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Fandom Fairy Tail: Guilds of Fiore

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Magical


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Hello all! This Interest Check is long overdue for many different reasons, including my own lack of determination and inspiration which I'm really sorry towards those currently in my RP for. This post is mostly to garner new recruits for my roleplay which won Roleplay of the Month; Fairy Tail: Guilds of Fiore! We've recently entered a new arc, though due to the Corona Virus and school finals and such the RP itself is pretty much dead and the Discord itself is slogging along. Some have dropped out, though many still stick around despite being busy and a lack of posting. I'll be going over the roster in the coming days to free up special positions, remove inactive members, and all that nice stuff. As I do this I'll update this thread with any slots that open up!

This is the basic premise of the RP:
Roughly one hundred years after the reincarnation of Mavis and Zeref things have only gotten better. To most the stories of that time are now mere legend, dark blotches on the annals of history that serve as a means to warn those of such a thing happening again as well as to remember those that fought and died to protect Fiore and its people. To honor the Guilds that laid forth their lives to ensure everyone could have a brighter tomorrow. There were a few uprisings here and there, those disagreeing with the Light being allowed to call the shots, but overall things are now more peaceful than ever.

Though certainly world peace hasn't truly been achieved agreements were made to ensure things would never get to the point of nearly annihilating entire continents. The guilds are thriving now more than ever, more and more cropping up each day to seek fame and glory and police the dark guilds. The four 'Heroic Guilds' as they're now referred to are legendary and considered prestigious, an honor to be in them, though in reality they're no different and continue to welcome people with open arms.

Life couldn't be better for residents of Fiore. Though of course, with peace comes war, and there's always a new threat to be tackled everyday no matter how minor. That's just how things are and always will be.

The post describing the newest arc:
November 10th, X893, 10 AM

Three days have passed since the murder of Blue Pegasus' Satoshi, the mission to attack the Sins' currently underway. Not long after various members of the guilds left to deal with the Sins was another mission posted direct from the Council at each Halls' boards, nothing mandatory, however it was another lucrative opportunity and one of importance. It seemed artifacts of interest had been discovered in several different cities around Ishgar, ones Council scouts have reported to be of interest to the Cult. So of course, the Council wants to get as many of them as they can at once. A mission to a different city posted at each guilds' hall stressing the urgency, though not necessarily in the town itself the Council insists those that participate to go there to gather more information if at all possible, the scouts having confirmed they were in the area at the very least.

One in the village of Hala from the snowy nation of Iceberg. Though unsure of its use or precisely what it is, the scouts have solid intel on a artifact the people of Hala have guarded for hundreds of years. They were unable to gather any further information on it due to how guarded of a secret it is, the villages' people not speaking a word of it to any outsider. Many different offers were made in order to coax information from them but none were accepted, though the people the scouts spoke to revealed that 'Some strange men in black robes bearing a dark crest on their bodies' had asked about it.

One in the town of Cairn in the mountainous region of Veronica north of Fiore. A sword wielded by a powerful Rune Knight that died trying to prevent the destruction of the Fire Village that ultimately led to Veronica branching from Fiore into its own small independent kingdom is said to be buried somewhere in the area. The sword in question was said to be passed down from generation to generation in the Knights family, with each new wielder gaining a new rune and gem on the hilt granting it further power. Though said to only be able to be wielded by a Knight of their line, the Cult has still displayed interest in it.

One of the artifacts lie in the city of Chiutite in the Crystalline Kingdom of Stella.(Fairy Tail) It is said to be an ancient crystal hidden away by the first King of Stella that contains evil energies far too powerful for any of their mages or priests to contain or otherwise purify. The scouts suggest the cult will try and use this crystal in their experiments, likely to try and harness its powers to make their 'test subjects' more susceptible to the dark magics they use.

And finally one in the city of Derg in the sandy region of Desierto.(Sabertooth) Despite the vast desert that makes up the entire kingdom, this artifact is rumored is a magical device that when fed with lacrima will secrete a liquid that will drastically increase ones' magical power. Though the process seemingly takes quite some time, the result is meant to be consistent if texts that were recovered from ruins nearby Derg are to be believed. Though the texts were recovered, the location of the artifact has seemingly been for the most part lost to the people of the Sultanate.

And a synopsis of events
The Guild-Masters of Sabertooth, Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, and Lamia scale are all summoned to Era to meet with Varnas, current Head of the Magic Council, with intel on compounds belonging to the Cult of Zeref; one in the mountains near Crocus and one in the forests near Magnolia. Each heavily guarded and fortified. A high bounty of jewel was promised to the Guilds and its members for those that participated, though not required for them to do so it was heavily insisted as it was a mission of utmost urgency. These Compounds were said to hold a large number of cultists as well as those captured by the Cult for experimentation. Members from the four guilds split into two teams, one heading for the forest compound and one to the mountains. The two groups set off post haste wherein they were both attacked by Cultist forces shortly after arrival. It was a long battle, though ultimately the Light Guilds beat back the forces into a retreat capturing the compound and moderately high number of enemy Cultists as well as freeing those captured by the Cult. Overall, the mission was largely a success.

Afterwards, the Guilds all returned home to rest and recuperate from their wounds and enjoy the peace that came from striking a decisive blow against the Cult in the area. Blue Pegasus' annual Halloween party is held with participants from all over heading to enjoy themselves and have a good time, a much needed celebration after their hard battle. Another few weeks pass, Sabertooth conducting their member initiation test accepting some while others failed to make the cut alongside the Guild Master accidentally going on a rampage inside the testing arena causing a fair amount of damage to it.

Now tasked with hunting down relics believed to be sought after by the Cult, the Guilds prepare to set off and claim them before they can fall into the evil clutches of the Cult.

Any questions let me know! Same if you want an invite to our Discord!​

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