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Fandom Fandom search (Craving Demon Slayer and danmei)


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Hi all! Back on this site with a new account again, and I'm excited to get some new roleplays up and going! I'm not a picky partner, and have a good amount of fandoms to choose from, so let's get started!

I don't have many rules, just a few things I like to get straight before jumping into a roleplay!

  • I'd like to be friends! This isn't strictly necessary, but it's fun to talk to my partners OOC. I don't know many people into most of these fandoms, so I enjoy dumping fanart, headcanons, etc on whoever I'm roleplaying with, since they'll actually understand it!
  • I don't have much interest in oc x canon. I'll only do it for your end if you double on my end for a ship/fandom I'm REALLY craving. Feel free to ask, I don't bite! And if your oc has a really interesting concept, I'll be more likely to go for it.
  • I'm fine with poly ships! I just prefer for all plots to have some sort of romance, as they get boring to me without it.
  • I'm a pretty fast replier for the most part and enjoy rapid roleplays, but no worry if you're not! I'm more than happy to wait.
  • For contacting me, I don't mind if you comment on the post! I'll probably just delete it at some point to keep it clean. Either dm me or comment.

None of these are necessary for roleplays, but just some things I like to start us off. I also have a few prewritten starters, depending on the character.

  • Family/kid plots! I love these for some reason. I have lots of plots, and lots of fanchildren I've designed.
    • I also enjoy plots where we make characters siblings, and have some specific ones for a few fandoms.
  • Arranged marriages
  • Supernatural creatures/making supernatural characters human
  • Reincarnation
  • Transmigration into different time periods/different settings (particularly different transmigrations for SVSSS, though I like it for any fandom)
  • Soulmate AUs
  • Modern AUs for things set in ancient times/ancient AUs for things set in modern times
  • Jobswap AUs
  • Many more that aren't coming to mind currently

Now onto the fandoms! The more *'s, the more I crave it. Bolded character is who I prefer to play, and italicised is ships I'm craving.

Zenitsu x Tanjiro
Zenitsu x Inosuke
Zenitsu x Genya
Giyuu x Sabito
Giyuu x Sanemi
Giyuu x Kyojuro

Giyuu x Tengen
Tengen x Suma x Makio x Hinatsuru

Shen Qingqiu x Luo Binghe
Shen Qingqiu x Liu Qingge

Shen Qingqiu x Yue Qingyuan
Shen Qingqiu x Zhuzhi-Lang
Original Shen Qingqiu x Yue Qingyuan
Shang Qinghua x Mobei-Jun

Xie Lian x Hua Cheng
Mu Qing x Feng Xin

This is pretty much the only one where I am ONLY interested in the ships listed here, because other than these ships, it's a very low craving.
Sebastian x Agni
Sebastian x Baldroy

Epel x Jack
Riddle x Floyd
Azul x Jade
Azul x Floyd

Vanitas x Noé

Weird and specific craving? Yep!
Kawasemi x Kuina

Kurapika x Leorio

Thank you all for reading! This list will probably update relatively often with new fandoms/old ones I forgot about.
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