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Hoyo everyone!

This is going to be a fanfic of the original Pokémon Red/Blue adventure, told from the protagonist's perspective!

The desire to write this fanfic was inspired by an old book simply titled "Pokémon," written by Jason R. Rich. It's also a retelling of the Pokémon Red/Blue adventure, and is quite charming (pun intended since he chose Charmander and named it "Charmer," lol) as well as being quite a nostalgia trip which I think many old school Pokémon fans would likely enjoy.

That said, I'm going to be really laid back with this one and write it when I feel like it. Mostly I'll be writing during down time at work (I'm such a mature, positive influence, aren't I?). As such, the pace of story updates will be quite slow at times.

I normally prefer a more mature Pokémon experience where children are not permitted to become trainers (since no society in its right mind would ever approve such a ridiculous notion as letting minors out into the world with nothing but a bouncing baby Pokémon by their side for "protection"). However, in the spirit of the original adventures I'm going to stick true to the source material and keep our hero, Red, as an 11-year old boy out on his first big adventure!

However, there will still be mature themes such as the natural order (AKA, Pokémon prey on one another for sustenance and fight tooth and claw to survive, and they don't just automagically listen to Trainers once caught), mild happenstance violence will be a thing from time to time (our little protag is going to get hurt every now and then from falls, sudden Pokémon attacks, things like that), and Team Rocket will be appropriately competent (GASP!!) and violent in how they go about getting what they want (including the use of guns and other weapons).

Hopefully ya'll enjoy!

Oh, and one last thing!

If you guys enjoy what you read and want to comment, please do not leave comments here. This space should be for the story only. If you'd like to comment, please send me a direct message here on RpNation.


- GojiBean


Anime: Pokémon
Directed by: Kunihiko Yuyama
Written by: Takeshi Shudo
Studio: OLM, Inc.
Song: Gotta Catch 'Em All
Artist: Jason Paige
Producer: John Loeffler
Songwriters: John Siegler, John Loeffler


Knock, knock.

"Red! Wake up! Professor Oak called and said your Pokémon's-"


"... Red? Are you okay?"

The door nearly flew off its hinges as a young boy with brown hair and only just finishing pulling up his jeans scrambled down the stairs towards the front door.

"Hi mom! Bye mom! Love you! Gotta go!"

"Wait! Red! You didn't finish-"


"... I don't know where he gets it from." She sighed as looked over at his backpack which sat half empty on the kitchen table.

"I told him to finish packing last night so this wouldn't happen. Oh well. He'll be back." She smiled as she looked at his favorite hat which was still on top of the backpack.

Dashing down the dirt roads of Pallet Town towards Professor Oak's lab, Red's eyes shifted from jubilation to dread.

Aw, dangit! I forgot my hat!... Ah well. No time for that right now!

Thankfully, the Professor's lab wasn't far. Another minute of sprinting and he was at the front door doubled over and panting like a dog to get his breath back.

Made it... H-okay... Lemme just... Phew...

The door suddenly opened, and there he was.

"Professor! Hey!

"Red? You look like you just ran a marathon."

Haha. Yeah... Kinda.

"Ho ho ho. Come inside, my boy. It's time."

"Yes sir!"

Red was up in an instant and jogged up next to the Professor as he was led through the lab towards the Professor's Office.

"Wait, is that-

"Hey, Red! Didn't expect to see you show up today."

"Blue. What are you doing here?"

"Isn't it obvious? I'm here for my Pokémon."

"You're getting one too?"

"You're surprised? You do remember that the Professor here is my gramps, right?"

"Oh yeah..."

"Hmph. Of course you'd forget. He promised me a Pokémon ages ago. So it's about time it was ready for me."

"Now, now, you two. That's quite enough."

"Bah. C'mon gramps. Let's get to it already. I've waited long enough."

"Ho ho ho. Calm down, Blue. First, there's something you both need to hear. Come closer."

Red and Blue took a step forward.

"This might be a bit controversial, but Pokémon-"

"Uh, Professor? What's 'controvercean' mean?"

"Pffft. You don't know what it means?"

"Do you?!"

"Of course I do!!"

"Boys! That's enough!"

Red and Blue crossed their arms and gave each other the stink eye.

"Sigh... I swear, you two haven't changed since you were babies. Always bickering and arguing at any given opportunity."

"Sorry Professor."


