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Fandom Fandom RP Partner?

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Hi! I’m looking for a fandom role play partner
I don’t have those fancy setups that i see people have, but here’s some information:

About me:
-My name is R!
-I’m 17, so as for an age range i prefer 15-18, but as long as we’re respectful towards each other, outside that range is fine as well
-I’m non-binary, i use they/them pronouns
-I’ve been rping for around three years? I haven’t done it in a while, but I don’t think i’ve lost my touch
-I’m a semi-lit to lit role player, and i’d appreciate if my partner was the same. I prefer a response of 1-3 paragraphs, but if you need to do less than that or want to do more than that, that’s totally fine as long as I can work with it!
-I never really used OCs in role play, so I stick to Canon character x canon character

Plots and things I guess?:
-I’m not great at finding plots, but that doesn’t stop me from trying
-I’m down for mostly anything if I’m being honest
-AUs (depending on what they are) are perfectly fine with me, as is canon universe things

Fandoms (a * by it means it’s what i’m really interested in currently, but i’m still down to do things that don’t have stars by them!):
-Banana Fish* (AshEiji)
-Attack on Titan (Eruri)
-Haikyu* (Daisuga and asahi x nishinoya)
-The Maze Runner (pretty much any)
-Carry On* (Simon x Baz)
-Les Misérables* (Enjoltaire? and most other ships with the amis? Pls spare me of bullying I am but a simple gay theater kid)
-Rent** (Angel x Collins)
-The Magnus Archives** (Sasha x Tim, JonMartin, and Gerrymichael)
-Harry Potter???
-Dream smp?** (basically anything, but at the moment i really want some sort of sbi family dynamic, or c!karlnap?)
-Detroit: Become Human (Reed900)

Characters I Play:
-Banana Fish (AshEiji): Either! I vibe more with Eiji, but I’m also okay with Ash
-Attack on Titan (Eruri): Erwin
Haikyu (Daisuga or Asahi x noya): Suga and Noya
-The Maze Runner: I know this movie and series like the back of my hand, so I’m chill with doing anyone ahaha
-Carry On (Snowbaz): Either! I’ve done both, so either works for me
-Les Mis (As listed above/Enjoltaire): I’m willing to be either for enjoltaire, and anyone for anything else
-Rent (Angel x Collins) I’m currently playing in Rent, so Id probably do Collins, but I can also do Angel
-The Magnus Archives (as mentioned above): Tim, Martin, and either Gerry or Michael
-Harry Potter??? ( I really don’t know but i’m skipping back into it and would like to fuel my obsessions more)
-Dream smp (literally anyone)
-Detroit: Become Human (Preferably Reed, but I can definitely do either)

I think that’s all I have to say, let me know if you’re interested! I’m excited, I’m really hoping to find someone and get back into role playing again! I prefer to role play in pms

If you’re interested, feel free to say so here, or pm me! :)
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