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Fandom Fandom Search (double friendly)


𝙰𝚗𝚡𝚒𝚘𝚞𝚜 24/7
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Hello! My name is Clem or May! Feel free to call me either! Im a 20 year old female and I’m currently searching for some Role-play partners. I myself usually do fandom role-plays but I do have some original plots, that being said I’d much prefer to do fandoms. I usually do OC x CC however to make it fair I’m willing to try CC x CC for your side if I can have OC x CC for mine. I am super doubling friendly so ask me to double! I’m open to all pairings! I’m very friendly so I’d love to be friends too!! I don’t have any anime fandoms my apologises, it just doesn’t interest me. I have Tv Shows and Rare Video Games! I am a Novella Writer also! :)
i also don’t do OC x OC sorry!


1. OOC
OOC is pretty important to me, I’d like to get to know you and become a friend! That being said I’d love to be friends outside of the RP.

2. Double
Id much prefer if you could double. If you don’t know what doubling is, I can explain it and try my best to help you. I’d prefer you make it equal it’s much more fair for the both of us!

3. Time
my replies aren’t too bad, I try and reply as I can. I’m not in education or working currently so I have free time. That being said I struggle mentally and with motivation. Please do not spam me for a reply! I will check in if I take a break or don't reply!

4 Kindness
Please be respectful and kind to me. I have some problems so I’d prefer you be kind to me as I will to you.


(❥- Looking for, More Interested to do)[/FONT]
(༄ Not looking for, but will do
♡- Neutral
(❆- Really not interested in doing)

Pretty Little Liars༄
The Vampire Dairies ༄
Shadow Hunters♡
Gossip Girl♡
Stranger Things༄
Harry Potter༄
Enola Holmes༄

Sally Face❥
The Walking Dead Game❥
The Last Of Us❥
Life Is Strange❥
Heavy Rain❥
Until Dawn༄
The Quarry❥
Detroit Become Human༄
Uncharted 4❥
Beyond Two souls༄
Tomb Raider༄

Those are all the fandoms I’m looking for! If you’d like to know my original plots send me a message and we can discuss things!! Thanks for reading!!

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