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Give that back!"
"I need it!"
"I need to finish putting the sequins on this–Ow! Damn it, Kasha, you burnt me!"
"It's a hot glue gun, what'd you think was gonna happen, idiot?"

Jupiter slinked out into the hallway from one of the bedrooms, and Eva could see that they were struggling to close a bra through their shirt. She stopped them and clipped it closed. "Better?"

Jupiter nodded, flashing the woman an appreciative smile before adjusting the silicone breast forms that rested in the bra. Jupiter had only recently started on a low dose of estrogen, and most of the effects had yet to be seen. There were small differences--softer skin and a slight change in shape of face--but little else. Eva and Kennedy did what they could for them anyway. Jupiter pushed back their messy blonde hair and looked up the stairs, their gaze following the voices of their arguing siblings.

"Fighting over a glue gun," they explained. "Kyra was trying to use it to put sequins on a dress, and I guess..." They shrugged and slipped out the front door. It wasn't unusual for the children to call each other by their drag names.

"Damn it," Kennedy growled softly. "Nothing can ever go smoothly in this house." She sighed and turned to yell up the stairs. "Boys! Come here, and for god's sake be nicer to each other. There are glue guns all over this house, there's no reason for you to be arguing over that one. One of you can borrow mine, if it matters that much."

Ronan bounded over to them, Hugo creeping along slowly after him. Hugo continued to stare at the floor and apologized softly. "I'm sorry." He didn't look up at either of them. Kennedy sighed and gave the smaller twin's shoulder a gentle squeeze. "It's okay," she said softly. "I'm sorry for shouting, honey, I'm just stressed about today. I just want things to go well. I don't want to freak them out with fighting. How would you feel if Eva and I had been fighting the first day you came to live with us?"

Hugo gave a small smile and Kennedy returned it as she slipped out the front door onto the wooden porch.

Busy. That was the perfect word to describe the last week. Scrambling to get everything perfect for the two boys coming to live with them. It was the similarities to Hugo and Ronan that had drawn Eva and Kennedy to her. The repeated rejection, over and over again. The agency had warned them of what the pair had done. Or been suspected of, at least. It wasn't clear who had killed the man, though Eva and Kennedy understood the reasoning. It hadn't shaken either of them.

Originally, they had gone looking for a younger child, one they could raise together. But these two...they just couldn't leave them behind, in the state they were in. It was too much of what that had seen before. What Eva and Kennedy had endured, in some sense, and what their children had spent their lives in before finding them.


"They're here! Hurry up, Hugo!"

Kennedy turned and quickly moved to stand beside Eva again as their son scrambled to close the door behind him. He, as usual, stayed close to Kennedy and his brother, standing between the two, looking anxious as ever. "I hope they like us," he said quietly as they watched the silver car pull into the driveway. Jupiter craned their neck to look at the pair as they climbed out of the car. Their feet shuffled slightly, resulting in the clicking of their high heeled shoes on the wooden porch.

Eva found herself praying that she wouldn't have to hear her birth name. Both she and Kennedy had had their names changed for years now, but background checks and old paperwork meant that they still popped up nearly anywhere, whether things had been changed or not.

The social worker spoke as he reached them, apprehensiveness in his tone. "Hello, Eric," he greeted, spitting out the words in a tone normally reserved for something sick and vile. He looked back to the boys. "Well, this is Eric. He’s your new adoptive father. He and Keegan, both actually." He motioned to Kennedy. Eva flinched at the near forgotten name. She felt Kennedy gently squeeze her arm. She didn't have to look at the other woman to know that anger had begun to flare up in her eyes. "I believe the woman who approved you may have mentioned your..." he cleared his throat. "Hobby."

"Her name is Eva and she is her mother," Kennedy said, glaring at the social worker. "And my name is Kennedy. I believe we discussed this with you in the interview we had, and we told Marie too. Repeatedly."
"You could at least make an effort when you're standing on our front porch." That was Jupiter, blue eyes narrowing as they watched the man.
The social worker looked the teenager over disapprovingly. "You must be Kevin."

Jupiter ignored the use of their birth name and lifted their chin. They clearly had some sort of comeback to snap back with, but held their tongue, knowing that now wasn't the time to start a fight.
The social worker looked back to the boys. "Call me if things don't work out."
"I'm sure we'll be fine," Kennedy said coldly.

And then, the paperwork was done and the man gone off the porch. As he left, Kennedy turned to the boys. "I'm sorry about that," she said gently. "Nobody's mad at you." She paused and turned to Eva, who remained quiet and seemed slightly shaken. "Are you all right?" She directed the question to Jupiter as well.

"Fine," Jupiter said simply.

"I'm okay," Eva said. "I knew he'd do it. I'm not surpised. But thank you." She gave her partner a small smile, and Kennedy reached up to move a piece of Eva's hair away from her face, leaning up to peck the taller woman on the cheek before turning back to the boys.

