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Fading Flame (In Character)



The Cykablyattest of them all!
The Heidelisk howled in pain, before being snuffed out with a swift decapitation from the Ciguapa’s sword. The field froze, with confused Guardsmen and Conquerors standing idly, as the Darkborne were held in place, and snuffed out. Soon, the battlefield fell silent, and Teo fell unconscious.

Well, that was easy. Was expecting more of a fight-

The Heidelisk’s slumped over corpse vanished, all right. Along with the other Darkborne corpses. But the Heidelisk stood aloft. And so did the other Darkborne. An illusory death, shielded by the powers of the improbable, the tendrils that deserve not existence. The Dark powers play their twisted cards again.

A few unwary Guardsmen found themselves mauled by the sudden reappearance of the Darkborne at play. They had never died as well; it was all a temporary trick, played by the Heidelisk. A foul trick that some have paid for with their lives, as Dark teeth dig into their fragile flesh. But quickly, the line holds, with Conquerors being the backbone of the field defense force.

A barrage of grenades and crossbow bolts dig into every single being not made out of a recognizable material on the field, a testament to the Conquerors' enormous capacity for firepower. Five Hissbombs slap the Heidelisk, while it was still reeling from the very-real leg strike from Jazmin, and two valiant Guardsmen rescue the unconscious backwards-footed girl. Dragging her back to the outpost, the body was kept mostly unharmed and left to other guardsmen.

The mages on the tower did not accidentally fall asleep mid-battle, too. Ezra's request for consent was left hanging in the air, as the mage-lady Margot concocted another sparkling party trick. Elvish words were whispered into her glowing palm, and lo behold, a rabbit. And everyone knew that it was a rabbit. Because it was the size of two Aymelines. And also bright red with flames spewing from its skin. And also angry. And also flies. So it was a very special rabbit.

The familiar was given one sole task: fuck shit up. Dashing off the battlements, the gigantic fire familiar bore its meager claws and struck at the Heidelisk. Its high-yield fiery torrents clashed vividly with the battle-proven limbs of the Heidelisk, which have all consolidated to protect its face. Fire brushing off of dark chitin, a scythe-limb found its way headed for the familiar's head, but only found the charred nightly air. Flying to its right was the pyro-rabbit familiar, cutting a swathe through the field below, freshly replenished with Runners, Darkwolves and Burrowers of the sort, and returned to vomiting unreal heat into the Heidelisk.

The Heidelisk turned around to face the familiar, ignoring the outpost for now.

Inside, the two Giants rushed to action. Gaheris finally finished locating his two legs and sword (marching long distances in armor and being a literal Giant bearing a gigantic sword with only one functioning arm wears people down quickly), while Tharek has finished forging himself some better loin armor (kilts aren't armor). Seizing the chance, the Giant with the broken arm awkwardly climbed the battlements with one arm, narrowly cutting Guardsmen in half as he crested the wall, while the more sensible kilt-wearing Giant climbed up to the second level. "What can I do?" Tharek queried generally.

From the rear, a flock of Darkwings made their presence known by darting at very high speeds. Guardsmen called those things out, shot a bunch of them down, but a few of them still made it through. Their target was clear. Hurtling towards the second level, shielding their innermost brethren from gunfire and arrows, the Darkwings fall like leaves off of a burning maple tree. Those nearest to Aymeline drew their arms, and cut down a few more, but it was too late. A singular Darkwing made it through, clawing at the Giantess' face. Enough damage to sever her connection with the Network.

Jericho Audaton

What's going on? The Light... he can't sense it anymore.


The other Guardsmen, taking Bron up on the offer, pick up grenades from the box. They've already started throwing those things out, although accuracy is not guaranteed. Picking up a Hissbomb himself, Jericho nodded to Bron. The Guardsmen might not have felt it, thanks to their enthusiasm with killing the Heidelisk, but Bron would've most certainly felt the loss in power.

"Well, at least no more Darkborne will be coming to our lighthouse, eh, big man?!" Audaton managed to crack a joke. Guess it can't get any worse. Not in a way that he could fathom. With that said and done, he started rearing his arms and throwing. His grenades flew a fair bit further than the Guardsmen's, barely nipping at the hard carapace near the Heidelisk's base.

"We're gonna need better coordination to kill this thing. You got any suggestions?" Audaton asked the big oni, as he reached for another Hissbomb. A plan was already formulating in his mind, but he didn't like it. Maybe someone else has a better idea.

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The Light! The-

Reverie vanished in an instant as painful claws tore into her cheek. The Giant blinked, stumbled back, and suddenly the towering bonfire of incandescent Light beaming high into the sky failed around her. A hissing flying Darkwing lunged for her face again, too close for effective swinging of her hammer. So Aymeline responded with the appropriate close-quarters tactic; she ducked and flat-out headbutted the monster right out of the sky. Her giant skull smashed into the monster's, stunning it enough to stall it. As it landed, wings spraying as it clambered for balance and to get back in the air, Aymeline lifted one great foot and stomped the beast flat right through the chest.

At last, she took in the scene of carnage out there. This was an attack of unprecedented scale. Darkborne everywhere. Defenders too, and it seemed the outpost had held its own. They needed a decisive victory, though. Morale was critical in engagements like this. Doubt, fear, anger could attract the Darkborne as surely as the Light could. A heroic act wasn't showboating when fighting the Dark, theatrical displays were tactical maneuvers that made troops stronger and more resistant against the Dark due to the hope evoked in them. They needed hope. Especially with a situation this dire, in no small part because of that...dear Light, was that a Heidelisk?

