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Looking for Fanfic recs? (DBH, big need)


Hey ho everyone, it's almost 2AM in the morning and I'm fresh out of fanfic to read (that isn't too angsty or AU-ish for me right now).
So, uh, anyone got any recs? Mostly looking for Detroit: Become Human Hankcon/Hannor fanfictions right now, nice and fluffy, maybe angst with a happy ending? I'd also read Reed900/Gav900, but I'm kind of picky with characterisation there. I'm interested in Simon x Markus as well, but that's mostly uncharted territory for me.
You can either PM me (in fact you probably should if the fic includes any kind of adult content) or post down below.
Feel free to post your own search for fanfic recs below as well, for any fandoms and characters, really (exceptions are any ships involving underage characters or real people, please keep those out of my thread and away from me).
I'm happy to give recommendations as well when I can, and maybe someone will come across this and have exactly what you're looking for? Who knows?

Have a good night!



Fanfic garbage can over here, read a lot of them all the time, so like here are a handful of recs.

Coins On The Table Hankcon
Dragon Become Age Gavin900 (Dragon Age AU)
Fuck Pride Gavin900
Parenthesis Gavin900
You Should Kiss Me About It Maybe Gain900
Normal Imagination Hankcon (particularly enjoyed this one)
Within Hankcon (series of fics, again enjoyed this one for a particular reason!)

And YO if you want some Overwatch recs //whistles// I got a good list!!! Oh and Hamilton, particularly a star trek AU!!! >D
Oooh, thank you so much! I haven't heard of most of these and will definitely check them out!!
I'll be glad to give some recs in return if you'd like any! o/


I'm a sucker for Star Trek AUs, OBA (tasteful, not a fan of the overtly hyper sexual shit), Guardian/Sentinel AU (so damn rare man), HDM Dæmon AUs, slow burn, prefer M to E fics and as far as themes or subject matter I'll read anything outside what I listed --- I guess not huge on school/collage/uni AUs but I've read a few.

Overwatch, DHB, Hamilton, Star Trek (Mckirk mostly -- or if you know of any F/F Disco fics don't care which ship), Vemon (Veedie or V/Ed/An/Dan OTP4!) ---- Are my main go-to fandoms right now! >D But I've also been known to read for fandoms I'm not even in if the fic is really good (like man the number of Merlin fics I've read and I've seen like 3 episodes of the show!)
Out of all of those I'm only really into DBH enough to actually have fanfiction to recommend, so here goes! I've left out the E-Rated ones. Turns out a good part of my DBH bookmarks are, lol.

This Beautiful Answer - Hankcon, super sweet

A Dozen Reasons to Quit - Reed900 sickfic, actually probably still my favourite DBH fic altogether. I can forever go on about RK900's name in this one and how much I love it

Have you met lots of new people before (None like you) - Reed900, sequel to Fuck Pride, basically just some key scenes retold from RK's PoV

Fucking Androids - Reed900, unfinished, but very good so far

Also only if you like hard angst, I'm talking really hard:

A Ghost by Midnight and The Approximate Distance Between Two. These are Hankcon and part of a series, and meant to be read in that order. Absolutely heart-wrenching and sadly unfinished, so there is no happy ending to soothe the pain yet. Just looking at the titles gives me heartache, jfc.


OHMY GOD, okay so unrelated just I was going through my AO3 history and I haven't cleared it since I made my account . . . there is shit from 08 Apr 2011
Ah gosh, I've never even checked mine. Who knows what embarrassing secrets lurk in there.


I just found some of my favorite OMC** fics and I now I wish there were an entire long series about these guys. Like just give me a book about them they're great.

**original main character, incase people don't known!
That's so neat!! I don't think I've read any of those on AO3, but I love original characters.


I regret everything
I would suggest some, but I like to read really terribly written fanfiction so I can laugh at it. I'm in need of a good laugh, these days.

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