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Fandom fandom partner search (on hold)


- 20+ , freelancer. my time to rp varies, but I love OOC when I don't have muse to write
- 1-5 paragraphs, but i consider myself "lazy lit" when it comes to writing. I'm just here to have fun
- super casual and chill, ghost friendly. if you wanna gave me a shout before cutting things off, though, that's fine too <3
- LGBTQ+ welcome and preferred. If we're doing a het-adjacent RP, I probably headcanon one or both parties as bi, pan, trans or nb.
-Mostly looking for Canon x Canon at the moment, but you may be able to sway me into using OCs/ FCs.

- Please be over 18. Interacting with minors makes me uncomfortable.
- Slow burn romance is important to me and so is plot, no slice of life, please.
- I have no triggers, but I ask that darker topics and mental health are treated with respect.
- I have no reply-time requirements. I'm super patient and I ask that you are as well.
- OOC isn't a must, but it's definitely an important factor in RPing, I think. Especially to hash out a plot.
- RP on site or via discord, just lmk which you prefer.

FANDOMS / SHIPS [ *** = craving rating ]
Characters listed in bold are my primary muses. I'm not opposed to playing other characters. Ask me about

New Fandoms that I would love to mess with, but don't have any muse preference for:
Ace Attorney ***
Naruto Shippuden *****

Fairy Tail ****

Laxus x Freed

x Natsu

x Grey

Lucy x Erza

x Juvia

x Jellal

Mavis x Zeref

x Evergreen

Precht x Warrod

x Yuri

My Hero Academia ***
Tsuyu / Ochako

Todoroki / Bakugo

Bakugo / Kirishima

Present Mic / Aizawa

Dabi / Hawks

/ Tamaki

Genshin Impact *****
Zhongli x Childe

x Xiao

Kaeya x Albedo

Lisa x Jean

Scaramouche x Chidle

Demon Slayer * (Really not interested in demon slayer rn, sorry </3)
Tanjiro x Zenitsu

x Inosuke

x Giyu

Borderlands **
Handsome Jack / Wilhelm

Timothy x Wilhelm

Vaughn x Rhys

x Timothy

x Wainwright

x Any bl3 Vault Hunter, really

The following fandoms are ones I don't really have muses/ships for. I'm down for rarepairs and stuff:

Undertale *

Deltarune *

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea *


buzz words;

fairy tail, romance, fandom, adventure, mxm, fxf, nbxm, nbxf, nbxnb, lgbt+ friendly, paranormal, AU, horror, mystery, dark fantasy, my hero academia, boku no hero academia, demon slayer, kimetsu no yaiba, genshin impact, borderlands, undertale, deltarune, wadanohara and the great blue sea, off by mortis ghost, ace attorney, phoenix wright
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