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  1. TheIrradiatedWaffle

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    Hey, I thinking of making an rp about the post apocalyptic north america nation builder. Itll be set after fo4 and the Battle of Hoover Dam, who won is by default the NCR, but if someone wants to be an independent NV, then thatd be cool. You can be a premade faction or a custom one youve made. Faction population will be determined by the population of the State or area you are in. You can war or make peace. I personally will say now, I'll be taking New York for reasons, and you can pick a state or area to be so long as it is explained in your lore abd stuff, so if your interested, let me know.
  2. Pat

    Pat Onwards and Upwards

    This is a terrible idea, but I'm in. As Independent New Vegas.
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  3. TheIrradiatedWaffle

    TheIrradiatedWaffle Elder Member

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    Wat makes you say that?

    Also, invite everyone you know whod wanna join.
  4. Pat

    Pat Onwards and Upwards

    *last time we did this we had the support of basically every SB'er and it still failed, 28 views, just you and me so far*
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  5. TheIrradiatedWaffle

    TheIrradiatedWaffle Elder Member

    Valid point, but sbers had the trendancy of just quitting halfway through from even the first one, and besides from wat I say in the Europe game, the fighting system was pretty back. Besides when the leader of the game just stops playing, like every game,  its kinda annoying.
  6. TheIrradiatedWaffle

    TheIrradiatedWaffle Elder Member

    This is still open for any1 who wants in.
  7. Samurai Jay

    Samurai Jay it's strategy over all

    Sounds good count me in
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  8. Pat

    Pat Onwards and Upwards

    Yay, roughly sixteen days later, and we have one!
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  9. Samurai Jay

    Samurai Jay it's strategy over all

    Sorry XP I didn't get back on untill recently
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    Maybe I'll be joining. As the grand nation of :

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  11. Creative

    Creative Junior Member

    I'll join.

    As legion.
  12. Pat

    Pat Onwards and Upwards

    Oh. If this ever starts, we'll be having fun together. Throwing this out there, would you be perfectly fine with Lanius perishing at the Second Battle of Hoover Dam?
  13. Creative

    Creative Junior Member

    Not perfectly.

    Legion will be re-organized into "Iron legion"
  14. Pat

    Pat Onwards and Upwards

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    Iron Legion?

    I could have it the other way, but Lanius isn't really a character that likes talking as much as he does fighting. Plus he would be talked down by a female Courier. Which would tarnish his reputation as a badass somewhat, especially since he basically lost the battle. In death, however, he could be used as a martyr, a symbol, much like he was used by the Marked Men of the Divide.

    How about Caesar dying? He would be dead soon anyway.

    What I would prefer is that Vulpes died too, but, like Lanius and Caesar, I'm willing to talk that over.
  15. Creative

    Creative Junior Member

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    Yes, Iron Legion.

    As every Fallout hero was male, and this was the first none-vault dweller, I imaged courir, as female.

    Even if the story might be... More male orientated...

    Ceasar... Idc...

    Lanius, i'd see being talked down, how unrespectfull that might sound, yet comes back 5x as fierce.

    Maybe I'd even take Lanius as the new leader, maybe even assigning him (edit: ceasar) as "black ops commander"

    We are however, getting far too much into detail :)
  16. Pat

    Pat Onwards and Upwards

    Black Ops means off the books. So wouldn't a character like Vulpes be suited for that? And Lanius is a field commander, not especially known for subtlety.

    This talk allows the both of us to smoothly proceed with both of our factions should this RP start. 
  17. Creative

    Creative Junior Member

    I think those 2 factions have a very slim line, how neutral it may be...

    So, even more reason not to share info.

    Anyways, OT.

    Ceasar would be office B.O.

    Vulpes would be field B.O.

    And yes, Iron legion, now seeing the mistake of being "too tactical" now takes Lanius as commander, maybe even mostly for ceasar agreeing.

    Thus is reformed into "Iron Legion" no chaos, no deserters, just more fanascism.

    They pick up the one thing they lack, playing dirty, or, using tactics.

    They now have 3 destinct groups; footmen, Lanius troops, specialists, ceasars troops, and engineers, new leader (to be announced)

    The rules have severly thightend. No more raider stuff or slaver stuff. Ever legionair is now hardboiled and not distracted by petty lusts.

    Again, too much info.
  18. Pat

    Pat Onwards and Upwards

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    Yeah. I get it. It's super obvious I'm only doing this so that I can get an unfair OCC advantage that I can then take to the RP so my characters and faction magically knows everything. I'll stop asking intruding questions.

    Doesn't Caesar have a brain tumor that nobody in the Legion can cure though? During the game the Courier can cure his tumor, or sell Arcade into slavery, but I'm doubtful that he'll live very long after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. 
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  19. Samurai Jay

    Samurai Jay it's strategy over all

    I'm planing my country type thing to be more based around  medieval society with each land owner paying up to the one above him till you get to the king in charge
  20. Creative

    Creative Junior Member

    Are you saying courier is low level, and wouldn't cure him if gotten the opportunity?
  21. Pat

    Pat Onwards and Upwards

    The latter. 
  22. Pat

    Pat Onwards and Upwards

    The Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel had something similar.
  23. Samurai Jay

    Samurai Jay it's strategy over all

    Sweet. The main thing my country is going to have through are those nullifier stuff that makes animals see you as if you were on there side
  24. Pat

    Pat Onwards and Upwards

    The animal friend perk? I think that's a little overboard.
  25. Samurai Jay

    Samurai Jay it's strategy over all

    I was thinking more along the tech that is in fallout 4 and what the enclave uses for the deathclaws. Just on a smaller more glitchy scale

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