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Firstly a few things about me:

I'm new to RP, just joined this month, I will do my best to ensure that I don't send you short paragraphs or one-liners but please don't expect huge chunks of detailed paragraphs from me!

Feel free to send me those if that's your style! I'm pretty chill and comfortable with anything.

I'm also chill about whatever pairings or sexuality you'd like to have, just let me know in advance!

I will NOT do rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, violence (Combat is not considered violence in this case) or anything related as well. Thank you for understanding! If you really must, you can discuss with me in details, but I will most likely reject you.

For all of these, I don't have any plot ideas. Do hit me up with ideas if you have one!
You can also suggest a fandom to me, I watch a lot of anime/manga and play quite a few games so I might be familiar with what you suggest.

Would prefer not to have any OC characters. I don't have any solid plot in my head (we can discuss this) but I'd love to do an RP of any canon characters! Any shipping is fine, though I'd prefer if there was a focus on the romance in the RP more than anything. I can play any character, we can discuss!

I honestly don't have any plot or specific character I'd like to do, but I'm pretty interested in rping BnHA, hit me up if you have any idea we can discuss!

I WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS VERY MUCH. Unfortunately I have no plot in mind currently, please hit me up and we can have a discussion!

No plot as well, would be willing to do either pure vocaloid, or a song series from vocaloid (Eg: Kagepro, Kotonoha, Love confession committee). Any is fine. You can just pm me to talk about vocaloids too XD

Same as the rest, I don't have a plot for this, but I'm leaning more towards making OCs for this instead of using the canon characters. Hit me up and we can discuss!

Same as the rest, I don't have a plot for this.

I'm up to date with all the games!

I haven't had the chance to play all of the games, however I am familiar with the characters and their personalities. I'd honestly like to avoid combat in this, because I'm not too familiar with the system, but if we really must I'll do my best!
I'd like to play an OC, feel free to play whichever characters you like!

I don't mind using this OC in a different universe as well. Would prefer the universe to have magic, not necessarily as the main focus.

Here's a summary of my OC:
There was an extremely strong magician, who'd brought with him magic from his world into gensokyo. Unfortunately, there was only one person he'd passed on his magic to: His adopted daughter, Stella Ravenblood, a young girl with a cheerful disposition. She wasn't as skilled as her father, but she does her best to not let others down.
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