard, though she pulled it right away before the guards could notice that.

"This is my ultimate weapon." She pointed Lira. "A battle-hardened orc that survived a hundred battlefields and can knock out a bear in one punch. She doesn't eat people but she will sure eat your salary if you try to hinder us while we're basically just cleaning up the mess that you guys should be handling." The last sentenced turned to be effective and made the guards a bit paler.

"W-we're sorry, ma'am. P-please don't report our rudeness."

"Apology accepted. Now, do me a favor and tell other guards about us, will you?" The guards nodded, gave Kanon a salute before running toward their post. When the guards finally gone from her sight, Kanon let out a heavy sigh.

"I'll be screwed if the central temple found out I use their name for lying. Ahaha." She opened her briefcase and pulled a pair of steel gauntlets.

"So, what's the plan Lira? You're the real pro here."


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Lira bit down on her lower lip to keep herself from bursting into laughter. She crossed her arms and nodded at everything Kanon said. When the comment about her eating their salary Lira grinned and gave a wink. Watching them run off to tell the others was the cherry on top.

Her body trembled from holding in the laughter and when they were finally out of sight she let it. Tears fell from her eyes and she heaved uncontrollably. Once she was able to make words again she said, “That’s was to good. You had the sweating.” Lira wipes away a tear stood up straight.

“Okay focus.”, she told herself just before giving herself a good smack on the face. “Well if this is a Heara, as you called it, it will wake just as the sun sets and roam through town. They are pretty unpredictable if you don’t know what they are after.”, she explained as she started to walk.

“Luckily they are dumb and can only think about their target. We know that this thing wants children heart so we go to place with a lot of them.”

Lira looked around and in the distance was a swing sign outside a small house. She pointed at it with glee. “There! It’s an orphanage. The only promos that it might not show up here. There were quite a few kids in the street before. It could go after anyone of them.”

It was times like this that forced Lira to use her brain instead of her fist but that was to much work. Instead she pulled out her axe and swirled it around before standing it beside her. “I say we stay here on the main road and wait for it to show up. No matter what way it comes we’ll be able to get to it no problem!”

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Kanon and Lira kept their eyes wide open for any sign of the monster coming. The sky keep getting darker as more time passed. Alas, the only thing that came attacking them were nasty mosquitos. Kanon's skin was a bit more sensitive to mosquito's bite so during their waiting time she accumulated quite a few swollen spots on her face, for once she was grateful that the robe she wears covered most of her skin.

The orphanage's door opened, revealing a middle aged man in black trimmed white robe, an Ishtarian priest. He was holding a tray with two wooden mugs on top it. Several childrens tried to follow him outside but another man with white trimmed black robe hushed them back in.

"It must be cold out here at night." The priest put the tray in front of Kanon and Lira. "Hope these hot tea can give you two some warmth."

"Thank you." Kanon was a bit hesitant at first, but ended up picking the mug and sipped the tea slowly. "So the temple own this orphanage I guess?"

"Yes." The priest looked at Kanon's robe, then trying in vain to peek into Lira's hood. "I assume you are from the fundraising departement?"

"Well, officially yes. Actually, no." Kanon answered casually, eyes still vigilant of the surrounding. She didn't really thought that her answer would raised more question than answer. The priest opened his mouth for further inquiries but was cut short when the orphanage's door opened and the other man gestured him to went back in.

"Go, don't let the kids wait. They are so good at copying bad behavior." Kanon urged the priest go back and taking another sip at the warm tea.

"You are right." The priest said his good bye at Kanon and Lira. Before he closed the door though, he said to Kanon. "Your kids were lucky to have you."

Kanon choked on her tea. H-how did he know that I used to handle an orphanage too? Did the news already spread this far? I thought the temple swiped that incident under the rug and covered it to maintain their image?

"L-lira. Let's change the plan, our Heara is looking for heart right?" She suddenly felt a bit nauseous at the sight of the orphanage. Kanon pulled a knife from her briefcase. "Let's lure it away from here, I will bleed myself and let it track me. When the Heara is focused on me you go BAM and cut its head."


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As the sun rolled down Lira immediately felt an eerie aura sounding them. It made her skin crawl. Something wasn’t right. Lira could feel something cropping behind her but when she turned the door of the orphanage opened and the man offered them drink. Lira gave a sigh of relief.

