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Fandom Fandom Search! | Owl House, Walten Files, FNAF, Creepypasta, Marble Hornets

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New Member

| About Me |

Greetings and welcome to the about me! Read this to learn- well, I think the title speaks for itself.
-18, going on 19.
-She/her (Questioning whether or not I'm trans at the moment but I'm still in denial about it... that being said, he/him also works and will make my heart flutter.)
-Bisexual and very LGBTQ+ friendly.
-Eastern Standard Time, staying up all night with Insomnia.
-Working a full time job which means my free time might be a little limited.
-Struggling with Social Anxiety Disorder and depression.
-Looking to make some new friends as well, so feel free to chat OOC!
-Also on Discord. Ask for my username and you shall receive.

| Information / Preferences |

Just a few things to get out of the way to make our roleplaying experience with each other the best it can be.

-Quick warning to start things off. Personally, I tend to enjoy darker themes including angst and whump. There is a possibility of triggering content so please be sure to tell me if you have any triggers to avoid.

-That being said, I absolutely adore fluff as well! Lighter themes are always welcome alongside the dark ones. Darkness without light is an abyss, light without darkness is blinding.

-Possible spoiler warning too! Be sure to tell me if you're not entirely caught up on everything so we can try to prevent any spoilers.

-My mental health isn't the best so please try to bear with me. I felt like I should mention it since constant burn-outs, writer's block, depressive episodes, becoming overwhelmed, and going MIA for days or weeks on end have been common for me in the past. I'm trying to be better about it but just know that's something to keep in mind.

-Ghost friendly! I completely understand and honestly have been guilty of ghosting a few times myself. A goodbye would be nice but I know that's not always possible. All the same, I wish you the best if you end up needing a break or have to leave the roleplay entirely.

-As for writing length, most of the time I'll just mirror whatever I'm given to work with. Novella style tends to overwhelm me a bit especially if it's around 1,000 words per reply but I'm still willing to try and keep up. I'll try to reply at least once every day if I can but I can't promise that I'll be able to.

-OCs welcomed! Right now I'm only roleplaying as canon characters but I'm completely fine with you using an original one. In fact, I love hearing about other people's OCs and interacting with them in the roleplay. (I might create a small OC as a side character if the roleplay calls for it).

-Canon x OC and Canon x Canon pairings are both welcomed. Romance isn't required but I think it's cute as a side plot to go along with the main story. For Canon x Canon, they can be ships or already established relationships. Relationships already established in canon will usually stay canon in the roleplay unless you want to ship one of the characters with your OC or another character instead. For Canon x OC, I'll play your OC's love interest since I'm not using any OCs myself yet. Also, ships can definitely develop in the roleplay even if it wasn't the intent for the characters at the start.

-Crossovers welcomed! Main ones would probably be Creepypasta/Marble Hornets (of course), Walten Files/Five Nights at Freddy's, and The Owl House/Amphibia or Gravity Falls, but unconventional ones also work. One recent crossover roleplay I've done was Creepypasta/Marble Hornets/Eddsworld which actually ended up spawning a frankly adorable crack ship behind two of our muses, so pretty much anything is possible.

-We can both pick up multiple characters to write throughout the roleplay when they come into play while sticking with our muses for the majority. I'll add in characters if needed for the roleplay to move forward or just to have them there for fun, but let me know if there are any characters you would prefer to control on the side instead of having me write them.

-If you want to put in a plot twist of some kind, it is always welcome. So long as you don't kill my characters without talking to me about it first, it will be just fine.

-Headcanons, AUs, Canon Compliant, Canon Divergence. I'm open to them all!

If you have any questions, free feel to ask. I'll be more than happy to answer them.

| Fandoms |

[ I'll probably add more to the list later but these are just the ones I'm craving the most right now. ]
[ Storylines / Ideas available! Just ask and I'll give you some or we can brainstorm together. Thinking about adding a section that lists them. ]

| The Owl House |

-Mainly looking for something taking place during the Deadwardian Era/"Savage Ages", starting in either the Human or Demon Realm. I've been obsessed with Wittebane's story ever since Through the Looking Glass Ruins and all the other episodes after that, so I really want to try exploring that side of the series even if it's a little rare to find. Mindscape and Time Travel shenanigans would also work.
-Still open to roleplaying any part of the series though! I absolutely love everything about this show so I'm not at all stubborn with which plot points I want to try, even if I'm looking for something specific that has piqued my interest.