"But anyway, I think an honest introduction is in order. My name is Kennedy and this is Eva. This is Jupiter, Ronan, and Hugo."

"Hello," Jupiter greeted.
"Hi! Ronan chirped, sunny as ever. Hugo gave a small wave from where he stood, still trying to calm himself from the earlier tensions.


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“Ok honey’s, here’s the thing,” a large black lady began as she smacked her gum, “this is probably your last chance to ever be part of a real family, so you might not want to creep out your new parents to be.” Sheryl said crossing her arms.

The two boys looked at each other for a moment and then back to Sheryl, their faces expressionless.

“See, now that’s what I’m talking about. You two are being creepy right now. Ain’t no family gonna put up with that.” Sheryl said and checked off an item on her clipboard. “Ok, so you got your tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, hair combs? You do got your hair combs right?” She asked blowing a bubble until it exploded. She quickly sucked back into her mouth and kept smacking her gum. The boys nodded. “Ok, hair combs, check...two pairs of shorts, two tank tops, two pair of underwear, three pairs of socks, one set of sketchers tennis shoes, blue.” Sheryl blew a small bubble eyeing the boys up and down. “Ok, well, get yourselves some dinner and then get in bed. You two have a big day tomorrow.” She smiled at the twins and then left the room.

The two boys looked at each other and quietly finished packing their backpacks. When Spencer was done he sat on the small bed. “I wonder if it will be different this time…”

Landon zipped up his backpack with some force. “They’re all the same Spenc. Their so happy to see us and all smiles and then…” Landon looked at his brother. “We’ll be back here in a week.” Landon finished.

Spencer scratched at his left arm.


There were only a few kids in the dining room. Three girls, and two boys grouped together at one of the round tables in the room. They were laughing and talking loudly. Spencer trailed his brother closely. They went and got their tray and were served dry hamburgers, and cold fries. They sat at one of the square tables in the corner of the cafeteria. Spencer sat next to his brother Landon. Spencer grabbed the bottle of ketchup that was sitting at the table. He took off the top of his burger and drowned the wilted lettuce and meat with a huge spray of ketchup. Landon’s eyes went big and Spencer giggled.

“Dang bro, have a little ketchup with your burger!” Spencer laughed hard. Spencer put the bun back on his burger and took a massive bite out of the burger, tearing at it like a wild dog. Ketchup was running all over his face and then a large glop fell right on his short’s zipper. Spencer stopped chewing and looked down.

Landon was laughing while trying to chew. “You got it right on your dong!” Landon snickered.

“That’s where the ladies like it. On the dong.” Spencer said giggling. Landon started choking.

Spencer patted Landon on the back. “Work it out.” Spencer said smiling while taking another bite.

“Shut--up” Landon choked out.


Spencer and Landon ended up in the T.V. room after dinner watching Amphibia on the Disney channel. The twins giggled as Anne and Sprig got into mischief. A boy leaned against the doorway to the T.V. room staring at the twins. He was slightly taller and long of limbs. His hair was brown and bushy.

“You two nerds gonna watch cartoons all night or do you want to go the house?” He asked.

Landon and Spencer looked over at the boy and then each other as wide grins began to appear on their faces.

“Thought so. Lets roll.”

“Jon, do you have pepper?” Landon asked.

Jon reached into his pocket and pulled out a joint.

“That is lit.” Landon said. Spencer smiled.

“How are we going to get past Lenny the guard.?” Spencer asked standing up.

“Easy, he’s in the girls wing creeping so he won’t even know we are missing.”

“He’s such a freak.” Landon said.

“Yeah, and that’s not all. I got some liqueur in my pants.” Jon said.

“And I love to drink it.” Spencer said.

“Yeah, but he’s not talking about your liqueur.” Landon popped.

Jon laughed and Spencer blushed.

“It’s ok, there’s a lot of smash going on here.” Jon said looking at Spencer and that caused Spencer’s face to turn completely red.

Landon punched Spencer in the arm. “Chill out Spenc, he’s only teasing.”

“Or am I?” Jon said with a wink.

Landon snickered and looked down the hallway. He then looked back at the two boys. “All clear.”

The three boys quietly and with a few giggles snuck there way over to the door that led out to the playground.

Landon opened the door and they all three bolted across the large playground. The sky was dark with a few twinkling stars. They crashed into the chain link fence at the back and then looked around.

“Shit, they replaced the broken piece of fence. Now we can’t get to the house.” Jon said.

“So, lets just smoke the joint right here.” Landon said eager to get high.

“Ok, sure.” Jon said pulling the squiggly joint out of his pocket. He tried to straighten it as best he could and then lit it up. He coughed and handed it to Landon who in turn took a big hit and tried to keep it in as he handed it off to Spencer and then finally Landon coughed so hard he thought he was going to lose a lung.

“Damn man, don’t take such big hits.” Jon said smiling.

Landon was trying to catch his breath as he bent over. Spencer took a small hit and passed the joint over to Jon. It’s sweet aroma filled the air immediately around them and Spencer exhaled.