“Don’t mind if I do!”, she said taking the mug and chugging it down in one gulp. Wiping her mouth she smiled as the two talked. “Thank you for the drink!”, she said as the Priest began to close the door. From the corner of her eye she thought she seen a child with an unusual face but she must have been wrong.

“Did you...never mind.”, she shook the idea off and focused on the task at hand. “The Heara isn’t attracted to blood. It the heart beat. It can hear it and identify the person. What age and race. Maybe we could...”, just before she could finish a loud screech echoed down the road.

Lira tightened her grip on her axe and sprinted towards the sound. “Can you make it to higher ground? Well ambuse it!”

The clouds separated to reveal the beast. It stood at least eight feet with large fangs cover in blood. Hunched over it slowly transitioned to all fours at the sight of the women. It’s claws were like swords, perfect for ripping out hearts.

It started towards them but jumped over and head to the orphanage. Lira swing her axe and nailed it in the creatures back but even still it pulled dragging Lira with it. “Go for the head!”

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Kanon made it to the top of a piled wooden boxes not far from the orphanage. She made sure that her gauntlet was tied tight, since she knew a monster would need more than one or two good beating before going down. She also checked the rune seals inscribed on each gauntlet. Yep, still at full power.

Putting her briefcase on top of the boxes. Kanon braced herself as the screeches were getting closer and closer. The Heara was there. Standing with its two legs, a torn cloak drapped over it and it's enermous limbs wield multiple sharpened claws. From afar it looks like a very tall crazy cultist with multiple knifes in hands. Ahh, so nobody in the town had a really good look on the creature before.

There's also another things about the Heara that caught Kanon's attention. Its head looks like a dog's head, minus the snout, ears and eyes. Its head should looks barren if not for those oversized bloody fangs.

Lira's axe hit the creature on the back. A strike that looks like it could cleave a normal human in two, it didn't stop the creature though.

"Go for the head!"

Kanon jumped from the top of the boxes. Her fist clenched tighly as she delivers a downward punch to the creature's head. It has enough power to slam the creature's head to the ground and send some dust upward.

"D-did we do it?" Kanon held her right hand in pain. That punch was pretty good, but it also seemed to damage some of her muscles. When the dust finally settled down, she could see that the creature's head was in disarray. Its lower jaw didn't allign well with its upper jaw, its left fang also seems slanted to the right.

The monster stood up. Even with an axe on its back and a crushed head, its still able to stand up with no visible difficulty. Its focus seems to be different though. Before it just went for the building where its real target was located, now it faced Kanon and Lira, as if acknowledging the two as obstacles that stand between the creature and its target.



The creature raised it hands and launched a downward punch at Kanon, which barely dodged it. It's keep mumbling the same words over and over with its hoarse guttural voice as it pulled the axe from its back.

"Hurts....." The creature swung the axe vertically toward Lira.


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Lira used all her strength to pull back but to no avail. Her axe was pulled from her and used against her. Just as the blade was about to make contact Lira grabbed onto it. Blood poured down her arms. “I’m sorry girl.”, she said before breaking the blade. Grabbing the halt she yanked her axe away.

The creature whimpered before running away. Lira was about to chase after it something told her to stop. She looked into the windows of the orphanage and seen one of the children watching them by candle light the he walked off.

Lira felt her heart stop she wanted to run inside but she knew that this wasn’t real. “There’s no point in going after her. She’s gone to recover. We should find a place to rest.”

With a wounded face Lira looked down her axe. Her lower lip quivering. “What have I done!!!”, she yelled cradling her treasure. Then panic over cake her. “Oh mom is going to kill me.”

“Breath. Breath.”, she told herself as she collect every shard of her weapon. “We shouldn’t stay out here for long. We’re going to need tomorrow to gather more information. That Heara is a mother and she still has some conscious.”

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The Lord of the Uneaten
Kanon let out a sigh of relief when the creature ran away from then. She knew they lost their objective if the creature flee. Still, she didn't think they're ready continue fighting that monster.

"That's a crazy stunt you just pulled there. The heck is grabbing your own axe! Ahaha." Kanon lightly jabbed Lira's shoulder, which she regret immediately as she winced in pain. She removed her gauntlets, only to found her right hand swollen.