"Ho ho. Well, that's neither here nor there. Listen you two. What I was trying to say earlier is that Pokémon are all part of the animal kingdom. And as such, they can be dangerous. Even when trained. This is a somewhat controversial opinion. Controversial meaning not everyone agrees with me. But all the same it's very important that the two of you recognize and respect the power that all Pokémon have at their disposal. Even though who seem small and weak can have tremendous potential, and can be dangerous when provoked or backed into a corner."

"C'mon gramps. You expect me to believe something as puny as a Caterpie could be dangerous to me?"

"Yes, Blue. It can be. And if you don't respect that potential then you may end up regretting it later."

"Yeah, Blue. Show some respect." Red sneered.

"Aw, shuddup Red!"

"Ahem! Time for what you've been waiting for."

Both boys suddenly snapped to attention.

"Over here."

With a wave of his arm, lights came on shining down on three Poké Balls sitting on a table nearby.

"From left to right, these Poké Balls contain Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Bulbasaur is a Grass and Poison type Pokémon with a variety of attacks. And as it evolves the bulb on its back opens further and further until it evolves into Venasaur. Charmander is a Fire Pokémon. Early on it relies primarily on melee and Fire type attacks. But once fully evolved it will take to the skies making it twice as dangerous as its prior evolutions. Finally, there's Squirtle. The Water Pokémon. As it evolves both its hide and shell become much tougher. Some accounts even tell that a Blastoise has been able to block bullets by withdrawing into its shell. And when fully evolved it develops the ability to use natural water cannons from its shell which are almost ten times more powerful than a fire hose."

The Professor went to stand by the table and ushered the boys over.

"Now, it's time to make your choices. Blue. You've been waiting the longest for this moment. Go ahead and take your pick."

"Hm... Thanks, but no thanks gramps. You pick first, Red."

"Wait, you sure, Blue?"

"I'm not gonna be greedy. I was here first, but the choice doesn't matter much to me. Go ahead."

"Well, Red?"

"Yes, sir."

Red walked up to the center of the table and smiled ear to ear as he picked up the central Poké Ball.

"Ah, so you've chosen Charmander?"

"Yeah. I've always loved fire as part of nature. And my father named me Red after it because it represents passion and energy. So I'd made my choice a long time ago that I'd go with this one."

"Pffft. That's your reasoning?"

"What's your reasoning, Blue?"

"Unlike you, I'm actually really smart and well versed in Pokémon and their potential. You chose Fire, so I'm going to choose Water!"

Blue walked up to the table and picked up Squirtle's Poké Ball, spinning it on his finger.

"What do you say, Red? Wanna test em out?"

"Now, now, boys. The lab is no place for battling."

"Yeah, Blue. Besides, I'm not interested in battling you. I want to spend time with Charmander and see what it's like."

"Ha! I knew you wouldn't have the guts to face off with me. But fine. Have it your way. There'll be chances to battle later, I'm sure."

"Yeah. We'll battle eventually. And when we do, Charmander and I are going to beat you and Squirtle to the a pulp!"

"I'd like to see you try that Red!"

"Now hold it right there!"

Both boys winced at the Professor's tone and turned to face him.

"Another lesson for you... Pokémon are not tools of war. They're our companions. Our friends. Our family. They're with us at all times. Through thick and thin. For better or worse. Once your Pokémon truly trusts you, you'll find no force on Earth or Heaven will be able to stop it from loving you, protecting you, and serving you with all their power in Pokémon battles. But just because it can battle doesn't mean it should be made to. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir."


"Good. I've seen some horrible things in my time studying Pokémon. And let me tell you there are fewer things in this world as frightening as a Pokémon gone berserk. Trainers have had their Pokémon turn on them in the blink of an eye for being mistreated. And sometimes... Pokémon have had to be put down because they became so violent towards people that they were deemed too dangerous to the public."

The Professor's gaze shifted between the boys, but spent just a few extra seconds lingering on Blue's eyes as the boy stared back somewhat defiantly.

"Now, you two. It's time. Your journey with Pokémon begins now. Take your time and prepare yourselves for the road ahead. Route 2 leads to Viridian City. And it can be quite the deceptively long road. So plan accordingly."

"You bet, gramps. Red, you still look like you got outta bed a little too fast. Didja know your fly's open?"

"Wait, what?!"

Red looked down, but his fly was closed.

