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Fandom Fandom (Oc x CC)

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  2. Harry Potter
  3. Romance
  4. Supernatural
  5. Warrior Cats


Hello there everyone!
My name is Robin! I’m between the ages 19-22. i am currently looking for some roleplay partners! That doesn’t mean I am replacing any of my old partners I’m just simply looking for anyone interested in doing a fandom oc x cc (I do doubles up) if you do not know the definition of double up I’ll happily explain it to you :). Anyway down below I will list some fandoms rules and characters! Thank you if you decide to message! Have a nice day all :)

(✨ More Interested in)

Supernatural (Season 1- Season 11 Is what I’ve seen up too) ✨✨
FNAF Security Breach ✨✨
The Last Of Us (Only seen the first game, I’m working on watching the 2nd one!)✨✨
Telltales TWDG (Seen all Games)✨✨
Harry Potter
Until Dawn
Life is Strange (Seen all Games)✨✨
CreepyPasta ✨✨
Sonic The Hedgehog✨✨
Resident Evil✨✨
Warrior Cats
Tomb Raider
The Vampire Dairies
The Blair Witch Project (Seen the Game Version)✨✨
Shameless (Only seen up to Season 2/3)
Detroit Become Human✨✨
Heavy Rain✨✨
Stranger Things✨
Uncharted 4✨✨
Fran Bow✨✨
The Umbrella Academy ✨✨

(Remember these are for Double Ups)

i can pretty much play anyone except for Castiel and Jack

I would usually Request Sam Dean or Cas

I am more better at William, Bonnie, Roxanne, Monty, Foxy,, Sun
i would request GlamRock Freddy Roxanne

The Last of Us
(Since I’ve only seen the first game and a bit of the 2nd)
I can play Ellie, Joel, Tessa, Dina (A little) Tommy
id request Older Ellie or Joel

I can play anyone from any of the games
i am more better at Luke, Kenny, Lee, Clem, Louis, Violet,
id request Louis Mitch Kenny or Violet

Harry Potter:
I can play anyone from the movies
i am more better at Cedric, Hermione, The Twins, Ron, Draco (I guess)
Id request Harry

Until Dawn:
I can play anyone from the game
i am more better at Ash, Matt, Sam, Josh
id request Matt or Mike

Life is Strange:

LIS1: I can play Max, Chloe, Kate, Nathan, Jefferson,
LIS2: Finn, Cassidy, Sean,
True Colors: Alex, Gabe, Ryan, Mack, Riley
id request, Steph, Nathan or Alex

I can pretty much play anyone
Im better at Slender, Liu, Jeff, Toby, Jane, Nina
id request Toby, Jeff

I can play anyone
I’m better at Sonic, Tails, Cream, Knuckles,
id request Shadow

Resident Evil:
I can play anyone
I’m better at Claire, Heisenberg,
id request Leon (RE2)

Warrior Cats:
This would be oc x oc

Tomb Raider:
I can play anyone mainly
Id request Lara

I can play anyone
I’m better at Edward, Jacob, Alice, Carsile,
id request Jasper

I can play anyone
I’m better at Kai, Klaus, Damon, Enzo, Bonnie
id request Stefan, Alaric, Kol,

The Blair Witch:
can play anyone
this may have to be a 1x1

Ive only season up to season 2/3 so

i can play Fiona, Lip, Ian, Mickey, Mandy,
id request Carl

can play anyone!
i can play Marcus, Kara, Luther, Hank
id request Connor or Marcus

Heavy Rain:
can play anyone
better at Ethan and Madison
id request Norman Jayden

Stranger Things:
can play anyone
better at Robin, Mike, Dustin Steve
id request Steve or Billy

Uncharted 4:
can play anyone
id request Sam Drake

Fran Bow:
I can play anyone!
might have to be a oc x oc

can play anyone
better at Klaus, Allison, Vanya, 5
id request Diego


1. No Smut or 18 Plus please.
i may be over 18 but I am uncomfortable with the topic. I don’t mind kissing hugging relationships that’s fine but please don’t add smut in.
2. Please have read this and know it’s a double up request!
3. Please be Semi Lit or Advanced.
4. Please be respectful
5. Be around my age please
6, Have Fun!

my genres are Romance Angst, Mystery, Angst, Plot Twists
we can plan plots!

i will send over my ocs!
thank you! :)

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