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Realistic or Modern Family Ties: 1980s Gangs - OOC [Open/Accepting]


Misty Gray


Family Ties: 1980s Gangs
Dublin, London and New York City, March 1985

OOC, Rules & Introduction




For the last decade, business between the organised crime families running Dublin, New York City and London has been running relatively smoothly.
Where politics, power and personal relationships are concerned, such peace will always be fragile...

Dublin is controlled by the Irish Mob, lead by Conor Sullivan. After a gruelling war against the Moretti Family in New York, which caused death and destruction on both sides, a deal was finally made in 1972. With an end to the bloodshed, the Irish Mob returned to Dublin to run their operations from there. Over the years, the Sullivan Family have formed new alliances, as well as forming a business relationship with the Morettis where the Biancardi Family have been acting as middlemen and, at times, mediators. Those in Dublin with enough knowledge know not to cross the notorious Sullivan Family.

New York City
After most of his family were killed by the Irish Mob in 1969, Gabriel Moretti of the Italian Mafia not only sought brutal revenge but made it his duty to take the city from the Sullivan Family. An ambitious man, he wasn't content with only controlling Miami. Since 1972, the Moretti Family has also been in control of New York City, working in alliance with the Biancardi Family who control some territories as part of the deal which also saw the Irish Mob return to Dublin. Although business has been running relatively smoothly over the last decade, most know history and personal motivations remain a potential threat to the peace agreement.

Located within Moretti territory is Rikers Island jail complex, which is home to the former boss of the Irish Mob, James Porter. Using the man's imprisonment to his own advantage, Gabriel Moretti made a deal with the Irishman to have the prisoners distribute contraband and be eyes & ears on the Italian Mafia's behalf, in return for James not only retaining his life but having a more comfortable sentence behind bars. Things have the potential to turn ugly, should the partnership between the Irish Mob and the Moretti Family crumble.

Owners of King Remedial Pharmaceutical Companies, the most powerful gang in London, is the King Family. Despite being a gangster, Bruce King is seen as a respectable man who cares about the community. The nature of their business and the drugs trade means the Kings and the Irish Mob are well acquainted. Although things have been running smoothly, there are certainly tensions between the families and ones which are set to escalate as personal relationships have recently severed.

** This RP will be drama, family and character driven - like a violent soap opera! There will be plenty of opportunities to form relationships within the RP and build up your character(s) depth. There will also be storylines which may involve threats, arguments, physical/mental torture, character deaths and other dark subjects you're likely to find in a gangster story! Essentially, though, it's bound to be heavily focused on relationships - love and hate! **

1. Misty Gray Misty Gray , @Bella:D, @Pyroclast, @Enzyme are the GMs.
2. Before I will reserve a role for you, please PM me so we can discuss how best to fit your character idea in.
3. Romance is a wonderful thing and I encourage it, but fade to black if things become sexual.
4. No bumping off others’ characters without discussing it with the GMs and player involved.
5. Please only join if you can commit to posting at least once per week and don’t plan on leaving any time soon!
6. Profanity is acceptable, within reason. No need to make it excessive.
7. Please try to write 2+ paragraphs per post. One-liners will make me sad.

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