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Realistic or Modern Fairweather Communications - a low key urban fantasy rp

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There are many supernatural creatures that exist in the world. Vampires, fae, werewolves, and others far beyond our imagination have all lived alongside humanity for years immemorable. In the olden days they used to hide their existence, but in the late 1700s at the start of the industrial revolution, many species decided to show themselves to the world in hopes of keeping up with advancing technology.

In the modern day, seeing beastfolk or demons in the street is a common occurrence. You could be served by a vampire at the grocery store, or see a fae lawyer running to the courthouse on their morning commute. There are merfolk who make a living selling fish on the docks, and the existence of the supernatural is just a common part of daily life.

Common, but not necessarily accepted.

Humans were considered to be the dominant species for most of their history, and even now, that mindset has not changed. While non-human beings may now be common, many humans see them as lesser beings, and a danger to the society that they have spent a long time building up. Claims that non-humans are inherently dangerous or violent with no basis in historical fact are common. They have been the source of plenty of political unrest over the years following the turn of the 20th century.

In the year 1972, America was the first country in the world to create the Mandatory Database of Therianthropes and Inhumans, or MDTI for short. All citizens were required to disclose any supernatural presence in their family history, and inhumans were identified on all personal documentation. It was a nightmare for civil rights groups and non-humans who just wanted to live their lives. Through years of political fighting and protest, there have been some improvements, and protections against discrimination have been implemented. But those protections don’t always do much, and many supernatural creatures who have the chance will forgo their proper documentation to live human lives. As most therianthropes have shapeshifting abilities, this is not necessarily difficult, with the money to back up the paperwork.

Now, the year is 2004. The technological advancements over the past years have allowed for a massive increase in the spread of news and information. The internet is in its heyday, and social media is the newest big thing. One of the country’s biggest Telecom companies, Fairweather Communications, is leading the social media boom with their new service, ConnectU. ConnectU allows people all over the world to make ‘friends’ with family and strangers alike, so long as both parties have an account. It’s a great way for folks to stay in touch, and has so far proven to be quite popular.

Fairweather communications is run by the Fairweather family, an old money conglomerate based out of New York. They’re a fairly progressive company, offering equal employment to therianthropes and humans alike.

To the outside world, the Fairweatherare glamorous philanthropists, and the ideal of what a human family should be.

The truth, however, is a little different.

Because the Fairweathers aren’t human.

If you read that far, thank you for your interest!

This is a bit different than my usual fair, but the idea of this rp is that the characters all work at or are otherwise associated with Fairweather Communications. The actual Fairweather family is playable as well; the patriarch is a vampire who has had several wives, all of differing species. He has many children, although I don’t want more than maybe 5 in this role play to be generous. I will be playing the second son, along with a few other characters.

I might create a more comprehensive lore thread if this gets enough interest, but this role play is primarily about political intrigue and corporate drama. Our characters are working together on ConnectU, while in the background human groups who oppose therianthropes having rights are scheming to try and take control of the platform to further their agendas.

Employees can be human or anything else, so long as it’s bipedal and small enough to fit in the office building. Most therianthropes take a more human form to avoid attention and discrimination, when they can, but some don’t see the point. If your character is undocumented, they face steep repercussions if their identity is found out. The Fairweather family are all undocumented and are known to the world as strictly human.

Uh I don’t usually do character sheet for rps, but I’m willing to put up a thread for faceclaims if you have them and some simple stats if you would like. Mostly the thread would be a list of characters to keep everything straight.

Any questions? Comments? Concerns???


One Thousand Club

Here's the lore! It's fairly simple but I figured I'd go a bit more in-depth.


One Thousand Club
Glad there’s interest!! I will have the official starter up either tonight or tomorrow, along with a character thread. You don’t need to put anything detailed on the character thread. Just a character name and their job/relation to the company.
You CAN go detailed but you don’t have to.


One Thousand Club
There are separate departments, but they’re all in the same building. There is a clinic on the main floor, along with a cafeteria. The upper management is on the top floor, while the other floors are divided into different offices.

I’d like to focus on the teams working on ConnectU for this, so that would mainly be the marketing team and the development team. Characters could be programmers, or marketing strategists, sales reps, graphic designers, web designers, secretarial workers, or things like that. IT department and legal department is also an option. Basically if you could imagine the position being available at, say, google, then it would be available here.

that being said I don’t work in corporate and this is a role play so I’m not SUPER strict. We can fudge details and im sure this will be nothing like a real corporate office and instead a lot more like a prime time tv drama’s version of an office so. If people have other ideas, just feel free to toss it out there.


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Created a Character Thread and OOC thread!



One Thousand Club
If you can fit a character in, go ahead! Our characters are not at the company at the moment and are instead at a local jazz club, just to clarify.

Snowcloud Dreamer

New Member
that's fine, I'm thinking if there was some mention of them going there, I could just have my character show up late to the event. so she doesn't have to be aware of what happened before i started posting.


Nerdy Vampire
Ah, well three of the characters are just meeting up as friends--no one else was invited.

But! My other character, Rowan, is in the same department as yours. They could have agreed to hang out if you like.

Snowcloud Dreamer

New Member
alright that sounds like a plan to me, especially since it sounds like my char probably wouldn't of herd about the Jazz club thing.
did you want to start? In setups like these I usally like to play my char as recently hired.

Snowcloud Dreamer

New Member
though I'm not the mod considering I was told "If you can fit a character in, go ahead!" and that was just last week I don't think there will be a problem with you joining in.
And if you do we can have our chars meetup.

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