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Fandom Fandom Fix

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Hey all! I'm WhimsicalWriter, but feel free to call me Whimsy. There are a select few fandoms I'm interested in the moment. However, I encourage you to read the following paragraph, because I am very open to doing different things!

Even though I only want the first five fandoms listed, we can compromise! If you do one fandom I want for me, I can do a different fandom for you via doubling. I can do any gender pairings (romantic or not), canon x canon, OC x OC, or OC x canon.

WARNING: My roleplay response times can be erratic. Sometimes I can reply several times a day, and other times I can only get out one a week. Please keep this in mind. That being said, you are welcome to take however long you need to respond.

On to some rules/important notes!
1. You must be 18+ years old, as I am 25 myself.
2. No incest or pedophilia.
3. I prefer to write 3-5 paragraphs per response (unless we're doubling or there is a big scene, in which case it will naturally be more). I don't like one-liners, and I don't have the energy to constantly write 1,000+ word posts.
4. Have decent grammar and spelling.
5. Be LGBTQA+ friendly.
6. Again, be understanding about my schedule.
7. Let's have fun! At the end of the day, this is just a hobby, and I want it to be fun for both of us. You are always welcome to suggest changes, give ideas, etc. And if you want to stop roleplaying for whatever reason, that's totally okay too.

Fandoms I'm Craving
Scooby Doo
-Any pairing (just no pairings with Scooby Doo the dog, please). Or it can all be platonic, and we get to play a group of goofy friends solving mysteries

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
-Makoto x Haruka
-Rin x Nitori
-Sousuke x Kisumi
-Aki (who's sort of an OC) bonding with Haruka, Nagisa, or Gou. Mostly platonically? If romance does happen, it will be wayyyyy down the line

Tiger & Bunny
-Kotetsu x Keith
-Platonic bonding between the main heroes, especially Golden Ryan, Keith, Kotetsu, and Barnaby

Zombieland Saga
-Platonic bonding between the main cast, especially Yugiri, Sakura, and Kotaro

Fire Emblem Three Houses/Hopes
-Female Byleth x Claude
-Female Byleth x Shamir
-Male Byleth x Linhardt
-Sylvain x Dimitri
-Ignatz x Raphael
-Female Shez x Petra (warning: I have not finished Hopes yet)

Other Fandoms I Know (I am willing to play any of the ones below if you are willing to play an above fandom for me)

-The Umbrella Academy (I've seen all three seasons. No pairings with Five please)
-Pokemon (I've played all the main games except Sword/Shield)
-Artemis Fowl (all the books)
-Ace Attorney (all the games except AA Investigations 2)
-Rune Factory 5
-She-Ra: Princesses of Power
-Disney/Dreamworks Movies (mostly Road to El Dorado, Moana, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tangled, Frozen, Mulan, Lost City of Atlantis, and Treasure Planet, Rise of the Guardians)
-Akudama Drive
-Persona 4

-Carmen Sandiego (2019 series)
-Fire Emblem Fates
-Fire Emblem Awakening

Thank you for checking out this thead! If you're interested, PM me or leave a comment below.
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Hi! I've been searching for someone to play Miguel against my OC for a Road to El Dorado if that would interest you?

I'd be happy to double either in that fandom or one I know :)

Admittedly I'm more into very active RPs, however I think I could handle once a week especially if I'm kept in the loop every now and then with a PM.

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