After passing the joint around a few times the boys sat on the dirt ground with a giggle.

“Jon, I’m so high right now.” Landon said leaning against Jon’s shoulder.

“I know bro. Me too.”

Spencer was staring at the sky taking in the beauty of the night with it’s diamonds flickering.

“Landon, look at Spencer.” Jon said and Landon looked at his brother.

“Yo, Spenc. You high man?” Landon asked pushing his brother’s shoulder.

Spencer slowly fell over onto his side and giggled. Landon and Jon laughed the echo’s of which could be heard from the nearby street where a broad shouldered man on a black motorcycle sat. The boys didn’t notice that they were being watched.


Landon woke up to a group of kids surrounding the three boys who had fallen asleep on the playground. Amy the councilor stood over them with a sneer of disapproval on her face.

“Landon, Spencer, get to your room and get ready. Your leaving in a half hour. Jon, go to my office. I’ll be there in a moment.” Amy said and the kids around them went ‘ooohh’.

Landon and Jon fist bumped and Spencer just gave Jon a smile. Jon smiled back and they all left.


“You see boys, it’s not that your new parents are uhm, how shall we say, guys, it's more like they were men, and now they are girls.” Clarence said while driving the silver car to the twins new home.

Spencer looked at Landon confused. Landon shrugged.

“Yeah, you see, they were both boys and uhm, went through a change, and now they are both ladies” Clarence looked at the twins in the rear view mirror. “Understand?”

“No.” Landon said. “What kind of change?”

“Well, you see, they uh, and yeah so...look! Here we are and just in time too, they are all standing on the porch...looking rather...dressed for the occasion. Ok, that’s nice. Reeal nice.”

Landon and Spencer eagerly looked out the side window at the group standing out front. They were smiling.

Landon stepped out first and then Spencer followed. They got their back packs and put them on. They slowly approached everyone, though Spencer clung behind his brother as they neared the group.

“Alright, well now that all of the paper work is signed and all have a nice...uhm, life?” Clarence said and got back into his car and drove off.

“Hi. I’m Landon. This is my brother Spencer.” Landon said. He knew the drill: introductions and then the grand tour, and then kicked out a week or so later. Oh well, lets get this over with. Landon thought to himself.

Spencer didn’t smile or wave. He put his hand over Landon’s ear and whispered something. Landon looked puzzled. “So are all of you lady boys or whatever?” Landon asked.
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"It's nice to meet you both," Kennedy said as she watched the car drive off before beckoning the twins to follow her into the house. They both looked puzzled, and after the introduction they'd gotten she couldn't exactly blame them. Which was part of why she was unbothered by the way Landon asked his question. "Not exactly," she told him.

“All of us are drag queens, which is a kind of performance art that uses femininity,” Eva started. “But Kennedy and I are both transgender women, which just means that our gender is different from the one that people thought we were initially. Basically everyone thought we were men until we said something.”

She finished the explanation with a shrug, which was then punctuated by Jupiter adding, “My deal is basically the same but instead of being a woman my gender is more of a woman-adjacent noncommittal wiggly hand gesture.”

Hugo had followed the group through the doorway and was now shuffling off towards the staircase. He didn't say anything, just offered a timid smile before skittering off up the stairs.
"He'll be back," Kennedy said as she heard the boy's bedroom door close. "He's just anxious. Probably went to calm himself down." Hugo frequently panicked at even the slightest little tiff. He had improved somewhat in the time he had spent with them, but was still terrified of even the slightest agitation. He had valium injections for when things got particularly bad, but he had begun to need them less and less.

"We thought," Eva started, her voice soft and quiet as ever, "that before we showed you your bedroom it might be best for you to get to know us a bit. So is there anything else you want to ask us, or anything you want to say?"


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Landon and Spencer followed Kennedy into her home. They glanced around and then watched as Hugo went up stairs. "It's ok." Spencer said to Kennedy but more to Hugo even though Hugo had already shut his door. "I get scared to." He whispered turning side to side at the hip. Spencer wondered how big their room was going to be. Maybe it would be near the rest of the family, but he was careful not to get his hopes up. No telling where they might actually stay once they got settled in.

The two boys listened to Kennedy's explanation about who they were. "So people didn't know you two were women until you told them? But if you dress like girls, then wouldn't they know you are girls?" Landon asked and then Jupiter spoke up. Both boys looked dumbfounded. "Ok...so what does woman-adjent noncommunist mean?" Landon asked. This group was getting more and more complex and Landon thought they might be better off back at the orphanage where things were more simple, like getting high with Jon.

Spencer's mind started to wonder briefly and his eyes trailed across the room they were in. There was a lot of nice things in Kennedy and Eva's home and Spencer wondered if they were rich. His eyes came to rest on Eva and he gave her a soft smile.

As Eva asked her question Spencer spoke up, "Does that mean you an Kennedy are both our mommies?" Spencer smiled excitedly at Eva and Kennedy.

