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Action, LGTBQ, Multiverse, Supernatural

Pando Chan

Hola, Amigos! A pleasure to meet you. C : Call me Pando if you'd like and by coming into this thread I'm going to assume you're interested in a potentially fandom based role play. Well great. I've compiled a huge list of all the fandoms I'm into and if any of them catch your eye shoot me a message! Even if it's not listed here there's always the chance I've forgotten it and you're free to ask. : )

I would call myself a literate role player as defined by this site. I've done advanced lit. in the past and while I could probably fit that criteria, I don't really want to. I also haven't been on this site in a while and may be a bit rusty, - so if that will bother you I may not be the best choice. In short, as long as you can give me a post with a decent amount of effort that keeps me interested then to hell with length. I'd prefer a faster-paced role play with shorter posts over novel posts every other week, thanks.

I'm open to any sexuality - and while my preference lies with male slash, it isn't required. Fem slash and het are both perfectly alright too. As is a role play without romance I should add, though you'll need to give me an exceptionally good plot because just like everyone else on this site I'm a sucker for a good love story. Though I might clarify that I don't want romance alone. Drama, angst and conflict should all be included as well. Dark love stories are the best kind as far as I'm concerned, even if they resolve happy.

I'm fine with ocs and canons. I'm fine with just canons. I'm fine with just ocs where we base the role play off the fandom but don't use its characters. And yes, I do double. In short: Come to me with almost any type of pairings. Please just make sure that when you play a canon they're in character to the best of your ability. And your ocs should have depth and effort put into them.

Oh. And before I forget. I would highly prefer to role play over Threads or Discord instead of anything else. That being said, I may consider doing PMs if that's all you're able to do.

That's about it. If you have any other questions go ahead and ask here or shoot me a message. ^_^

(Haven't added most pairings yet. This thread is a WIP.)

TV & Movies
Being Human (USA)
Big Hero 6
CW Reign
Degrassi TNG
Game of Thrones
Guardians of the galaxy
Hunger Games
Kiki's Delivery Service
Legend of Korra
Marvel Universe
→ Peter Parker + oc
→ Thor + oc

Maze Runners
→ Minho + oc
→ Newt + oc

BBC Merlin
Pacific Rim
→ Raleigh + Chuck
→ Stacker + Herc
→ Chuck + oc
→ Herc + oc
→ oc + oc

Penny Dreadful
Percy Jackson & the Olympians
Rise of the Guardians
Spirited Away
Star Trek (2009&Into Darkness)
→ Dean + Castiel
→ Sam + Gabriel
→ Lucifer + Michael
→ Dean + oc
→ Lucifer + oc
→ Supernatural!oc + Hunter!oc

Teen Titans
Teen Wolf
→ Scott + Isaac
→ Scott + Liam
→ Isaac + Derek
→ Brett + Mason
→ Brett + Liam
→ Theo + Stiles (?)
→ Scott + oc
→ Liam + oc
→ Theo + oc

The Hobbit
The Magicians
→ Eliot x Quentin
→ Eliot x oc
→ Penny x oc
→ Quentin x oc
→ oc Magician x oc Magician

True Blood
Vampire Diaries

The Society
→ Campbell + oc

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
→ Nick x oc
→ Harvey x oc
→ oc Witch x oc Witch/Demon/Hunter

Fate: The Winx Saga
→ Riven x Dane
→ Riven x oc
→ oc Fairy/Specialist x oc Fairy/Specialist

→ Ian x Mickey
→ Ian x OC
→ Lip x OC

Anime & Manga

Akatsuki no Yona
→ Kija + Shin-Ah
→ Soo-Won + Hak
→ Kija + Jae-Ha
→ Hak + m!Yona / oc
→ Dragon!oc + Master!oc
→ Wind!oc + Fire!oc

