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Rowan Doll

Trans Masc | auDHD | Always looking to RP
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
My Interest Check
Info On RP

~ We'll make up the plot together
~ You CAN play a CC, but I will most likely be playing a OC or an alternated CC
~ This will include Angst and Fluff
~ Romance IS allowed, but only that, nothing more, as it makes me uncomfortable, and the rules are against it.

Info On Me

~ I almost never play Female characters, the only exception is if the Female character I'm playing is asexual or there is no romance between her and another character
~ I can RP any pairings
~ My triggers are slurs, and religion
~ I can play up to 4 different characters at a time
~ I am trans masc so if you don't at least respect us then don't message me
~ I rp in 3rd person only
~ If in combat I always roll a dice to see if I hit
~ I write usually between 2 paragraphs and 10 paragraphs per response
~ I have been RPing for 4 and a half years

Partner Requirements

~ Is 15 or older
~ Understands my boundaries
~ Can tell me their triggers up front so I can avoid them
~ Can write at least a paragraph per response

Roleplay Rules

~ Do not God-Mod
~ Don't Meta Game
~ No power playing
~ No Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues
~ Do not auto
~ Add details
~ Stay in character
~ When out of character use (), //, ((, or )) to signify it
~ All possibly triggering topics in roleplay must have a trigger warning at the top of the message, even if I'm not triggering by it

Fandoms I'll Play

~ Bluey
~ Promised Neverland (S1)
~ Gravity Falls
~ SCP-Foundation
~ Warrior Cats
~ Little Misfortune
~ MHA (I don't keep up with the show, but I like the concept)
~ Lucifer
~ How to Train Your Dragon
I’m back from a long academic hiatus as an experienced 1v1 role player and looking to get back into warrior cats and willing to experiment with groups and discord.

My roleplays surround typical surround the interaction between faulted character and their environment.

I enjoy darker and more complex themes in my warrior cats RPs such as starvation, disease, and natural disasters. I still dabble in the classics such as forbidden love and starclan prophecies ofc.

Right now I’m actually looking into some evil wlw or mlm and cult indoctrination >:3c.

I write very long detailed novel-like replies and would like my RP partners do the same. I deprive a lot of joy out of planning RPs and OOC chatter about warrior cat OCs.

Here is an example of a typical reply from me, which could take me from an hour to a week to write (don’t worry I’m always up for OOC chatter):
“—Do you realize how long we’ve been calling for you!” hissed MuckFlower as he rapidly approached, his large paws uncharacteristically soiled because of the search as his large tail flicked up a cloud of ash. His nose was curled in annoyance, yet his shoulders visibly relaxed upon seeing the “apprentice”. The confusing mixture of annoyance and relief temporarily distracting him from the cat’s real identity, until he reached out for the feline.

All his contradicting thoughts came to a complete halt as his paw went straight through her chest, not taking note of how the she-cat took a step back. MuckFlower going completely motionless.

“…I- uh” The medicine cat’s throat went dry, despite swallowing. He watched, expressionless at first, as the opaque body of the she-cat simply rippled around his paw like a reflection in the water.

The tom’s breath became shallower as he turned his paw over, his eyes darting back and forth along his own claws in search for some explanation. Growing more horrified as the shiny and brilliant pelt of the stranger seemed to unravel around his offending paw like silk, his eyes widened finally meeting the she-cats in realization.

“You’re not SilverPaw…” He says bluntly, quickly retracting his paw away from the cat as his yellow and green eyes frantically scan her features for answers. His mouth slightly agape, his ears pinned to his head in growing discomfort as the silence was dragged on.

“MuckFlower Quick! We found SilverPaw!”” Shouted DayMint from a distance away, the medicine cat barely registering the command and its meaning.

“…I’ll be there.” He called out, but his voice too quiet to carry, not looking away from the she-cat. It's odd, the juxtaposition between the tom’s annoyance and dread striking.

After a still moment, MuckFlower promptly turned and left the clearing from the way he came. Refusing to look at the phantom-like cat.

‘I always knew I’d go crazy.’ Muckflower thought as he paced, his neck craned downward in deep consideration with his eyes darting about the gray and now barren earth. The tom now even more disoriented than before thanks to the strange encounter.

‘…it happened to my mother, now it’s happening to me..’ He winced to himself as he approached the source of DayMint’s call, a spot between the thunderpath and camp now crowded with warriors. The trees here, while completely blacken and only shadows of what, where at least still standing at least.

‘She was about my age too, why didn't I see this com—’ His thoughts slowed to a stop as he weaved between the whispering warrior, stopping at the shallow rabbits den where SilverPaw laid.
AmberNight and BurrHope crouched beside him, IceKit safely tucked under their pelts.

SilverPaw’s paws were redden and worn, parts of his pelt scorched completely to reveal burnt skin underneath that wrinkled away from the flesh. The worst of it was his tail, the white fur reduced to ash as his flesh stuck to the earth beneath him. Despite his critical injuries, the apprentice was alive based on his shallow breaths.

His blue eyes, foggy from the fire’s smoke, staring blindly into healer’s own multiple color gaze.

MuckFlower inhaled deeply, still frazzled. The tom motioned with his paw for the aid of the deputy to help him lift the apprentice, now focusing solely on his patient rather than the possible presence of what he was sure was a hallucination.
Above is some info on me and a sample of my writing ^^^

Would you be interested in a warrior cats oc RP right now?

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