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your local star wars kid
hey y’all, it’s ares! so, i’m gonna be straight forward, i’m hyper fixated on a bunch of things right now, so this thread is currently what is happening!

all plots and characters will be discussed in pms but i do want to do oc x canon, and i’m willing to double. for my fandoms, i’ll list the characters i’m looking for next to the fandom name! starred fandoms are rps that i want most

⭐️>Scream (1996): i’m looking for a ghostface, specifically billy loomis

⭐️>Criminal Minds: i’m looking specifically for a hotch (i have a couple ideas for this rp and some are au)

>Borderlands: a jack/handsome jack, possibly a mordecai

>Star Wars: maul, tech, crosshair, fox, wolffe, echo, fives, vader (au), boba fett

⭐️>MCU: specifically Eternals or Daredevil, looking for a druig or a matt murdock but i am open to discussing other marvel characters outside the eternals

so, i don’t have many rules but i do have some things that i typically won’t budge on.

1. no one liners, i prefer at least one solid paragraph per character, but if we’ve been rping for awhile i may be more lenient.

2. communication is the most important thing to me! i need you to be willing to talk to me about plot and ideas and such! i also enjoy ooc chatter (though it isn’t a must) and would love to be able to talk to you about my head canons for the ship, music that i think fits the ship or current scene, or quotes that i find fitting! i also would like to become friends

3. please be at least 16+, i prefer to have a lot of angst in my rps and some of the fandoms have mature themes (death and war mostly), so i would want someone more mature with those topics. i also am 18 and anyone younger would make me uncomfortable.

4. keep any mention of self harm, suicide, and eating disorders to a minimum! if your character has dealt with that or is dealing with that, it’s allowed but please do not go into detail on those actions, i will give one warning before leaving.

5. i don’t rp in threads, i will do pms here or discord (discord is partly preferable) but i don’t enjoy threads, sorry.

6. this is negotiable because i know everyone has different schedules and such but i like at least one reply a day! if you’re going to be gone for awhile, just let me know! i will send a reminder after 5-7 days.

so, that’s pretty much all i have today! if you wanna rp, please let me know, either respond to the thread or just shoot me a pm! have a great day!
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