Landon elbowed Spencer. "No dummy, we can't have two mommies."

"We can't?" Spencer sounded disappointed.

"No dorkus, that's not how it works."

"But...wouldn't two mommies be better than one mommy?" Spencer asked.

"No. It wouldn't." Landon sounded final. Spencer's eyes fell to the ground.

"...ok..." Spencer said quietly.

Landon turned to Kennedy and Eva. "Aren't one of you our daddy?" Landon asked his eyebrows furrowed in frustration. They were going to have a daddy weren't they?


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A small smile crossed Kennedy's face as Spencer spoke. He'd spoken to her, but the words were clearly meant more for Hugo than herself. After listening to her explanation though, they both appeared even more confused than before. "We weren't dressing like girls then," she explained. "We didn't...look like girls at first." She hoped that part of her explanation was easier for them to understand.

Jupiter held back a chuckle at Landon’s mispronunciation. “Noncommittal,” they corrected. “It just means not picking an option. And woman-adjacent just means I’m sort of like a girl but not completely.” They shrugged. “Kind of like saying ‘close enough.’”

And then Landon’s twin spoke, and before either Eva or Kennedy could answer Spencer's question, Landon elbowed him and shot down the idea of having two moms, saying that they couldn't. Rather than one of the adults, it was Ronan who spoke up first. "Who told you that?" he asked curiously. "Sometimes people have two moms." He glanced at Jupiter for a moment and then to the staircase where his brother had gone. "None of us had any moms and now we have two." He paused. "We technically don't have a dad, but we have friends who are kind of like dads.” The boy grinned, unbothered by the perceived strangeness of his parents' relationship.

"Besides," he added, "Eva and Kennedy could still teach me all the stuff a dad would anyway." He shuffled his feet, clearly embarrassed to say what came next. "Kennedy tried to teach me how to fix a car engine last week...I wasn't very good at it." The boy gave a sheepish grin as he finished speaking.


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"Oh..so you didn't look like girls, but now you do, ok." Landon said to Kennedy. So they must always look like girls now? Landon asked himself. Landon still felt unsure about this situation. This was so different from anything he had ever been a part of, but maybe they would be good for the twins. As Jupiter explained what he meant he just gave Jupiter a quizzical look and then wondered if he and Spencer would have their own bedrooms or be in a bedroom together.

Spencer spoke up, "So you still have boy parts?" Spencer asked Jupiter and Landon's face blushed embarrassed for his brother.

As Ronan spoke up Spencer's face brightened. "See, we can have two mommies!" He yelled at Landon and then he looked back at Eva and Kennedy all smiles because in his heart he knew that having two mommies would be better than one. When one mommy was away then the other one could take care of the them and he and Landon wouldn't go hungry. Landon gave Ronan a shrug. "No thanks on the friends who want to be dads part. Our mom's boyfriends-" Landon was interrupted by Spencer suddenly pulling hard at Landon's back pack and Landon almost fell backwards. Landon caught himself and turned around. "Stop it!" Landon said and Spencer shook his head, not in defiance of Landon but as if to signal something to him. Landon understood what Spencer was saying without saying it. Their mom's boyfriends had put the twins through hell and it wasn't a good idea to bring any of that up. Landon turned back around to face Ronan. "I guess having two moms might be fun." Landon said but he really wanted a daddy. Eva and Kennedy were once men so it might be similar to having a dad and mom at the same time.

"You worked on a car engine? I used to help my mom work on her car when it wouldn't start, which was almost everyday so i know a lot about cars. Maybe I can help next time?" Landon asked. He was getting kind of excited. He really liked working on things and fixing them. It was one of the few things that actually made him feel good.


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Both boys still appeared at least a bit confused. They’d understand in time. And then Spencer spoke up and Landon’s face reddened in embarrassment. Eva let out a soft chuckle. “Some trans women do,” she told him—a gentle non-answer. “But that’s not really a question you should ask someone unless you’re their partner or their doctor.” She offerered the boy a reassuring smile, hoping he would understand that she wasn’t upset with him. She couldn’t be. They were clearly the first trans people the twins had ever met, and she couldn’t fault them for being curious and a bit confused.

Landon began to object to the idea of any dad friends, but was quickly cut off by Spencer yanking on his backpack. Kennedy gave both boys a small nod. “We understand,” she said. They already knew what had happened to the boys. “You don’t have to meet anyone else yet. Not if you don’t want to. You’re more than welcome to help me work on the car though. I could use some help.”

Why don't we go upstairs?" Kennedy asked softly. "We can show you where your room is."

She started up the stairs before waiting for an answer, and Eva beckoned for Landon and Spencer to follow. Ronan slipped off in the opposite direction towards his own room. They stopped at the end of the hallway, and Kennedy pushed open the door to the room they had prepared for the boys. It had, at one time, been a guest room.. They had, at first, contemplated perhaps leaving it as it was, but decided against it. The idea had seemed cold and harsh, and they suspected the pair had had very little in their previous homes, if anything , to themselvesf at all. Kennedy had wanted to go all out, but Eva had convinced her to leave the place somewhat simple, so as not to overwhelm the two too much on their first day. She'd wanted the room to feel peaceful, like somewhere they could retreat to relax if they needed to.

