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Fandom Fandom MOSTLY Yuri Story RPs of the Anime thematic kind

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--which is to say;


Because I am not interested in those. Stick to Anime styled ones.

I am ONLY interested in FxF plots. There are THREE exceptions to this but they are all canon characters I would simply allow. More will be listed below on this.

Temporary addition; I have a strong mood for Genshin thanks to the recent 2.6 update and all it's lorestuff. So go read that bit in the fandoms section. There's even a platonic option for you non-yuri goonies.

I am looking for long-term, high fantasy action-adventure plots
with SOME slice of life bits thrown in between and making up some of the beginning to get some development going. I don't really list plotlines for most of my stuff. I prefer brainstorming it.

I can post here on-site or I can be added on Discord. It really doesn't matter to me at this point.

Also ignore the post count. I just delete my old bumps to keep this thread free of clutter. I am VERY active.

- ~17+ only. But it gets bumped up to 18+ off-site. I only say around 17 cause I have known at least a few really good just BARELY under 18 writers before who were just a bit short of that deadline. But any younger than that and I am likely going to say No.

- My post length fluctuates depending on what is going in within a scene but on average I range between 1 full paragraph to 5 or more in one go. One liners and such only come in back and forth in-character conversations. So high literacy is very recommended.

- Doubling is something I only do if either your OC interests me or if you're handing a pairing I really want. And even then the selection is limited and NO MxM pairings ever.

- Apart from INSANELY well made OCs or an outstanding ability to play a Canon I am interested in-- I don't double for the most part. At this point, all you can do is ask, as long as it's not MxM. Worst I can do is say no I guess. It's not something I got brought up in on my 13-14 years of RPing. So you either use an OC of your own or you accept it being an OC and Canon thing. There is a singular Canon/Canon option but that will be detailed in one of the fandoms below.

- So, the only hetero options you have are Mirio from MHA, Vegito/Gogeta from DBZ and either Xiao or Albedo from Genshin. That's it. No male OCs and I am not interested in any other male canons.

- Apart from those this is Yuri only.

- I would prefer people that do not have fragile psyches or emotions. I am very blunt and sometimes my RPs incorporate gruesome elements, both physical and mental.

- Despite that, fluffy romance is mandatory if romance is done at all. Like Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid brand of fluff.

- I am not the LEAST BIT ghost friendly. If you cannot commit to a more consistent thing, I am not the partner for you. If you lose interest or something COMES UP that was not present before or have CONCERNS regarding the RP itself either make them known or I will probably get rather irritated with you.

- This one is not so much of a rule, but just so you all know what you are generally working with on my end for the most part, the character sheet of my MAIN OC can be found here. Keep in mind she can and will be altered depending on the setting and her decided role within it. Like in My Hero Academia or DBZ for ones right off the top of my head that would require ability and/or background changes. Also don't expect any "protagonist that struggles with every little step forward" shonen type plot bullshit. I write competent characters well-versed in what they do. For a time they'll seem to breeze through things but eventually the REAL big bad antagonist of the plot will surface and start presenting an actual hurdle to the characters I write. If you want some incompetent worm of a partner character I am not a partner for you.

- Also not really a rule but I am a VERY active poster. So obviously I prefer partners that can post at the least a few times a day, especially since my plots are SUPER long term stuff. Somewhat less active folks can apply but if there's too much time between responses to things I am likely going to just inform you I am dropping out of the play and moving on.

