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Hello friends! You can call me Vex if you so please. I am from the EST timezone but I'm willing to work with anyone from anywhere! I have two other posts but decided to have one separate and focused on fandoms.
Plain ideas OR Song inspired
Also, I am terrible with coding so apologies for a "bland" post. Responses will always be as quick and as often as possible. Never less than 2 per week. Without further ado, on to my rules and interests!

~~ Rules ~~
Any age 15+ is welcome
Ghosting NOT friendly
3 sentences at minimum
LGBTQ+ welcome!
Romance is required
Will not immediately move off-site
Semi-lit to literate preferred
Character sheets preferred
Not interested in doubles
Will only be my OC

~~ Interests ~~
Harry Potter
Hoping for Draco Malfoy or Fred Weasley​
My Hero Academia
Hoping for Bakugo Katsuki, Shouta Aizawa, or Eijiro Kirishima​
Hoping for maybe Markiplier​
Hoping for Dean Winchester​
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Hoping for prince/fire lord Zuko​
One Day At A Time
Hoping for Schneider​
Criminal Minds
Hoping for Spencer Reid​

Suggestions are welcome! Comments and PMs are open! I generally prefer to plot AFTER meeting my partners. I look forward to hearing from you!
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