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Hi I’m Chariot (20, she/her, CST) and right now I would really love to have an original rp ! This is a remake of an old thread of mine since I recently came back drom a hiatus and would like a fresh start !!

I can double if you’d prefer, but I generally don’t for non-fandom rp’s ! It used to be a requirement but I’ve since grown to doing one pairing (it also saves me a lot of time making oc’s and replying consistently lol)
I would also like to add that you will not be playing any of my characters !! This includes any side characters I may make !

My preferences :
- I only rp through pm’s on here ! My discord is open for oorp chatting, but the character limit makes it hard for me to rp on there ! Plus I like to add aesthetic details that I just can’t do on Discord !
- I only rp w romance !!
- I am uncomfortable with roleplaying pregnancy, active attempts of self harm/suicide, and yandere characters or scenarios ! And obviously I won’t rp grisly things like assault, pedophilia, etc.
- I only use animated face claims bc I’m uncomfortable using another person’s identity to portray my oc ! However, you’re more than welcome to use whatever kind of face claim you want - so long as you can understand that I won’t use a realistic one !
- I mainly rp mxf or fxf, but I’ll rp mxm if preferred ! I know a lot of people here prefer to play female roles in mxf, so just know that I’m more than happy to play the male role if you’d prefer !! For some reason I really enjoy making male oc’s lol
- I absolutely adore multi character rp’s and chances are I’ll probably end up making some side characters even in rp’s that don’t involve controlling multiple characters !!

What I look for in a partner :
- Someone who is at least 18+, as I’m 20
- Someone who writes at least two solid paragraphs
- Someone who is okay with fxf and mxm, as well as mxf
- Someone who uses proper grammar during the roleplay
- Someone with creative oc’s that aren’t mary sues
- Someone who is willing to start our roleplay off (My adhd makes it hard for me to start)
- Someone who’s patient w me / doesn’t spam me
- Someone who’s open to headcanoning and oorp chat !!
- Someone who’s ok w me drawing their oc’s if I get invested in our rp enough lmao

( Bolded - preferred atm )
- flirty x innocent/easily flustered
- flirty x person who teases them back
- criminal x police
- criminal x civillian
- witch/wizard x apprentice
- witch/wizard x familiar
- cult leader x cult follower
- single parent x teacher
- royal x servant/assistant
- royal x assassin
- emotionless x cheerful
- human x nonhuman (vampire, werewolf, demon, etc.)
- vampire x human
- vampire x vampire hunter

- angel x demon
- person w superpowers/superhero x human
- hero x villain
- villain x civillian
- bodyguard x royal/celebrity
- android x human

( Bolded - preferred )
- fake dating
- arranged marriage
- found family
- road trip
- zombie apocalypse
- on the run
- modern fantasy
- fantasy adventure
- traveling
- enemies/rivals to lovers
- horror
- greek mythology
- pokemon
- tbd

Please message me (do not comment here) if you’re interested ! You’re also more than welcome to ask for a plot/storyline of your own, I’d love to hear them !
I can’t wait to hear from you !! ^^

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