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Fandom Fairy Tail RP


Anyone want to do a Fairy Tail RP set years later?
Been getting back into the series have like 75 eps left but I do know some stuff that happens near the end.
I have a some OCs that only work if it's years later a ones the 14 year old son of Erza another is the 8 year old son of Cana and ones not related by Blood but was found by Natsu as a kid and trained by Natsu in fire Dragon Slayer magic(going to say it's 6th generation slayer since 1-5 exist and have different ways of how they learned the magic) and lead to Fairy tail and is currently 14 he's my main OC.

you can use OCs too but would like if we both also use Canon characters at times to.
Like if you want me to play a canon character for a reason I might be okay playing that character of you are okay if I ask the same of you but I won't play a canon character if you just want you're OC to date them I don't do that.

Also please note my replies aren't going to be super long I know that bugs some people so know that before commenting.

As for a plot we can probably make stuff up
We could probably discuss plots and stuff if you want to

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