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Multiple Settings Fandom OCxCanon and originals! Here for a chill and good time 😊

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  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Anime
  4. AU
  5. Dystopian
  6. Harry Potter
  7. Horror
  8. LGTBQ
  9. Mystery
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  11. Romance
  12. Star Wars


Meme Master
Hiya, Moth here!

After a long haiatus due to some personal issues, I am back and excited to write 😊 If any of my plot ideas strike your fancy, please send me a DM! Also, if we've written together before and fallen out of contact, absolutely feel free to hit me up again~

About me

  • 25
  • Pacific Standard Timezone
  • Chill and OOC friendly 💕
  • She/they pronouns
  • Open to writing any gender/pairing
  • Can do 200 - 1k+ words per reply
  • Will send replies sporadically depending on how hard work is kicking my ass, but always open for OOC chatting
  • Can OOC on discord, message me for my handle
  • Ghost-friendly, life happens, absolutely no hard feelings at all

About you

  • 23+ please
  • Open to OOC and plotting! I want to collab and be friends 🥰
  • LGBTQ+ friendly


For fandoms, I prefer to double! I would like OCxCanon for my half, and can write any sort of pairing for you. Characters I want written for me are in (parentheses), I can write any character for you. If we want the same character please still reach out and we can work something out! I don't care much. AU friendly 😊

  • LOTR (Aragorn)​
  • Harry Potter (Sirius, Luna, Bellatrix, Draco)​
  • Star Wars (Obi-wan, Qui-Gon, Padme, Leia)​

Video Games
  • Baldurs Gate 3 (Astarion, Shadow heart)​
  • Mass Effect (Garrus, Kaidan)​
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 (probably an OC, I just love the universe and story!)​

  • Death Note (L)​
  • Psycho Pass (Ginoza, Yayoi)​
  • Any Ghibli Film or Ghibli-inspired​
  • Mob Psycho 100 (Reigen)​


For originals I'm open to doubling or each playing 1 main character 😊
  • D&D Inspired or any high fantasy​
  • Horror​
  • Far-future scifi, preferably with space travel​
  • Supernatural (not the show, but supernatural creatures living in human society)​
  • Futuristic-dystopian​

Limits/Will Not Do
  • Graphic NSFW (fade to black, please!)​
  • Child/Adult relationships​
  • Romanticized abuse or violence​

If anything here strikes your fancy please reach out! Thank you for reading 💕

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    1. Action
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    3. Anime
    4. Harry Potter
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  • Sub Genres:
    1. Action
    2. Adventure
    3. AU
    4. Dystopian
    5. Horror
    6. LGTBQ
    7. Multiverse
    8. Mystery
    9. Platonic
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