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Fandom Fairy Tail: Guilds of Fiore

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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, Magical, Slice of Life


The Grand Herald of Tea
Fairy Tail: Guilds of Fiore


Hello everyone!

We are a medium sized roleplay group looking for more players to join us as we begin the second arc. We would love more people to join us, bringing us fantastic characters and even greater people to our community. We also have a discord, which is acting as our OOC so if you would like the link please send me a PM and I will happily send it to you. Any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask either myself or Mitchs98 Mitchs98 for help. Mitch is our GM and will be happy to help in any way he can!

I hope to see you there!

General Premise

Roughly one hundred years after the reincarnation of Mavis and Zeref things have only gotten better. To most the stories of that time are now mere legend, dark blotches on the annals of history that serve as a means to warn those of such a thing happening again as well as to remember those that fought and died to protect Fiore and its people. To honor the Guilds that laid forth their lives to ensure everyone could have a brighter tomorrow. There were a few uprisings here and there, those disagreeing with the Light being allowed to call the shots, but overall things are now more peaceful than ever.

Though certainly world peace hasn't truly been achieved agreements were made to ensure things would never get to the point of nearly annihilating entire continents. The guilds are thriving now more than ever, more and more cropping up each day to seek fame and glory and police the dark guilds. The four 'Heroic Guilds' as they're now referred to are legendary and considered prestigious, an honor to be in them, though in reality they're no different and continue to welcome people with open arms.

Life couldn't be better for residents of Fiore. Though of course, with peace comes war, and there's always a new threat to be tackled everyday no matter how minor. That's just how things are and always will be.



Fanfic Kitty
O-oh. Well, I try not to use Discord so much, but sure. I read the character sheet rules and saw that I have a few questions about my choice of magic and a few other things, who should I PM?

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