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Fantasy False Savior [Apocalyptic Fantasy] Recruiting


Enby Sinto Tchavo
This is less of an interest check and more of a pre-recruiting for a roleplay I am working on.

Plot: The land of Narvaros was once a peaceful and prosperous empire. The empire worshipped the god of light, Attis, believing in his eternal protection. However one day, the moons turned red, the crops began failing, beasts began to ravage the lands and many priests of Attis lost their ability to heal others. Fear was that the other gods toppled Attis and the end of times was upon Narvaros. Then one day, someone who called himself the Hero of Attis appeared. He was able to use healing and light magic and ended up gathering a significant following.

However unknown to most of the survivors, the one that brought this upon them was Attis himself and the Hero of Attis, is not a savior, but is in cahoots with Attis to destroy and "renew" the world. Attis fights the rest of the pantheon in the divine world, while the Hero of Attis eradicates the followers of the other gods in Narvaros.

The other gods have granted a number of people special abilities to oppose the Hero of Attis. To the gods, they are the ones who could save this world, however to the followers of Attis, they are nothing more than demons called the Generals of the Dark Army. You are one of the "Dark Army" and possibly one of it's champions. You have been used by the Hero of Attis in the past and have been forsaken by Attis, yet when you were on the brink of death, one of the other gods reached out to you and granted you strength to oppose the forces of evil.

Dark Army: Less of an organised army and more of a number of warriors in service of the other gods or even the ancients. They oppose the forces of Attis and his hero. Many use the ruins of destroyed cities or ancient ruins as their bases of operation.

Gods: Attis - God of Light, Evaru - Goddess of Darkness, Daevalin - God of Harvest, Inali - Goddess of Fertility and Fortune, Havar - God of War, Hrikk - God of the Dead, Vorniz - God of Elements, Beru - Goddess of Knowledge

Ancients: The ancients are the deities of the religion that predated the current one. Their forms are often incomprehensible and they mostly remain neutral in matters regarding Narvaros. While they don't favor any particular side to the conflict, they have their own apostles traversing the lands for their amusement. While the ancients don't have names speakable by human, elf or dwarf, they have placeholder names based on what they represent: Time, Pestilence/Purity (same deity that represents two sides of the same coin), Morality, Corruption, Space, Void.


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This sounds super interesting! Is the roleplay open to minors though? I didn’t see any age restrictions in the post.


Enby Sinto Tchavo
Usually it shouldn't be a problem due to site rules. Like the worst in the RP may be curse words.

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