"We weren't exactly sure what you liked, so we tried to keep it sort of simple," Eva said, turning to the pair. "We can go out within the next couple days and pick out some things more to your liking, if you want. We figured you might want to stay together though, given that this is new for you both."

A loud beep sounded from the back of the room, and Kennedy caught sight of a small green bird perched on the headboard of one of the beds
Stepping forward, she held a finger out for the bird to step up onto.
"Excuse me, sir," she said. "This is most definitely not your room." The bird responded with some nonsensical chattering, bobbing his head as if to emphasize whatever his point was.
"That's not very nice, Pickle," Kennedy said.
The bird continued babbling, leaning down to rub his beak on the bed frame and then leaning backwards to let out a loud squawk.

Eva turned to call over her shoulder, but Ronan peeked around the doorway before she could speak. "Pickle," he beckoned. "Come on."
The bird jumped from Kennedy's finger, flew a few feet, and then landed on the ground before running over to Ronan, toenails clicking on the hardwood floor.

Ronan leaned down to pick up the bird and offered the boys an apologetic grin. "Sorry," he said, ducking back out into the hall and heading toward his bedroom, able to be heard playfully scolding his bird until his voice dissipated down the hall. "You can't just go around wandering into other people's personal space, Mr. Pickle. It's not nice to just start touching other people's stuff..."

"I guess you've met Pickle," Eva said, smiling. "He's Ronan's bird. He's harmless. Just kind of a brat."


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As Eva told Spencer he shouldn't be asking that question he said "...oh...sorry..." She didn't seem mad though, in fact she smiled at him which caused Spencer to smile back at her. Eva seems so nice. I wonder if they will keep us forever? Spencer asked himself. He held the straps of his backpack and started twisting slightly at the hip. He was nervous. Apparently everyone in the house dressed up like girls and Eva had said they were all 'drag queens' and even though Eva had tried to explain it, Spencer didn't quite get it. He thought about asking her later, 'What does drag queen mean?' While Landon was talking Spencer just kind of observed everyone while they were talking. Jupiter had pretty blond hair and there was two drops underneath their eyes the color of the sun and something about that made Spencer feel warm inside. He watched them for a long moment while everyone was talking. I wonder what they all look like when they are not in dresses? Spencer asked himself.

"I can!" He said in response to Kennedy saying he could help with her car. Landon's face lit up more. "That would be sweet. I know how to clean spark plugs and put new ones in and I can change the oil too!" Landon looked over his shoulder at his brother and he gave Spencer a smile. "Did you hear that Spenc? I can help Kennedy work on her car!" He looked back to Kennedy as she spoke before Spencer had a chance to say anything. "We get a room?" Landon asked quietly. Both boys followed Kennedy and Eva after Eva waived them to come up the stairs.

After Kennedy pushed open the doors the two boys stepped in and stopped in their tracks with their mouths half open. "Look at the size of those beds!" Landon said excitedly as he turned to his brother. As Spencer took in the whole room as his eyes grew moist and he returned the look to his brother. Spencer then turned back to Kennedy and Eva. "Th-this is all for us?" He asked in almost disbelief. They had been so used to sleeping on floors, or on hard beds, and one time on the floor in the garage of one of their mom's boyfriends. The garage had smelled of gasoline and it was always hot.

Landon went over to the mirrored door chest and opened the door. The chest was empty and Landon stepped inside and shut the door. He fit in there perfectly. Spencer watched with some interest and wondered if he could fit in there with his brother at the same time. He walked over and opened the door. His brother was crouched down and lumped against the inside wall like he was dead. Spencer gasped at the sight and then tried stepping in as well. "We both can't fit in here Spenc."

"Yes we can!" Spencer argued.

"No we can't! Get out!" Spencer was all the way in at this point and he shut the door behind him. Spencer was crouched down a little and he laughed at Landon. "I told you we both could fit in here." and then quite unexpectedly Spencer farted loudly. The new aroma began to quickly fill the small space and Landon pinched his nose.

"What the hell Spenc!" Landon yelled, "It smells like something inside you died, let me out of here!" Landon said pushing past his brother and throwing open the door. Spencer was about to get out to and then suddenly had the door slammed in his face. "Enjoying the smell Spenc!" Landon said leaning against the mirrored door.

"Hey let me out!" Spencer yelled.

"Say your sorry!" Landon said.

"Ok, ok, I'm sorry!" Spencer said.

Landon could feel Spencer pushing against the door so he suddenly stepped back and Spencer came flying out and fell onto the floor. Landon started laughing and Spencer kicked at his brothers leg in anger. "What's the matter Spencer, couldn't stand the smell of your own fart?"

