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Realistic or Modern Fallen Gods (Greek / Norse)

Sub Genres
AU, Historical, Horror, Magical, Multiverse, Realistic, Super Powers, Supernatural


For over a thousand years the Gods have not walked among us. Or rather they have walked among us as mortals. The last pagans were converted in the 9th century. But one does not destroy beliefs with a simple proclamation any more than a god dies because a mortal says he does.

We are going to concentrate on the Greek and Norse pantheons.

Noone knows how it happened exactly, but around the 9th century the Gods fell, the Titans were released, the Bifrost bridge collapsed, the Nine Realms fell, the Gates to the Underworld closed, the Doors to Valhalla closed, and so on. The gods were left with a fraction of their powers. The Age of Mythology ended.

Blank CS
Please Note: I am not stuck on this format. But it is designed to keep the entries looking shorter, rather than having long lists of data.

You are the Gods of Old, living among humanity (or not). Please only one version of a god in the RP. In other words, one Thor, one Athena***

***I do have a major change to Athena’s origin in mind which involves her having an actual mother, which is the source of the curse she lays on Medusa.

Titans, Gods, and even some creatures like the Erinyes (Furies), the Graeae (Fates), Charon, etc will be on a relatively level playing field. However, the latter will be mainly NPC’s with a little more power and a special place in the RP. The Furies will be an ancient order which may be contracted like assassins. The fates may be consulted (for a price). Charon is still the ferryman, but isn’t in the business of taking people to the Underworld anymore. Heimdall has no Bifrost Bridge to guard. Cerberus is no longer guarding the Underworld. (Yes, I have plans for him as well.)

PLEASE, ignore anything from Marvel or DC. I love the comics and movies, but their interpretations won’t fit well here.

Please no more than one God of each type (Good, Bad) to start out. But I DO hope that people will play more than one side.

Powers of Gods
They age very slowly. They regenerate in a manner similar to the immortals from the movie and comics of the Old Guard. They CAN die however, but it is very, very, VERY rare.

Rejuvenation. This ability is used as little as possible. It allows them to assume a new identity. The results are random, but their new body will always be young and in perfect health. It will also appear to be of the same racial stock of the local region. The process takes one lunar month and begins and ends on the Full Moon. It cannot be used while in captivity.

Sterility. They are virtually sterile and unable to produce offspring anymore.

Telepathy with other Gods. (This is NOT mind reading, merely the ability to commune without speaking. Range is generally about the area of a city. But it can be much greater for close associates.

***Reading the minds of most normal humans won’t be possible. However, all gods will be able to learn how to read microexpressions and body language, making them excellent lie detectors. Communication will be limited to face to face encounters or within a city with long, close association.

***Sense immortal. This is a side effect of telepathy. The range is limited based on familiarity.

***Note: Telepathy CAN be blocked. And an immortal CAN hide. But most immortals lack the knowledge of how to do so. Some humans have discovered how to do this. Watch yourselves! Smart little monkeys, aren’t they?

Common Powers
Heightened Senses
. Most gods have excellent senses. These are still within human ranges though.

Heightened Speed: Able to run at twice human speeds.

Heightened Strength: Twice the physical strength of a human of your sex and size.

Temperature Tolerance - able to withstand a very wide range of temperatures with less protection.

Heightened IQ - Most gods have an IQ about 40 points above the norm.

Unusual Powers
Aquatic Adaptation
- some could live in the sea. (This is restricted to sea gods.)

Genius. A very few will have an IQ 80-150 points above the norm. (Restricted to gods of knowledge and the like.)

Sentinel: A very few have a superhuman sense that reaches levels exhibited by animals, but without the flaws. For example bat hearing or eagle sight. (Typically limited to gods of nature.)

- varies in strength, but nothing spectacular - the ability to move several pounds, and not at anything like bullet velocities. Exhausting.

Electrokinesis - a more blunt instrument version of electrical manipulation. Not strong enough to be used like a taser. However, this ability also allows sensing EMF and even understanding it. In other words, the ability to hear radio.

Pyrokinesis - NOT fire. Temperature. Again, you won’t be Firestarter, but you could heat up food or drinks, set off a fire alarm, etc.

Astral Projection - astral form may fly or levitate and travel up to 300 meters from one’s body. Electrical fields may impede movement or appear foggy.

Energy Healing - using one’s own energy to heal others. This ability also allows the user to sense the medical condition of a subject that can make direct skin contact with.


Remote Viewing

- Location dependent. You must be standing in the location where the events happened (unless you also have Remote Viewing)

Literate, 3rd person, past tense.
Decent spelling and grammar
My usual RP calls for a bit of content. I will be relaxing that a little bit. 2-3 good paragraphs is acceptable. But do not be surprised if I write 2-4 pages at times.

Humans have always sought the secrets of immortality. You will be natural targets for bioresearch if humans discover you.

Power. Some gods still resent their fall and will go about trying to restore their power. Some may seek worship. Some ARE worshipped! But this doesn’t mean you gain anything from the worship. Of course you COULD reveal yourself. But the results could end many ways. And Immortal Society may have laws against this. Zeus and Odin should have forbidden it, but I am going to leave this as a group decision. In fact, Zeus and Odin may no longer be in power.

Dark Gods
By dark I am referring to Cthulu types gods and creatures. ALL the gods, good and bad agree that these are a threat not to be allowed on Earth, any of the Nine Realms, or in the Underworld and may actually join forces under a truce.

Heaven and Hell
Demons, Angels, Jinn, Efreet, Nephilim, Cambion, Grogoch, Qareen
Noone knows where they come from, but they do make rare appearances. However, they follow very specific rules of existence on Earth. If we decide to start a thread based on any of these, please work through the details with me. There is a LOT of controversy about these creatures.



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