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Fantasy Familiar (1 on 1) (CLOSED)

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just some guy, ynow
Ayo snickered a little under his breath watching Aster's expression morph from confused to something akin to amazement. "I'll just be fine," he said. "Go listen to some music." Aster looked deeply out of place sitting in his chair, being too tall for it. Ayo sat and tucked his bag under his desk. When the bell rang, the exam was passed out and the timer started. Ayo hunched down and focused, tapping his pencil on his face and tapping his feet as he thought.

He completed it with relative ease. He didn't think he did perfectly, but he thought he'd get at least a B, which was good enough for him. As he waited for other students to finish, he yawned, a little tired from having to wake up extra early to deal with registration. While riding on a real life dragon (holy shit) woke him up decently, he was still sleepy. Ayo rested his head on the desk, turning to look at Aster and smiling at him before closing his eyes to zone out.

He jolted when the bell rang again, getting his stuff before grabbing Aster's hand again, dragging him out. When the ball rang again, he found a secluded spot and motioned for Aster to sit on the floor with him. "I have a free period right now," he explained. "I wanna do more magic practice, especially with something a little harder. You do ice and wind right? I can see about trying to summon some ice and shape it a little bit. I don't know if that's too advanced but I kinda need to pass."


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This whole thing was so strange. How had they taken music and done this? It was so easy to hear to, and not at all ear-straining. It was like there were magic music makers on either side of his head; playing music and being absolutely perfect with no hint of mistakes or anything. It was a big surprise to him. If humans could do this, what was holding them back? Why didn't they have robots and access to other planets readily available. Ok, maybe he was thinking too hard on it. Definitely too hard.

All the same, he was more then happy to sit there until the test was over; glancing over at Ayo every once in awhile to see if he was fine. Not looking stressed, perhaps he would pass. Well, that was one test out of the way. Out of nowhere the bell rang and it certainly didn't - ok yes, it had - startle Aster. He was immediately yanking the headphone pieces out; alarmed. What even was that? Where were they going? What did it mean? Many questions, though he was dragged out the classroom and somewhere else. He opened his mouth to talk, though shut it as a semi- disturbed look fell onto his face. Really? That bell . . . it just meant the end of a class? Hated that, he hated that a lot. Ow, his ears and hearing. Why couldn't they be normal and just tell kids that it was time to go; well a ear ringing system really necessary? Apparently, it was.

Aster totally pretended like the whole bell thing hadn't bothered him, giving a small nod to Ayo's words. "Obviously, passing is your main goal. Though it'd be best if you started on a small scale and worked your way up. You should start with making it snow in a small and controlled area. Because shapes from snow are obviously built from bits of snow; you need to know the way it feels to make snow before you make shapes" He explained; holding out his hand to conjure up a large, palm sized snowflake that floated over his hand for a moment before bursting into chilly air. "Just imagine how winter feels; and imagine yourself making it winter. But small-" he added quickly. "Small winter; like in your hand or over your head."


just some guy, ynow
Ayo leaned forward to look at the large snowflake floating in Aster's hand, wrinkling up his nose where he was felt the sudden chill, bringing goosebumps down his arms. He stuck close to Aster sitting down, that way if he managed to royally screw up, Aster could (hopefully) disperse the magic before Ayo started accruing property damage bills. He nodded staring at the palms of his hands for a second.

How winter felt...He's never really seen snow, living in the city where rain was a noteworthy concept, much less snow, but he liked winter. He closed his eyes, conjuring up images of chilly weather, the warm feelings of getting to have time off from school to spend on his own or with his mother, the feelings from when his father was alive and enthused about the holiday season. Winter was a season that brought up warm feelings for him, ironically. Ayo took in a deep breath, and his hands began to feel a little cool.

A small gust of cold wind swirled in his hands, making a tight little ball that made a small whistling noise as air overlapped and passed different directions. Ayo made an irritated noise. He was going for snow, goddamnit. He shook his hands to help clear it slightly, trying to mimic what Aster had made, but coming up with nothing.

The occasional specks of what seemed like snow would form, but turn to little bits of icy hail instead, whipping against his hands. "Ouch!" He dropped the spell entirely, shaking his hands. There was a small cut, like a paper cut, on his finger, and Ayo stuck it in his mouth to stop the bleeding. He took it out, inspecting the minor injury. It had mostly stopped bleeding already. "Owww." He glanced up at Aster, annoyed at himself. "Winter here doesn't have snow. I think that's the problem. I started making the winter I'm used to, which means hail. Which hurts."

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