- If you're not going to try and persist in finding an idea that we can both be into just cause the first one to be pitched doesn't interest you and are the type to dip out without a word. Don't bother approaching me. I have no time or patience for the utterly spineless people who refuse to have any form of persistence to discuss things like functional adults to come to something we both like, if we can at all. And if by the end of it all, when all our ideas run dry and none of them click for BOTH of us, then that's just it then. We would have given it an honest, strong try and simply failed to make it work after genuinely TRYING to get somewhere. THAT is when I deem it okay to just dip right out of a conversation and look elsewhere.

surrounded by idiots.png

--namely for something for a faceclaim that I might be interested in, I will post ones that very easily grab my attention and will even result in a different but overall more positive chemistry between the characters involved, because if you read the character page, the main character you will likely be writing with has something of an aloof, distant and overall icy nature that most have to somewhat work through. These faceclaims in particular are characters that visually would outright have her interest and maybe even outright immediately infatuate her and lead to her being the one coming to THEM-- albeit with inevitable awkwardness, lack of knowledge how to do things in pursuit of her infatuation and so on-- due to her social ineptitude. This little "gallery" will likely grow as I find more of such faceclaims.

Okay so I didn't know the second one actually came from a game cause I don't care much for said game, but t's still too cute so it gets to stay as a faceclaim I am interested in regardless


This list will not include ALL my fandoms. Some of them I only do off-site, the full list can be found on my off-site ad here if you so choose to take this off-site rather than do anything here. I CAN do a non-fandom thing but my ideas on that front are dry at the moment. So make sure you come with your own plot/pitch if NON-FANDOM is something you want.

- Honkai Impact
Honkai Impact is a game I basically NEVER see ads for....since it seems the majority of yuri folks on here either don't know about it or only like Western stuff. Otherwise it's just Yaoi/Hetero people on here. Which obviously means they wouldn't be into Honkai since it's basically an entire cast of Lesbian girls. This UNFORTUNATELY is one I am only wanting to work with a CANON CHARACTER for. Namely Kiana (K-423 in particular, you either know why I specify this or you don't. I am not going into further detail on it here.) or Fu Hua-- whether that be normal Fu Hua but then eventually just primarily being "Senti" or even both Fu Hua AND Senti in a technical tandem. As far as the Fu Hua situation goes it's another "You either know what it is or you just don't." There's SORT OF an option for Otto but it's obviously him as a recurring antagonist in a non-canon plotline. He's one of those slimeballs you want to run into over and over to get a chance at cracking that "prepared for everything" facade and to get under his skin either through actions or words. So it would probably have to be something sorted later.

- Honkai Impact ADDENDUM
So on the topic of Honkai since it is relevant, I am CURRENTLY spitballing around the idea of crossing over Herrscher of Sentience (link) (Senti to some, but would probably go by the name of her body's original owner-- Fu Hua in other settings). In all honesty most of her powers would likely remain intact but I am currently cobbling together something of a reason for her to be a bit more humbled and not QUITE as childish as she normally is since while I CAN write Senti more true to her usual self, I'd just get annoyed at my own writing. So something of a Senti with a bit more actual Fu Hua influence involved. These crossovers can be fandoms, it can be ORIGINAL SETTINGS if I like the premise enough. I might write her in one of said other fandoms with a partner's OC, it depends on if it tickles my fancy. Otherwise it would be Senti with a Canon that is native to the setting. Honestly pitch whatever for it even if it's not on my list as long as it's not far removed from anime style stuff. Either that or a scenario in the Honkai setting itself where Senti is given her own Soulium clone body and she ends up infiltrating the Elysian Realm, to find out more of the truth of her 50,000 year history. Which inevitably means running into the sims of Elysia and the others. Which in turn kinda means I'd rather my partner be writing Elysia or Eden as main focuses and handling the other sims of like Kevin, Su, Kalpas and so on as side subjects while I handle directing the plot AND any non-canon elements to come into play. Cause I'm just very interested in what her former colleagues would think of their little Hua having survived 50,000 years and also having become the 2nd Herrscher of Sentience in an odd twist of fate. And maybe even the reaction of PE Hua herself.

