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Fandom Fandoms in AU Settings (1x1 M/M)


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Hi there! I'm Posey and I am back on my Fandom bulllsh**!

I have been roleplaying off and on since I was... I dunno, like 12/13?? So. A long time. I just really enjoy working together to create a fun story.

I prefer m// for the main pairing. I'm happy to have any type of pairing on the side.

I'm lit/advance lit. Usually around 400-1000 words per post.

I love to plot and OOC chat with my partners.

I’m happy to hold the RP here on-site through messages or threads, or on Discord.

Pairing Ideas

I’ve got so many fandoms that I enjoy, so I’m going to list the pairings I enjoy below. As for plots, it will depend on the pairing, but I especially love AUs, so I’ll list some AU settings after pairings.

Bold = the character I prefer to play

*As a note, I do not play minors, so all of these characters would be over 18.*

✔ Marvel
Tony Stark/Stephen Strange
Eddie Brock/Venom
Peter Parker/Wade Wilson
Peter Parker/Tony Stark

✔ Hannibal
Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter

✔ The Kingsman
Eggsy x Harry

✔ Stranger Things
Billy Hargrove/Steve Harrington

✔ The Witcher

✔ Teen Wolf
Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale

AU Themes
This is by no means a complete list, so if there’s something you enjoy, throw it my way!
✸Hunger Games
✸Harry Potter
✸Stranger Things
✸Famous/Body Guard
✸Soul Mates
✸Squid Games
✸Lost City
✸Arranged Marriage
✸Star Trek
✸Star Wars
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