"Screw you dork." Spencer said and got up and he glared at his brother. "You know I don't like that." Spencer scratched at his left arm leaving a red mark.

"Screw you too farter." Landon replied. Landon shut the mirrored door and caught his reflection. His hair was messy and there was dirt on his face and arms. He glanced over at Kennedy and Eva and they were so clean and pretty. He heard 'your just a dirty little boy' in his mom's voice. That's what their mom used to say about them. Just then there was a peculiar sound coming from the far end of the room. Landon turned to look as Kennedy passed him. By this time Spencer had turned to look also and the twins watched as Kennedy had a conversation with the bird. They boys mood seemed to lighten and they giggled a little as they watched. Landon gave a small wave to Mr. Pickels and Spencer gave a smile. The bird flew over to Ronan who had suddenly appeared from no where. "That's ok," Landon said to Ronan and he walked over to Eva. "That bird talks!" Landon said. Spencer did not move from where he was.


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A soft smile rested on Eva’s face as Landon’s face lit up at the thought of helping Kennedy fix the car. She turned her attention back to Spencer as the boy asked his question. “A drag queen,” she began, “is a person—usually a man, but anybody can be a drag queen if they want to—who uses makeup and costumes to exaggerate female gender roles for entertainment. There are women who are drag kings, and—“

“We dress up in women’s clothing and perform to other people’s songs,” Jupiter interrupted, grinning as they ran a hand through their cropped hair.

Kennedy rolled her eyes at Jupiter and slowly shook her head, chuckling softly as Eva answered Landon. “Yes, you get a room,” she confirmed gently. “It’s all yours.” The boys quickly squished themselves into the mirrored chest before immediately fighting one another to get out and bursting out onto the floor. They argued briefly, and then separated, quickly perking up a bit at the sight of Pickle.

"He does!" Eva answered as Landon excitedly watched Ronan leave with Pickle. "Sometimes in Ronan's voice, since he's the person he's most bonded to. He's actually pretty smart, but generally just tolerates everyone else aside from Ronan. Ronan loves birds. Maybe you could go with him to the bird shelter he volunteers at next time if you want. I'm sure he'd enjoy the company. He'll chatter about birds all day if you ask him about them."

Eva turned to look at Spencer, who seemed to have grown quiet after his brief spat with his brother. "Are you alright, Spencer?" she questioned.


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"Birds have a shelter? I never heard of that. " Landon said to Eva. "I will have to talk with Ronan about Mr. Pickles." Landon watched as they left. He turned his attention to his brother realizing he may have done something wrong as Eva spoke to Spencer but he wasn’t sure. Landon put his hands in his shorts’ pocket waiting to see what Spencer was going to say.

Spencer looked to his brother and then to Eva. “Yes ma’am. I’m ok.” He said and went over to the bed on the right and took off his back pack and sat it on the end of the bed. He then sat on the edge of the bed, his feet not quite touching the floor yet and he nervously kicked his legs back and forth. Landon walked over to the bed on the left and dropped his back pack on the floor and then sat across from his brother. He looked at Spencer. “Are you? Ok?” He asked. They stared at each other for a moment before Spencer finally answered.

“Yeah.” His voice was soft.

“Are you sure?” Landon asked again.

Spencer nodded looking at Landon’s shoes. He then looked at his own shoes and saw how they were both worn and dirty with the rubber coming off the sides of both their sneakers. Spencer looked up at his brother. Landon was staring at him. Landon stood up and moved to sit next to his brother. Spencer’s legs were still kicking, but more slowly now. Landon put his arm around his brother. “Uhm, I’m sorry Spenc.” Landon said.

“It’s ok.” Spencer said and then he looked at his brother in the eyes. “My tummy hurts.” He said. Landon knew what that meant. His brother was hungry.

“Yeah mine too.” Landon looked over to Eva and Kennedy. “May we have something to eat please?” Landon asked.


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“I’m sure he’d be delighted to tell you about it,”
Eva told Landon before looking over to Spencer. The boy quietly responded that he was okay, though his tone was unconvincing even after Landon’s apology. The boys sat down across from one another in almost complete silence, staring down at their feet.

Eva frowned for a moment and glanced to Kennedy, who appeared to be sharing her sentiment. This was probably the most, maybe the only, positive attention Landon and Spencer had ever been shown. They’d been shocked at the idea of having their own room, or even beds to sleep on. She wondered if they felt overwhelmed. Perhaps giving them their space would be a good idea.

Kennedy paused as the boys said they were hungry. She supposed it was getting close to dinner time by now, and nobody had gotten a chance to ask the twins what they’d want. With all the excitement of the day, none of them had even thought about dinner. “Any preferences?” she asked them. “If pizza sounds good I could go pick some up if you told me what you’d want on it.”


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Landon smiled at Kennedy. “Pizza would be great!” He looked at his brother who was smiling now. “What do you want on your pizza Spencer?” He asked his own stomach growling.

