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Fandom Fandom Search ( Canon x OC )

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Trafalgar Hoshi

Heart Pirate Member
Hello! My name is Hoshi, I'm looking for long term roleplays.
I'm 34 year old. I work Part Time at the Hospital. My replies might not be everyday. Every other weekending I do double shifts. I hope that a problem with anyone!
I also have ADHD, My mind is all over the place. So I'm sorry if I jump gun.

- I only do Canon x OC pairings. I would like to Double with people. I can write anything on your end.
- Please be 18+, I don't want roleplay with someone that is under 18.
- I also prefer MxF for myself. I have bad luck with other things..
- I prefer to Roleplay on here. I have a Discord if you want chat. Just ask me.
- I'm ghost friendly also
- The ones with the Hearts are ones I'm craving


One Piece <3<3
- Law (For me)
- I can play ANY character form this series.

Fairy Tail <3
- Natsu, Gray, Loke, Gajeel, Freed (For me)
- I can play ANY character from series.

- Sesshomaru, Bankotsu, Kouga (For Me)
- I can play Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Kouga

Soul Eater
- Death the Kid (For me)
- I can play Soul, Dark Star, More any character. Just ask.

Kingdom Hearts <3<3
- Saix, Xemnas, Leon, Sora, Demxy (For me)
- I can play ANY Character form this series.

Yu Yu Hakusho <3<3
- Kurama, Shishi, Jin (For me)
- I can play Hiei, Yusuke, Any character

- Neji ,Hiden, Gaara, Shikamaru, Haku, Itaciha (For me)
- I can play Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke, Ino, Lee, MOST anyone. Just ask.

- N, James, Ash(OLDER PLEASE)
- I play most anyone from this series also.

- Future Trunks, 17, Goku (For me)
- I can play anyone from this series also. Just not the Dragon Ball Super.

Tyoko Mew Mew
- Ryou (For me)
- I can Play Kissu or anyone also

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