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fairy floss

marigolds and snowdrops
WHO AM I ────────
☆ everyone can just call me floss
☆ i'm currently 21 years old
☆ i identify as bisexual
☆ i've been roleplaying for over a decade
☆ i range between 1 and 5 paragraphs every response, but average 2 or 3
☆ beside the occasional typo (which happen to all of us), i use proper spelling/grammar/punctuation
☆ (the use of exclusively lower case here is purely for aesthetic reasons)
☆ depending on my motivation, i can reply as often as several times a day, or as rarely as once a week
☆ i am a full time student with a part-time job, so sometimes, i am just too busy to write
☆ while i'm not the most outgoing person, i'm happy to chat and plot ooc
☆ i am ghost friendly; though i'd prefer you let me know if you lose interest, as someone who struggles with both motivation and anxiety, i completely understand if you can't
☆ if you do ghost and/or lose interest, and later want to pick the roleplay back up, feel free to reach out!

☆ i prefer to roleplay exclusively on site, and through pms
☆ at the moment, i'm looking to do cc x oc fandom roleplays, in which we'd double up
☆ the fandoms will be listed below, in order from what i'm most to least interested in
☆ please note that some of my pairings will have taboo elements, or focus on unhealthy relationships
☆ if that makes you uncomfortable, you may want to look elsewhere
☆ i'm open to all lgbtq+ pairings
☆ i'm also open to roleplaying non-romantic relationships
☆ if you're looking to explore a romantic relationship, all participants must be 16+

☆ i expect my partners to write at least one solid paragraph per character every response
☆ i expect my partners to reply at least once a week
☆ i expect my partners to put as much effort into my half of the roleplay as they do theirs
☆ i expect my partners to do their best to accurately portray my opposites
☆ i expect my partners to use proper spelling/grammar/punctuation (at least while ic)
☆ i expect my partners to help me plot

☆ disney/dreamworks/pixar
who i want you to play for me:
i. robert callaghan (big hero 6)
ii. prince hans (frozen)
iii. tarzan (tarzan)
who i'll play for you:
i. too many to list, so just ask!
☆ the last of us
who i want you to play for me:
i. abby anderson
ii. joel miller
iii. ellie williams
who i'll play for you:
i. ellie williams
ii. dina caradonna
iii. jesse jeon
iii. abby anderson
iv. joel miller
v. tess wersching
☆ avatar: the last airbender
who i want you to play for me:
i. azula
ii. suki
iii. zuko
iiii. hakoda
iv. katara
who i'll play for you:
i. aang
ii. sokka
iii. katara
iv. toph
v. zuko
vi. mai
vii. ty lee
viii. azula
☆ stardew valley
who i want you to play for me:
i. rasmodius
ii. shane
iii. alex
who i'll play for you:
i. any official bachelor
ii. any official bachelorette
☆ harry potter
who i want you to play for me:
i. cedric diggory
ii. regulus black
iii. sirius black
iv. draco malfoy
v. ginny weasley
vi. neville longbottom
who i'll play for you:
i. harry potter
ii. ron weasley
iii. hermione granger
iv. ginny weasley
v. fred weasley
vi. george weasley
vii. neville longbottom
viii. luna lovegood
ix. draco malfoy
x. james potter
xi. lily evans
xii. sirius black
xiii. remus lupin
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