Aldnoah Zero
Ao No Exorcist
→ Bon + Shima
→ Rin + Yukio
→ Mephisto + Amaimon
→ Rin + oc
Code Geass
Death Note
Fairy Tail
→Gray + Lyon
→ Gray + Loke
→ Natsu + oc

Fate Series
→ Ask about canon
→ oc!Servant + oc!Master
→ oc!Master + oc!Master
→ oc!Servant + oc!Servant
→ Shirou + oc

Fruits Basket
Gundam 00
Gundam Seed
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
→ Gokudera + Yamamoto
→ Hibari + Yamamoto
→ Tsuna + tyl!Lambo
→ Tsuna + Enma
→ Gokudera + tyl!Lambo
→ Ken + Chikusa
→ Yamamoto + oc
→ Tsuna + oc
→ Enma + oc

→Kiba x Neji
→ Naruto x Gaara
→ Gaiden!Minato + Older!Kakashi
→ Naruto + oc
→ Kiba + oc

Natsume Yuujinchou
Ouran HS Host Club
Psycho Pass
→ Archie x OC
Shingeki no Kyojin
→ Eren + Jean
→ Armin + Jean
→ Jean + Marco
→ Eren + oc
→ Jean + oc

Sword Art Online
→ Kirigaya + oc
→ oc + oc

Tokyo Ghoul / Tokyo Ghoul Re
→ Kuro!Neki + Hide
→ Shiro!Neki + Hide
→ Sasaki + Juuzou
→ Ayato + oc
→ Shiro!Neki + oc
→ oc!Investigator + oc!Ghoul
→ oc!Ghoul + oc!Human

Vampire Knight
Yuri On Ice
→ Yuri + Viktor
→ Yuuri + Otabek
→ Emil + Michele
→ Michele + oc
→ Christophe + oc
→ oc x oc

Video Games

Bioshock Infinite
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy X
Kingdom Hearts
League of Legends
Mass Effect
→ Garrus + oc
→ Thane + oc
→ C-Sec Officer + Civilan
→ oc + oc[/FONT]
→ Hanzo + McCree
→ Genji + oc
→ Hanzo + oc
→ oc + oc

→ Drake + oc
→ Anyone + oc
Stardew Valley
→ Sam + oc [Give me my golden boy and I’ll love you forever. <3
→ Anyone + oc

Books & Other

5 Seconds of summer
Hunger Games
→ Gale x oc
→ Cato x oc
Mortal Instruments / Shadowhunters
→ Magnus + Alec
→ Luke/Lucian + oc (Movie/Book)
→ Alec x oc (TV Show/Book)
→ Jace x oc (TV Show/Book)

One Direction
→ Paul + Emmett
→ Jacob + Jasper
→ Jacob + oc
→ Seth + oc
→ Sam + oc
→ oc + oc
Vampire Academy
Youtube (I know a ton of Youtubers, and would love to do this!)
Celebrities (Same, just suggest someone.)
Bundesliga / World Cup (Yes please!)
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Junior Member
well im a one liner and a first person style role player so i hope i can make the posts intresting for you if you want to role play whit me


Heya! I've read up on this post and I'm interested in any of your Naruto pairings! Pm if you want to try and work something out!


Aspiring Writer (Try to be.)
I'd love to do a Mass Effect rp, or Rise of the Guardians, or Uncharted. Whatever strikes your interest the most if you're up to it. :)


No retreat, no surrender
Hi! I’d totally be down for a Thor x OC in return for a Loki x OC or Pietro x OC or Bucky x OC, I’d be more than willing to play Peter on top of Thor too if you want :)

Wei WuXian

Excited for RP like a dog for a treat
Wow you have an extensive list!
I'd like to try doing Twilight with you.
Also, have you heard of Black Butler, Mo Dao Zu Shi, or Beastars?


New Member
Hey! I’d be interested in either a Yuri + Viktor or Jean + Armin rp if you’d still like? Although I can only message on here since i don’t have discord or anything, so it’s okay if you’d rather not!

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