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Fandom Fandom, 1x1, doubling up fandom rp’s!

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Hello! I’m Katya/Boomerang, and I go by she/her pronouns and am currently 21 years old! My rules are simple for role playing, and only have a few specific guidelines, that I will list here, as well as fandoms!

• I only double up, do OC x Canon, and descriptive! My line count is usually around 15 - 30+ lines, but am pretty flexible with my rp partner!

• As far as fandom goes, I’m fine with any kind of OCs, and any kind of pairing! All I ask is that thought and effort is put into your OC and any ability/powers they may have!

• I DO NOT do discord. I don’t have it, don’t want it, and won’t rp on there. Do not ask me to rp on there. I prefer to rp here, or on Quotev, but that’s all I will rp

• Finally, I play your OC’s love interest, you play mine, no questions asked. That’s the way I prefer to rp, and don’t usually do OC x OC.

Fandoms list: ( a ✨ beside the fandom means I would mostly prefer to do that one )

• Marvel (comics, animated shows, shows, and movies) (very selective on this now)

• DC (Comics, animated movies/shows, shows, and movies!)

• Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

• Team Fortress 2 ✨

• Rainbow Six Siege

• Call of Duty Zombies (includes all versions and groups from the games) ✨✨

• Invincible (comics and show)

• Lupin the III

• Mortal Kombat (games and movies)

• Call of Duty: Cold War

• JJBA (all parts included)

• Gears of War

• Halo games, and Halo legends

• The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series, mostly Call of Pripyat

• Red Vs Blue ✨✨

•Warhammer 40k (am open to OC x Oc for this!)

• Back 4 Blood

• Madness Combat series

• Friday Night Funkin’

• Tankmen series ✨✨✨

• Call of Duty Vanguard

• Postal 2 (or the postal series in general)

• Serious Sam series

• Doom (includes most/all games)

• Half Life series

• Adult Swim (includes most shows, with a few exceptions) ✨✨✨

• Necromunda (this is another thing I’ll either rp OC x OC, or OC x canon)

• Fallout New Vegas

• SCP (includes most stuff based on SCP like the games and base wiki, but also the Confinement series)

• Futurama

• Inside Job
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I'd be up to do something with JJBA (I actually have a plot idea for it if that interests you!), Danganronpa or Lupin III if any of those fandoms interest you :D


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I’d love to do a Marvel related role! I don't really have any specific plots in mind, but I’m sure I could come up with something!


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I’m interested in a DC plot line. I love doubling up and having several characters so that’s no problem with me! I tend to write longer posts, but if you’re still interested let me know!


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Duuuude. I'm a big fan of TF2 and Lupin the 3rd! Not sure what pairings you have in mind buuuut I tend to only do m/f. I played RED Pyro for years on a different site even got a bunch of custom art for them. I'm a big fan of Jigen and Zenigata and I always wanted to try playing Fujiko. Idk what you'd want exactly but feel free to message me.


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I'd be up for Danganronpa or FNF! (If ya don't do Danganronpa, FNF would be cool!)
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