Spencer’s stomach was ravenous and he would settle for plate full of crackers and a coke at this point. They weren’t really used to eating much or ever given the choice of what they wanted. The orphanage seemed to cook the same thing every other day and it had gotten old during their long stay there. Most of the foster parents they had stayed with were little better at cooking up anything original. Spencer shrugged and then said, “Everything.”

Landon smiled at Spencer. He knew what Spencer really meant, since there was only one kind of pizza he really liked. He relayed the message to Kennedy and Eva. “Thin crust with pepperoni please.” Landon looked back to his brother and smiled at him. Spencer smiled back and then suddenly thought of something.

“Can we have bread sticks too?” Spencer asked leaning forward and looking at his new parents.


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"Of course," Kennedy answered with a smile. "I'll get going." And then she vanished around the doorway and down the stairs.
Eva glanced toward the twins. "I'll leave you both be too," she told them. "You're welcome to wander the rest of the house if you like. I'll be just downstairs if you need anything."

A short time later, Kennedy returned through the front door with several boxes in her arms. "Food's here! Come and get it!" she called up the stairs, prompting Ronan to come barreling down the stairs with Hugo skittering along after him. Ronan immediately reached for one of the boxes, and Kennedy nudged him away. "At least wait for me to sit it down first!" she laughed, placing the breadsticks and pizza boxes down on the counter. "I got two liters of Pepsi and orange Crush," she added as Eva rounded the corner into the kitchen, stopping at the table to adjust the places she had set.

Jupiter drifted down the stairs and into the kitchen, picking up their glass from the table to fill it with orange soda. They looked back to Eva after a moment. "Are you still in Cherie's show at the bar tomorrow night? I know you told me. I forgot."
Ronan's head shot up from the pizza boxes. "Can we come?" he blurted.

Eva rolled her eyes. "Yes, I'm still doing it. Not sure why you guys coming along is a question. When do you ever not go to shows?"
Ronan shrugged. "I mean I know we can go," the boy said, gesturing at both of his siblings, who had settled at the table. "But what about Landon and Spencer? Could they go too?"
"The bar might be a bit much for them so early on," Eva started. "And a lot of Cherie's stuff is pretty..." she trailed off. "Dark. But they're more than welcome to come of they want to. The bar's just...a lot."


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“Ok.” The twins said in unison to Eva’s departure.

A few minutes later Spencer was lying on the floor humming a song while he watched his brother unpack the few clothes he had. He liked to watch his brother and wished that he could be as brave as he is. He could smell the new carpet and rubbed his hand across its softness. Landon explored the room opening and closing all of the dresser drawers and looking underneath the beds. Finally he came to the night stand between both their beds and opened it. There was an envelope in there the color of lilac. Landon grabbed it and turned to Spencer. “Look what I found!” He went over to Spencer and sat down. Spencer quickly sat up in excitement.

“What is it?” Spencer asked.

“I don’t know yet.” Landon said. The envelope was sealed and smelled of Parisian perfume. Landon held it up to his nose. “Smells good.” He held it over to Spencer’s nose and Spencer jerked away.

“That’s strong.” He said.

“Yeah.” Landon agreed and he tore open the envelope with force. A colorful card fell out. There was a cartoonie picture of a smiling family on the front with a bright yellow sun shining down on them. A name was written above each family member: Kennedy, Eva, Jupiter, Ronan, Hugo, Landon, Spencer. “Look Spenc, they wrote our names on here!” Landon flashed it to Spencer who barely had a second to read it. Landon opened the card and read it. Something moved in his eyes.

“What’s it say?” Spencer asked.


Spencer stared at the cover for a long moment with a smile. He liked reading everyone’s name above each person and seeing Landon and himself all together with the rest of the family and his heart was warmed. Spencer read the card for himself as best he could and then he looked at the cover again staring at each family member and the names above their heads. “That’s really nice.” Spencer said handing the card back to Landon. “Do you think they really mean it?”

“Yeah…” Landon took the card and got up. He sat it on the night stand, opened for reading to all who entered.

When they heard Kennedy yell "Food's here! Come and get it!" they heard someone go running by and then someone whose footsteps were lighter and slower follow behind. Landon and Spencer looked at each other. “FOOD!” They yelled and came storming down the stars 90 to nothing and they followed the smell of pizza and bread sticks to the kitchen where they found most everyone.

Their eyes were wide at the site of all the pizza and bread sticks. Landon and Spencer immediately opened one of the boxes and each one grabbed a pizza in each hand and began eating like they hadn’t eaten in three days. One bite from a slice in the left hand and then a bite from the slice in the right hand. There was some mention of pop from someone but the twins hoped someone would get them a drink as they sat down taking another bite. Landon was giggling at Spencer who hummed “Mmmm-Mmm-MMMMM-mmm and MMMM!” as he chewed swinging his legs excitedly in the chair like a happy puppy wagging its tail.
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(after much rest, i am indeed still alive)

Kennedy scarcely had time step out of the way as Landon and Spencer came barreling down the stairs. She wondered when the last time they had been fed was. She chuckled softly as she watched the boys scuttle off to their seats and then reached out to fill both of their glasses with pop. "You can have as much as you want. Just make sure you don't eat too fast," she told them. "You'll make yourselves sick."