- Genshin Impact
And of course the game that made Mihoyo known to the entire world and propel it's evolution as a company in LEAPS AND BOUNDS. This is the ONLY OTHER fandom I play a Canon Character for-- in this case along side a partner also playing one. Namely an altered, more calm Klee that rapidly blooms and matures into Teyvat's "Shining Star" that it needs rather than the Traveler. Because personally I am constantly disappointed by the Traveler CONSTANTLY jobbing and I just think Klee is cuter and I like having small, moeblob characters doing amazing, powerful things. But I can't really pull the "airheaded ADHD domestic terrorist" routine so I altered her a bit to play a more calmed down version that is also more intelligent (as in to take in NEW information, not just suddenly knowing much out of nowhere for no reason). Preferably it would just be Klee and Diona, otherwise it would most likely remain platonic even while factoring in that Klee WILL somewhat physically mature-- moreso in ways that don't involve getting taller though-- and mentally. She IS going to rapidly mature into more of a small adult, she is not outright staying a kid. I just prefer her height stays small cause it's cuter. Not like it's gonna "go very far" anyway considering RPN rules. As far as STRICTLY platonic things, the main partners would probably be; Diluc (father figure sort of thing), Kaeya or Albedo (a brother and sister dynamic), Jean or Lisa (both could easily fill in a motherly figure role). Venti, Zhongli or Xiao are also platonic options. The idea of higher beings in Teyvat finding the little star child to be of intrigue and the two just being travelling partners for one of the 3 to sate their yearning for something interesting tickles my fancy. That and she's an Elf which means she's one of very few long lived beings that they could reasonably be friends with without worrying about them dying of old age any time soon anyway. There are other options too that are simply travel companions though. OC/OC is something you would have to thoroughly convince me on.

- Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
Under normal circumstances I would not put a Discord only prompt here but I have a rather strong fixation on Tohru. So I am listing it here for anyone willing to indulge my OC x Canon fixation involving Tohru and such here for visibility's sake. Ideally my character would simply be taking the place of Kobayashi in the plot and things twist and change accordingly since her background is not shifted at all to be more mundane.

- Pokemon
Pokemon is something I can roll with someone playing an OC OR a Canon Character for it-- as unlikely as that may be since most people only double since understandably most other people's OCs are....lackluster....to put it nicely. But the main canon ones I am interested in are Roxie, Maylene, Melony and Marnie. Others can apply but it depends on my mood and the pitch. This is also one of the settings where my character would be altered to fit the setting. I believe I have a Google Doc of said rendition lying around but I will simply give it in PMs if choose to opt into this one. Keep in mind this is Pokemon TRAINERS. Not Pokemon themselves as the focus in a PMD sort of fashion.

- Dragon Ball Z/Super
Another setting that my character will generally be altered for. OCs or Canons both can work here but I'm not into musclegirls. Don't need muscles to be powerful. I don't even design my own stuff with muscles despite how outright strong they are physically and as a person. This is also the other setting where a Hetero pair can be done but only if you are fine with playing a Gogeta or Vegito with an OC.

- My Hero Academia
Another setting where I would be playing an altered version of my main OC. And also the setting the Mirio exception to "Yuri Only" can take place. There's actually more than one variation of my character that can be chosen from here. But they will only be discussed in PMs. OCs OR Canon partners can be done here.

- Other Fandoms
There are OTHER fandoms apart from the ones listed above but they are either things I never got very far with once someone had approached me for it or it never got anywhere at all as per the nature of people ghosting constantly without a word. I tend to lack solid ideas for these to lead with so you'd have to come with one to outright lead with or be able to foot like half of the WHOLE thing to make things work. These are fandoms that my PARTNER may use either OCs or Canons for as long as they're girls; Soul Eater, Kingdom Hearts, HunterxHunter, Bleach. I have something for Splatoon as well but I have no SOLID reference for it. But these are ones to be inquired about at your discretion but my mood may not always be there for them.

If any of this interests you, just send me a PM. Do not bother commenting in the thread itself. If you do it tells me you weren't reading EVERYTHING and only skimmed it. I don't like that.
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Either Dragon ball or Hunter x Hunter, it's up to you, but those are the two franchises that I have the most familiarity with
Send a PM for now then and I suppose we can see what we come up with. Cause right now I don't particularly have a GO-TO plot for DB or HxH to LEAD with.

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