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Hello! My name is Clem, I’m a 20 year old female. I’m currently searching for some new RP Partners. The only RPs I do are Fandom Roleplays. I do only OC x CC with Doubles. I am very double friendly. I much prefer it actually. The genres I usually do are Romance, Angst, Horror, I typically like to follow the plot of the fandoms adding my own twists in with my OC.

What I’m looking for:
Advanced to Novella
Third Person
Ooc chatter


  1. Starters

I am willing to do some starters but I will decline doing a lot after a while. I do find it unfair if I have to start every RP. So please do offer as it would less overwhelm me.

  1. Literacy

Please be at least Advanced to Novella, I really like detail and I can’t work with 3-5 lines. It isn't my thing I’m afraid. I usually write 3 paragraphs, please do try and aim to match my length. However I don’t mind if you write 2!

  1. Fandoms

If I have listed fandoms that you don’t know, I am willing to research a fandom for you if you do the same for me.

  1. Pairings

I only do OC x CC. However for your side of the RP I am willing to try CC x CC.

  1. OCs

Please try and have a detailed OC. I love detail and reading Ocs.

6, OOC

I’d love to be friends too. Please try and talk to me :)


(🦋 means I’m wanting more
The characters in brackets are who I want you to play :))

Video Games:

Telltale's The Walking Dead: (Clementine, Mitch, Louis)🦋🦋
Life Is Strange: (Maxine, Steph, Nathan, Finn)🦋🦋
Until Dawn: (Mike)
The Quarry: (Jacob)🦋🦋
Sally Face: (Sal)🦋
Uncharted 4: (Sam Drake)🦋🦋
The Last Of Us: (Ellie)
Detroit Become Human: (Connor)
Tell Me Why: (Tyler)🦋
OxenFree: (Jonas)🦋
Heavy Rain: (Norman Jayden)🦋
Tomb Raider: (Lara Croft)
Genshin Impact (Kaeya)
Mystic Messenger (Seven)
Resident Evil 2: (Leon)
Scarlet Hollow: (Reese, Tabitha)🦋🦋

TV Shows:
Supernatural (Castiel, Sam)🦋🦋
Shadow Hunters (Jace)
Stranger Things (Steve, Gareth)🦋🦋
The Vampire Diaries (Stefan, Kol)🦋🦋
Doctor Who: (Nineth, Eleventh)
The Umbrella Academy (Diego)
IZombie (Rami)
Gossip Girl (Nate)🦋
HeartStopper (Nick, Darcy)

Films/Movie Series:
Harry Potter (Harry, Draco, Luna)🦋
IT (Ben, Bev, Bill)🦋
The Adventures of TinTin (Haddock)🦋🦋
Enola Holmes (Sherlock)
Twilight (Jasper)🦋🦋
Warm Bodies (R,)

please do message me on here or leave a comment! Thank you for reading!



Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
i can play either steve or gareth for you from stranger things!

Mia Reno

New Member
Hi, I would be open to a role-play where I could always play Stefan if you wanted ! I see it's an interest of yours

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