Eva came darting behind Spencer's chair, which had begun to tip backwards as he swung his legs back and forth. She grabbed the back of the chair and pushed it back upright, letting out a relieved sigh. "And try not to break your skull open," she added quickly.

"Who else is in the show?" Ronan asked, looking over at Eva as he shoved a breadstick into his mouth. He glanced over at Landon and Spencer "You could come with us!" he suggested happily. "It'll be fun!"

"Cherie's hosting it," Eva answered. "And other than that it's me, Lucy, and Sal. Lita's supposed to be part of Lucy's number but she's technically not performing. Landon and Spencer don't have to go if they don't want to. Cherie's a lot to deal with all at once." She paused to take a sip of orange juice. "She's my sister and I love her, but sometimes I feel like I need to nap for three days after I perform with her."

Eva chuckled softly as she spoke. Cherie was a drag queen a few years younger than Eva, and the pair had met several years ago, having learned their performance skills together from Sal, who had run his own bar for several years. A seasoned performer, Sal had often taken it upon himself to help out the younger queens, becoming a parental figure to the ones he saw the most potential in. He was calm, and somewhat stern with his drag children, and was somewhat of a legend among the community.

Cherie, in contrast was loud and wild, outside of drag being a six foot three punk man, whose primary job was fronting a rock band. Most of her performances were dark and macabre, and she had a large stage presence no matter where she was. Lucy and Lita were two of her drag daughters.

"I'm surprised she asked for you again," Kennedy teased. "After you shattered your entire leg the last time you performed in her show."
Eva shot her a playful glare. "That was forever ago," Eva told her. Besides, people tipped well for that stunt anyway. And its not like she hasn't watched me perform in the shows I host with you. She knows I've yet to break another limb."

“I want to go!” Hugo piped up. He shrank back down as the rest of the table turned to look at him. “I’ve never seen Sal perform before,” he said quietly. He looked to Landon and Spencer. “You might have fun,” he said. “Everyone at the bar is really nice.”


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Landon and Spencer replied, “OK!” to Kennedy’s instructions about eating. As Eva saved Spencer from falling backwards he chuckled and gave her a thumb up with a few pepperoni toppings falling off onto Spencer’s lap. His brother laughed. “Dooork!”

“Won’t stop me from eating it.” Spencer said and picked up the greasy toppings resting on his lap and put them into his mouth one by one. “Mmm!” He said and then sat the pizza slices down on the table. He took a gulp of the pop and then burped. The two boys looked at Ronan as their was as sudden invitation to someplace they had never been to before. Landon took another bite and shrugged.

“I dunno.” Landon replied.

“Eva, who is Cherie and why did you break her leg?” Spencer asked.

As Hugo spoke up the boys stared at him for a moment. “Oh this is a bar?” Landon asked. “Our mommy took us to a bar once. There was lots of motorcycles in the parking lot.”

“Yeah, lots.” Spencer said. “And the guys inside were scary mean looking. I don’t ever want to go back their again.”

Landon finally grabbed a bread stick and started chewing on one end of it. “Yeah, and the men’s bathroom always smelled like piss.”

“Yeah, there was like this huge puddle of pee at the base of each urinal. It was gross.” Spencer said taking another bite of pizza.

Spencer gave Hugo a smile. “Do we have to dress up like girls?” Spencer just kinda of asked everyone to see if someone would answer him. He didn’t like the idea, but if that’s what he had to do, he might do it, but he knew Landon wouldn’t do it. Landon kicked Spencer in the shin. “Owch!”

“We don’t have to dress up like girls to go to a bar, idiot.” Landon said hoping they didn’t.

Spencer understood his brother’s concern but he wasn’t letting that kick go. He picked up a bread stick and reached over and slapped Landon across the face with it.

Landon tried to push Spencer’s hand away. “Stop it dorkus!” Landon said.

“No you kicked me!”

Landon stood up and brought his bread stick down on Spencer’s head. “Hey!” Spencer said. Spencer’s hair was now had bits of greasy Parmesan in it. Landon sat back down and took a drink of his pop and then took another bite of his bread stick looking at his brother. “What?” Landon challenged.

Spencer threw his bread stick at Landon and it hit him right in the face and Spencer giggled. “That’s ‘what’ bro.”

“That. Was. A mistake.” Landon said and he picked up a slice of supreme and threw it at his brother. Spencer ducked and the slice went flying over Spencer and hit Ronan right on the side of his face and then fell to the floor along with all the toppings. Spencer sat up and looked at Ronan. There was a single black olive stuck to his cheek. Landon put his hand over his mouth in surprise and he glanced from Ronan to Kennedy and then Eva. Spencer’s eyes were big and he swallowed waiting to see what was going to happen.

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