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Falling skies, (a do over)


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Before I begin I want to start by saying I have attempted this rp twice now, the first time it didn’t take off.
The second time however I learned a lot from myself and each person who posted. As I’m writing this here and now we can assume the second rp died. But from the ashes will rise this rp! Taking what I have learned from previous attempts I plan to start this up again only doing it proper. No mess, all nice and clean.

That is what I said when I had a iPad full of pictures, a rough story of where falling skies as a rp and as a work of fiction I enjoyed writing in spare time would go. Shortly after starting this up again my iPad broke beyond repair and I lost my story and all the time it took to make it how it was.

That being said I think I'm bored enough to try putting passion into this project again.

Our story began in the humans capital of Barrack. The king has called for skilled warriors, powerful mages, brutal beasts, anyone confident or crazy enough to travel across the seas to brave the land of monsters.

With islands falling from the skies...
whole villages, towns, even kingdoms being plagued by monsters..
The humans try their best to defend their homes and lands. The elves retreated to Their homelands. The dwarfs defend themselves underground.

What shook the kingdoms of Aerth the most? Why A sorcerer foretold these events...
“When The skies fall, a lizard king will conquer all.
Angels from the sky will need the help of those below,
Or darkness will consume all we know,”

(the man was always known as a crackpot, however when islands fell from the sky and winged humans became known to aerth. His work was studied in the hopes of learning more about the future)

The monsters plan and attack. As if someone or something is leading them, teaching them. As the skies fall and the people panic, a demonic creature gains strength. With brutal force and sadistic cunning, the demon is forging a army to rival all of Aerth.

Will you accept the kings bounty?
Are you strong enough, smart enough, crazy enough to skirmish into The chaos that is building up in this world?
This is a fantasy rp in a fictional medieval setting. I aim to give a video game like feel and attempt to make it funny at times while being as detailed as the situation needs.

Magic and monsters of all sorts, a quest that will take a party across all of Aerth including the skies and underground.

Create a character of your choosing!
Anything sentient and able to speak has a chance of being accepted.
(I have some races to choose from to help you get started, human, elf, beastkin etc)

Unique speech and skill checks for each character! Depending on your character, opportunities or misfortune could fall upon you... perhaps you can talk down your enemy? Perhaps your only strength is strength, a full varied party will enable many different routes the story can take.

These random events count as Optional side quests, Which will help level your character to become more competent and badass.
As gm of This roleplay I aim to be fair and provide a fun challenge for each player, thus a bit more detail and effort may be placed into the character sheets and who will be accepted. I shall elaborate further to whoever wishes to know.

PM me if you have a question,
tag me saying you’re interested if you want the creation of the rp and relevant threads to speed up.

Fantasy - Falling skies characters.


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This sounds really fun and interesting!! I'd love to come on this quest :) Would you like me to put in a possible character sheet and if you don't mind could i possibly use references to dnd? (the races and classes and stuffs)

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