"Damn, I broke my middle finger. No more pissing people for a while." Kanon put her gauntlets back into her briefcase.

"I agree with retreating but... We don't have money, right? If we have we wouldn't going after this thing in the first place. Where should we rest?"


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Lira put the pieces of her axe carefully in her bag before standing up. “Here, let me see.”, she said lighting grabbing Kanon’s hand. With her free hand she grabbed a stick and broke it in half to make a splint. After Kanon’s finger was wrapped Lira gave a thumbs up at her handy work. “That’s should hold you.”

“If anyone was going to break my baby it was gonna be me.”, she said looking at her own wounds. The cut were pretty deep but nothing she couldn’t handle. As she wrapped them up she looked around.

“Well we could always rough it up outside.”

“Nonsense, please come stay with us.”, a voice said from behind.

Lira let out a blood curdling scream as she hid behind Kanon. It was just the man from the orphanage. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”, he said as he held up a lantern. “I apologize.”

“You should be!”, Lira yelled.

“I do insist you come stay with us. The children are interested in meeting you two. Plus I can not allow two young women to sleep on the street at this hour, or any hour. Haha.”

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Oh, wow. Kanon was a bit surprised as well. Not because the priest from before suddenly appeared, but because Lira's reaction was a bit unexpected. Who thought the seasoned fighter who just shatter her own axe to pieces was easily startled. Made her want to gave Lira a pat in the head. Well, maybe not now since her hand was still in shamble.

"Well, we will accept the offer gratefully then." Hearing the acceptance, the priest smiled and led the two back to the orphanage.

The inside of the orphanage looks bigger than ones think would be. The first room that Kanon and Lira saw when they enter the building was a spacious living room that was connected with the kitchen. The hearth was spreading warm throughout the room and a wide rug with bright pastel colors covered half of the room. Some kids was shuffling about, carrying plates, mugs and other eating utensils. Some of them seems to get the washing dishes duty.

"Pardon me but we just finished dinner." The priest went to the kitchen counter and checked the pot. "Ah, but don't worry. We still have some soup left. Before that tough, please wait while I prepare some medicines to treat your wounds." The man disappeared to another room. Leaving Kanon and Lira in front of the hearth with the sounds of plates clattering in the back as the kids wash them.

"Thank you for the splint Lira, but now I have problem. I can't clench my fist without giving another people a middle finger. Oh, the irony~" Kanon giggled like a little kid as she demonstrated her words by folding all the fingers in her right hand, except the middle of course because it was splinted. She treats it like it was the funniest joke ever.


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“We will!?”, Lira asked after Kanon accepted the Priest’s invitation. She poured but just followed the two inside. She had a bad feeling about this place and Lira always trusted her gut. However her gut was easily won over by the promise of soup.

She couldn’t help but laugh at Kanons’s demostration of her “fist”. “You are one troublesome priestess.” Looking around the place looked nice and Lira made sure not to drip blood on anything except herself. The children must have been sleeping soundly by this hour.

“Well at least we get to sleep under a roof.”, Lira reassured herself. The light in the hallway went out and Lira jumped. She turned to Kanon giving a trembling smile. “Hey...you don’t think this place is haunted, right?”

She hated to admit it but Lira was terrified of the unseen, and the dark, and many other things.

“Sorry for the wait.” The Priest returned with a tray of holding two bowls of soup and a few clean bandages and medical. He sat the tray down and distribute the bowls.

“I have a small healing potion but I only have one I apologize.”, the Priest showed a sorrowful face. Lira thought the old man was just adorable and she wanted to squeeze him but that would be strange...and murder.

“Kanon can take it.”, she insisted. “Besides it would be bad if a Priestess walked around with a finger like that someone could get the wrong idea.” Lira did her best to act like she knew that Kanon wasn’t slightly enjoying the position of her finger.

“Well if you would like. I could stitch you up ma’am.”, the Priest offered. “But I’m afraid I have shaky hands and a fear of blood.”

“That fine!”, she said with glee. Needles were also in the list. “I can handle it. Besides you’ve done enough by feeding me.” Lira grabbed the bowl with one hand and slurped it all down. “It’s delicious!”

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