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Realistic or Modern Fall feelings...

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Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life
Call it cliche if you like, but the leaves are changing and I’m in my fall feelings...

I’m looking for someone who’s interested in building a romantic plot set on the Maine coast...
a little Hallmark-esque, with an edge.

Lucy is the girl you left behind, dark hair and freckles, and stunning green eyes...your high school sweetheart who wanted to stay in Rockport, to build a life there, but you...your dreams were much too big for that...

the thing is....even the best laid plans don’t always work out the way you want them too, and 8 years later you find yourself back home, raising your niece after a tragic accident leaves her without either of her parents.

In the eight years since you’ve been gone Lucy’s picked up the pieces and built a life, to include opening that dance studio she’d always dreamed about...but then one day a girl who looks remarkably familiar turns up for class...and when you show up to collect her, that turns Lucy’s world upside.

Give me the bad boy, the charming uncle, the man who didn’t realize he could have his dreams AND the girl - a redemption tale, some apple cider, and a stolen flannel shirt.

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