"Ha! Made ya look! Smell ya later, Red!"

Blue was already at the front door by the time Red turned arond.

"Don't worry about me gramps! I'll become the strongest trainer in history! I promise!"

With that, he opened the door and dashed outside before slamming it shut behind himself as the Professor heaved a sigh.

"Dangit, Blue!!"

"Ho ho ho. Calm down Red. Blue's not wrong about your current state. I'm sure there are some things you need to pick up from home before you leave, aren't there?"

"Yes, sir. And thanks! I'll take good care of Charmander! I promise!"

The Professor smiled warmly.

"Now that's a promise I like to hear."

Red took off for home where his mother was waiting for him outside with his backpack fully packed, and his hat newly cleaned.

"Be sure you keep your attention focused on the road, okay? Cars sometimes come through the routes, and so do wild Pokémon. So you need to be careful, okay?"

"You bet mom."

"And Red?"

"Yeah, mom?" He asked as he swung on his backpack and flicked his hat onto his head.

"Just... Promise me you'll come visit from time to time, okay?"

"Sure thing, mom. I promise I'll come by every now and then. And I'll call you from the Pokémon Centers too."

"Oh, that's right. They have phones, don't they?"

"Yep! All right mom! Take care!"

"You too, Red. I love you!"

"Love you too, mom!"

And with that, her baby boy dashed away towards Route 2. A small smile graced her lips, and a single tear dripped down her cheek before she wiped it away and went inside.

Red's journey with Charmander had officially begun.

[("Kanto Chronicles" logo courtesy of logo editor)]
"Route 2."

The open road lay ahead. Gently rolling hills with a single dirt path which eventually gave way to concrete a few hundred feet ahead. Open green grasslands slowly shifting to light forests the further to either side you looked before reaching the base of the mountains. The wind threatened to blow off his cap, which he held down with his thumb and index finger on the visor.

"All right. Come on out, Charmander!"

Red threw his Poké Ball into the air which burst open with a white light before revealing the Fire Lizard within. Charmander let out a sharp, though admittedly cute growl before landing on its feet and sniffing the air and looking back at Pallet Town.

"Hey there, Charmander!"

The Fire Lizard turned around and looked up at Red.

"I'm your new Trainer. My name's Red! Nice to meet you!"

Charmander cocked its head to the side with a squeak.

"Oh. Do you not understand me?"

Charmander leaned forward and started to sniff the air around Red.

"Hm? What are you-... Oh, wait. I remember!"

Many species of Pokémon rely on their sense of smell to interact with and explore the world around them.

"I read that in one of dad's old books on Pokémon Training. So, you're a sniffer, huh?"

Charmander had come closer and sniffed Red's legs, starting at his knees.

"Haha! That tickles!"

Charmander walked around the back of Red and continued sniffing before sitting down on the ground in front of Red, looking up at him expectantly.

"Uh... Hm... Not sure what to do now."

"Yo, Red!"

"What? Blue?!"

Blue had appeared from behind a nearby tree, tossing a Poké Ball up and down in his left hand. As he approached, Charmander stood up, catching Red's attention. The Fire Lizard's body had stiffened, and he stared intently at Blue as he approached.

Pokémon can sense their Trainer's emotions.

That was another part of dad's book. Red thought.

"Clueless about what to do now that you have Charmander out?"

"What?! No! I'm just trying to plan my path to Viridian City!"

"Pffft. You dunce. All you have to do is follow the road. It's literally that simple. What's to plan?"

"Maybe I want to start wandering off road and see what Pokémon there are to catch! Ever think of that?!"

"You? Catch anything? Ha! With what Poké Balls?"

Red laughed.

"You didn't listen as usual, I see. I said see what Pokémon are available to catch. Not that I would try catching them right now."

Blue's grip on his Poké Ball tightened.

"All right then, wise guy. You. Me. Pokémon battle. Right here. Right now."

"Why should I battle you?"

"Cause I'm not giving you a choice!"
Blue screamed as he threw his Poké Ball, revealing the Tiny Turtle Pokémon known as Squirtle.

"Char!!" Roared Charmander as it began hissing at Squirtle, who promptly cried "Squirtlllllle!" and took a defensive posture.

"Either you send that pathetic Charmander of yours out to fight, or Squirtle's gonna be attacking you!"

"Hey! That's not fair!"