Main Muse(s) | Philip Wittebane / Belos
-Fanon or canon version for both of them. Canon is great as is but I also enjoyed all the headcanons and fan interpretations of the characters when we didn't know as much about them! Willing to do any Era as well, including the in-between years that we don't get to see. Little Philip could be wholesome so I would love to get a chance to write him, whether it's in a flashback, at the start of the roleplay with an eventual time skip, or something else.

Other Characters | Wittebane's brother, Hunter, Flapjack, Past Golden Guards, The Collector, Luz Noceda, Eda Clawthorne, Lilith Clawthorne, King, Hooty, Willow Park, Gus Porter, Amity Blight, Edric and Emira Blight, Alador Blight, Vee, Kikimora, Darius, Raine Whispers, Steve, etc.
-Hunter's also a favorite of mine so getting him involved in something would be fun.

| Walten Files |

-Any year or point in the series would be a good starting part. Since we're still waiting on the next video, we can come up with our own interpretations of those events as we go along.
-Interested in the possibility of doing a crossover with FNAF, mainly exploring the dynamic between Felix Kranken and William Afton (along with Jack Walten and Henry Emily). To make both series line up better, we might have to change the years and the order of events.

Main Muse(s) | Felix Kranken / Shadow Man
-His character arc in the roleplay will probably focus mainly on his alcoholism and guilt since those are both major parts of his character. Whether he ends up reforming for his past mistakes or becoming worse we can figure out as the story goes on.
-Few headcanons here and there to fill in the gaps but most of it will stick to how he is in the series.
-Shadow Man can either be a different version of him entirely (if you know what I mean by that) or just him lurking around in the shadows figuratively speaking.

Other Characters | Jack Walten / Bon, Sophie Walten, Rosemary Walten / Sha, Edd and Molly Walten / Rocket, Susan Woodings / Banny, Charles / Boozoo, "Chris", Brian Stells, Jenny Letterson, Derek Collins, Frank Davis, etc.
-I'm willing to write the animatronics but I prefer to roleplay the human characters. If I do end up roleplaying one of the animatronics, it'll probably be as a side character with the human side possessing them (depending on when the roleplay takes place).

| Five Nights at Freddy's |

-Since FNAF's timeline is infamous for being confusing, we'll have to figure out a way around that. I have my own order of events in mind but I'm open to others. Whichever timeline makes the roleplay as fun as it can be for both of us would work best.

Main Muse(s) | Michael Afton / Mike Schmidt / Fritz Smith
-Headcanon heavy since there is a lot of speculation about his character. Any Era, whether that means 1983 / FNAF 4 or all the way to Pizzaera Sim (hell, maybe even Security Breach. If his father can come back so can Michael, right?). Also, some time periods will include him after the scooping.

Other Characters | William Afton / Springtrap, Henry Emily, Jeremy Fitzgerald, FNAF 4 bullies, Phone Guy, Missing Children, Golden Freddy / Cassidy and Crying Child, The Puppet / Charlie Emily, Psychic Friend Fredbear, "Eggs Benedict" / Ennard disguised as Michael, Ennard, Molten Freddy, Lefty, Helpy, Security Puppet, Glitchtrap, Vanny / Vanessa, Gregory, Glamrock Freddy, Daycare Attendant, etc.
-I prefer to roleplay human characters but I'm willing to try writing the animatronics, mostly as side characters in the roleplay. "Eggs Benedict" has been fun to play in the past so I'm pretty open to that one, especially as a plot point that can be expanded upon.

| Creepypasta |

-Open to using Slender's Mansion in the plot but I know some people don't like it so just let me know whether to include it or not.
-I'm aware that Masky and Hoodie aren't technically Creepypastas or proxies. That being said, I'd still prefer to roleplay them as such since it's what I'm used to.

Main Muse(s) | Masky / Tim Wright
-Completely based around my own headcanons since we know pretty much nothing about Masky's character other than the few times we do see him in canon, which isn't a lot nor is it under the best circumstances to get an actual judge of character. My interpretation of his character might be different than yours but I still hope you enjoy it in its own way.
-Some things I want to note first, I roleplay Masky and Tim as separate characters in the same mind/body. Only one will be in control at a time (unless said otherwise but we'll get to that) and it'll usually be fairly clear which one. If/When one switches over to the other, they won't have any memories of what the other one did during that time they were in control. They're both aware of each other's presence. They both despise the other's presence. I also want to be clear that this isn't supposed to be a form of D.I.D and it's not intended to be written that way.
Masky will try to distance himself from "his" past life in any way possible. To the point where he will avoid anything that might remind him of his past, doesn't know what his name used to be before becoming a proxy, never takes his mask off, along with the fact that he has no idea what he even looks like under the mask.
-Tim hasn't been in control for years, sometime after the events of Marble Hornets took place and Masky fully took over while becoming a proxy. He'll likely be very disoriented if he ever does get the chance to have control over his mind again, wanting to get as far away from Slender and the other Creepypastas as soon as possible.
-There's also a third way of writing them, where both minds form into one. Usually, this will happens after a lot of character development or some kind of tragic event, along with an identity crisis.
-Just thought I should mention some of these things to avoid confusion or a misunderstanding, which has happened before with this character.

