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Fallout New Vegas: The First Battle of Hoover Dam

War...war never changes. The year is 2227, almost two hundred years after the world was baptized in nuclear fire. Hoover Dam has been claimed by the New California Republic, firmly earning their place in the Mojave. But across the Colorado lies a new enemy. Caesar's Legion, a group of unified tribes under the mighty Caesar and his Malpais Legate, Joshua Graham. Unaware of the coming enemy, the NCR forces stationed on the Dam are suddenly attacked by the Legion horde, and thus the First Battle of Hoover Dam began. The only one's capable of holding the NCR line are a detachment of NCR Rangers and 1st Recon snipers, willing to do anything to hold the Dam.

Hi! So, I've fallen in love again with Fallout New Vegas again, and really want to do an RP in it! As stated above, this RP will focus on the First Battle of Hoover Dam, starting the morning before the attack, and ending after the ambush in Boulder City. You can be on either side, and there are places open for General Oliver for the NCR, and Joshua Graham. Anyway, yeah! Anyone interested?

Reserved Spots:
General Oliver: Unclaimed
Malpais Legate Joshua Graham: Unclaimed

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