"That's life, loser! Squirtle! Give Red a taste of what a real Pokémon can do!!"


Squirtle began charging Red, but was met by the sudden swipe of a tail with a flame on the end across the face sending it sprawling to the ground.


Charmander hissed and growled with its upper lip pulled back revealing its tiny teeth, leaving both Red and Blue momentarily dumbstruck. That is, until Red remembered...

"They're our companions. Our friends. Our family. They're with us at all times. Through thick and thin. For better or worse. Once your Pokémon truly trusts you, you'll find no force on Earth or Heaven will be able to stop it from loving you, protecting you, and serving you with all their power in Pokémon battles..."

"Charmander." Red whispered.

The Fire Lizard continued hissing at Squirtle who was now back on his feet and growling back.

"Fine! You want a fight you little fire freak?! We'll give you one! Squirtle! Withdraw!"

Squirtle promptly shrank back into its shell, which then started glowing.

"Huh? What's going on?"

"Have you ever once read a Pokémon guide, dummy?! Withdraw's a skill that boosts Squirtle's toughness for a short time. Good luck doing damage now!"

"Rrgh... Charmander! Scratch attack!"


Charmander rushed forward and began scratching at Squirtle's shell, to no avail. The Tiny Turtle Pokémon didn't respond at all to his attacks.

"Pffft. Bite!"

Squirtle suddenly erupted from its shell and clamped down on Charmander's left arm with its jaws, causing Charmander to shriek in pain and try to pull its arm free.


"See this, Red? This is why I'm destined to become the Pokémon League Champion! And why you are destined for nothing. Nothing at all! You and your stupid lizard are weak! And you'll never make it as a team in this world! Squirtle! Finish it with Bubble!"


Too late.

Squirtle let go of Charmander's arm just in time to drop its jaw and take in a big puff of air before unleashing a torrent of bubbles which went streaking towards Charmander before striking him center mass and throwing him backwards and sent skidding across the dirt and grass.

"No! Charmander!"

Charmander was down. But to Red's surprise he stood up. His legs were a bit shaky. But there was a fire in his eyes matching the raging flame on the end of his tail which filled Red with hope.

"Huh. Still on your feet, you dumb lizard? Fine. Then let's put you down once and for all! Squirtle! Bubble attack!"

Squirtle took in a breath of air.


Charmander's eyes flashed with yellow light, stopping Squirtle dead in its tracks as it trembled from the sudden flash and took a step back.

"What? C'mon you stupid turtle! I said Bubble attack!"

"Charmander! Rush it and Tail Whip!"

Charmander sprinted forward, dodging the incoming Bubble attack and leaping into the air with a full spin and slammed Squirtle across the belly knocking it onto its back.

"No way! Get up Squirtle!"

"Quick! Use your Bite attack!"

Charmander's jaw opened and clamped down around Squirtle's neck, partially blocked by the shell, but still enough that Squirtle couldn't retreat its head into the shell for protection. Squirtle's cries became choked and weak, and as Red watched the situation unfold he couldn't help but think...

"Pokémon are not tools of war... Just because it can battle doesn't mean it should be made to. Do you understand?"

"Charmander! Come back!"


The Fire Lizard let go of Squirtle and trotted back to Red who recalled him to his Poké Ball.

"What are you doing, Red? The battle's not over! Squirtle and I still have fight left!"

"Squirtle was defenseless. I wouldn't want Charmander to win that way. Next time we battle, we'll beat you fair and square."

"What is this? An anime?! You bring out that stupid lizard and finish this battle right now!"
He said, propping Squirtle up.

Red considered it a moment. But looking at Squirtle who huffed and puffed and reached for its neck to check its injuries, he couldn't bring himself to raise Charmander's Poké Ball.

"See you in Viridian City, Blue."

"Fine! Then consider this your forfeit! Squirtle and I win by default!"



Red stormed away down the road towards Viridian City as Blue recalled Squirtle to its Poké Ball and headed back towards Pallet Town. More than likely he was taking it back to Professor Oak's lab for treatment, since it was closer than Viridian City by a long ways. If he was lucky he'd reach Viridian by sundown. But more than likely it'd be tomorrow morning.

"Good thing mom packed a sleeping bag. And maybe Charmander can help me light a fire later... The little guy really is incredible." Red said with a smile as he continued on towards Viridian City.

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