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Hey you! Yeaaa you!
Looking for a role play? Well that's great because I am too!

Please read the post below, and if you're interested, feel free to pop into my inbox!
You can find my characters right here.

So before you're going to read the rest, let's get the following out of the way.
Thinks I value in a role play(partner):
  • In this specific post I'm looking for a 1x1. I can play any needed NPC's.
  • Semi-lit/literate, even then I don't expect consistently 3 paragraphs per post, you're dealing with interaction. it's just about the level of detail rather than the amount of lines for me.
  • Somewhat proper English. And don't worry I don't expect perfection, it's not my native language either. But things like u instead of you, no punctuation, etc. I'm sorry, it'll be annoying for me to read so I'll have to pass.
  • Understand I won't be here to reply all day. I work a full time job, I won't be on top of the story at all times.
  • Communication, yes it's key. Something wrong, you don't like something, I'm not a good match for you, whatever it is. Just tell me, I'd rather know.
  • Understand that IC and OOC shouldn't mix. Charaters are characters, and that's all they are. I often disagree with them and their way of thinking because they aren't like me, so I also won't treat you like your character.
  • Be mindful of each other. Don't hog the spotlight, we make a story together so it's about both of us. I don't care if you're playing an all powerful god, I come here for my own entertainment as well.

Now let's get into the rest.
I prefer to do fantasy role play as this is what I excel at, however I'm not stuck to the genre. I greatly enjoy scifi as well, and modern day can be entertaining as well with the right story.
Due to the fact that i'm very new on here I don't have a lot of characters yet and i'm still figuring out how these character profiles work. But I do have over 50 characters ready in another program.
To read more about this stuff and my past roleplay experiences feel free to check out my introduction post.
Besides that I don't care much. I'll have a character for anything, some plot idea's ready to go, even though I prefer to make one fit for our characters. I play male, female and whatever. Characters are characters to me so i also don't care what you play.

Important notice:
Because I follow my characters and don't stir them or force them to get along with your characters, I may sometimes switch characters in a story. Some people just aren't a match or the story naturally brings them to a place where they should leave.

About mature topics:
I'm fine with all of it as long as it fits the story comes from natural progression. I'm an adult and so adult topics are fine if handled like an adult in a mature manner.

Any questions or something i forgot to add? Let me know.


I’m the big Nothing
So what kind of adventure are ya looking for?

You have to find a Yennifer like character to find out how to do something?

Or defeat a evil force?


Print Witch
I love a good fantasy. Adventure, political, all of it. Although, I'll admit I'm not the greatest at the political side of it all. Haha.

Are there any plots you are interested in at the moment? I'd be open to anything, or we could work on something together.


I’m the big Nothing
The Witcher 3 story maybe

I’m thinking of Ciri and a knight adventuring together when she passes out but the knight finds her not the bloody Baron.


So what kind of adventure are ya looking for?

You have to find a Yennifer like character to find out how to do something?

Or defeat a evil force?
Heya! I stoped counting at 50 so i'm sure i'll have a character to your liking somewhere. Just sent me a private message and we can set something up!

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