Other Characters | Hoodie / Brian Thomas, Ticci Toby, Slenderman / The Operator, Jeff the Killer, Smile Dog, BEN Drowned, Eyeless Jack, Sally Williams, Kate the Chaser, Nurse Ann, Homicidal Liu, Bloody Painter, etc.
-Like for Masky, these will be my interpretation of the characters seeing as how most Creepypastas don't really have defined personalities. But if you want me to write them a specific way, just tell me and I'll give it a shot!

| Marble Hornets |

-Before, during, or after the events of Marble Hornets. We can also do a mix of both where it starts during everything and then time skips to after or something along those lines.
-Might overlap with Creepypasta but it could also be completely separate depending on what you want. Masky and Hoodie as Slender's proxies will carry over so just tell me if you would rather they didn't since it's not entirely canon to this series.

Main Muse(s) | Masky / Tim Wright, Jay Merrick / Skully
-Already wrote a little about how I portray Masky and Tim in the Creepypasta section, so if you scroll up you can read it there. Tim will probably be around more often in a Marble Hornets roleplay than a Creepypasta roleplay though so his character will be different depending on when the roleplay takes place.
-As for Jay, his character will pretty much stay the same as it in the series with a few headcanons here and there.
-Skully doesn't have to be involved or even exist in the roleplay, but if he does I'd like to do the fanon interpretation of him. Jay and Skully share a slightly similar dynamic as Tim and Masky, with some differences.
-I'll play Masky / Tim if you play Jay / Skully, I'll play Jay / Skully if you play Masky / Tim. Just because they're both my main muses doesn't mean I have to play both of them at the same time. I love these "two" interacting with each other so it'll be nice if it's not just me interacting with myself.

Other Characters | Alex Kralie, Hoodie / Brian Thomas, Slenderman / The Operator, etc.
-Honesty, I would be interested in roleplaying as Alex in a setting that takes place after the series ends. There's quite a bit that can be done with his character and I would love to explore that, even with him just as a side character in the roleplay.

| End Tape |​

PM me or comment here if you're interested at all! I look forward to the stories we'll create together.


Captain Spamton

[ #1 R@t3D $AL3SMAN1997 ]
hMmm See I'm conflicted. Im not sure. Im going to survive talking to someone so professional. (despite me writing and publishing 3 books) Im freaking nervous bro! my first rp here? It looks so fun! but Im not sure I can handle it-


New Member
Don't worry! There's no need to be nervous, I don't bite haha. And funny enough, it'll actually be my first roleplay here too. I'm sure we'll both be able to handle it so if you want to come up with a fun start to the site together just PM me or I'll PM you and we can get something going.

Captain Spamton

[ #1 R@t3D $AL3SMAN1997 ]
yeah Haha- uh i can't PM yet, as I'm having difficulties changing my avatar. my files aren't- able to be accessed for strange reason. but uhm! yes PM me. I can get think on what kind of rp.


×Certified Simp×
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
I'm interested in a Creepypasta/Marble Hornets roleplay! It's been a very long time since I've rped this fandom, and even longer since I saw anyone who also watched Marble Hornets.

I'd love to rp a mix of the two fandoms if you're still looking!


New Member
Of course! Always looking for Marble Hornets since that's a bit of a rare one to find. I'd love to rp a mix of the two as well. Send me a PM or I can PM you if you want.


New Member
Oooo, I'd definitely be willing to try an Amphibia roleplay! My main muse for that one would probably be Marcy / Darcy but I'm open to writing pretty much any character. You can go ahead and send me a PM, or I'll send you one when I get the chance to.


New Member
Hi there! I saw that you are looking for Marble Hornets rp's? I was wondering if you would be interested to rp with me ^^


New Member
Marble Hornets roleplay sounds great, I'd love to do one with you! PM me so we can discuss the details or I'll PM you when I can.

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