...Only Desia Penwright still stood. All of them, the whole Meriward team had perished one by one buying time for One Eyed Lion Varosmus' legion to escape the deadly trap the Dark had prepared for it. Every Guardian had held the line and every one had perished. And Aymeline stood there, watching it happen, one after another. Tears half-blinded her but she could do nothing but hold the Light. Hold it for her comrades and peers to draw upon, hold it and watch it not be enough as Guardian after Guardian perished.

Until only Desia Penwright still stood. The Archmage turned back towards the Giant and the source of the only Light this far from the Empire's borders. Exhaustion, dirt and blood marred her face. The way she held her side against a Darkborne's scything attack suggested she might not walk out of here either way. And the look of implacable determination in her eyes told Aymeline that the woman, her leader, had no intention of doing so.

The Heidelisk reared up once more, marred with jagged lines of lightning and sword slashes and the blood of six Guardians who'd fallen in fighting it. It came for Desia now and the fearless Archmage simply stood in its path. Until the last moment, when Aymeline staggered as she felt Desia pull the Light, pull it hard, harder than she'd ever done before. Harder than Aymeline had ever imagined possible. It felt like the whole of the Empire's Network poured through her and Aymeline's mouth opened in a soundless scream at the sheer torrent of power channeled through her into the waiting hands of the wizard.

One last single spell. One titanic eruption of arcane power on a battlefield's scale. And then only one survivor left, to witness it all..

Strategy and tactics vanished. The Giant saw the Heidelisk outside of the Outpost, distracted by a giant flaming rabbit, and all thought disappeared as well. Aymeline stood there a moment, swaying with the twin impacts of Light exhaustion and memory. Then the pink-haired warrior, nearly ten feet tall, raised aloft the White Warcry. The massive warhammer, forged of purified steel and white jade, gleamed like starlight beneath a black sky as the ancient weapon woke, answering its mistress' call.

Then Aymeline dug her toes in and broke into a dead sprint across the second story landing. Mighty legs kicked off at the edge, with booted feet crumbling the stone battlement beneath her as she leaped. The Giant launched herself right to the top of the outpost wall but didn't slow or pause for a second. Instead, one foot caught a firm landing and crumbled more stone as she kicked off of it as well. Propelled into the air, the Giant soared off the Outpost walls. Soared over the throngs of the Darkborne below, monsters hissing in fury at the Light-filled Guardian in flight as her momentum carried her over the field of battle towards the monster that had killed the only friends she'd ever had.

With both hands, Aymeline brought the great White Warcry down against the base of the Heidelisk’s armored skull and screamed a warcry of her own.
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Evelynn laughed as her scythe hit home and the creature screeched, jumping back to make sure she was away from the retaliation the monstrosity would cause her direction. Eve got into position to attack it yet again, but then stopped in her tracks as the scythe disappeared and the young woman's demeanor transformed again. Suddenly, Jazmin was standing there instead, her cleric staff in hand, frozen in terror. Jazmin had taken back control and was now paralyzed with absolute fear as she looked at the monstrosity heading right for her with its legs.


'come on Alex, you need to get up. Alex...get up, they need you. GET....UP...' Alex awoken with a jolt as his power came back online, but only was halfway there. He managed to sit up and look around. 'Wait...the...pillar of Light is gone???' Alex said as he felt slightly weaker because of its absence. He tried to stand, but found his legs were weak and he didnt have the energy without his cane to walk. He pulled the collapsible cane from his pocket and used it to stand...and that's when he saw it. A monstrosity he had never seen before in person, but had heard stories of on the battlefield...The Heidelisk. Alex cursed at himself. he obviously couldnt attack that thing, its armor being thicker than most weapons they could throw at it. Perhaps there was help needed elsewhere? That's when he looked down and saw a young girl, frozen in fear and about to get hit. Alex grunted as he attempted to move towards her, to help her. No...he couldnt let another die in front of him...he wouldnt! Suddenly Alex got the strength he needed and jumped off the walls of the outpost and then ran with all he had left, transformed his arms into shields, wrapping himself around the young girl and took the full attack from the monstrosity, being flung back violently and colliding with the outpost walls which knocked him unconscious yet again. but at least...he had saved someone. If he died, he would die happily.


The Cykablyattest of them all!
The Heidelisk screamed in pain for the first time. Or was it surprise? Are Darkborne even capable of being surprised? Such questions and curiosities are reserved for the wise. Not for the warrior burning with vigor smashing the Heidelisk's head in with a big hammer right now, however. The Heidelisk had to rectify that somehow. The only way it knew how, apparently.

The familiar had been severely weakened, as were its attacks, the result of Aymeline getting clawed in the face. The fluffy fire rabbit had evidently become less fluffy, and less fiery. Dealing with the problem at hand, the Heidelisk closed its limbs, managing to snag Aymeline with its two lowermost scythe-arms. Hurling her through the air, she connected with the familiar, dissipating it like a brick thrown through a cloud. To that extent, the Heidelisk had done well. Its goal was to kill the familiar with the angry hammer-Giantess, not throw her far away.

Coiling down for a springing attack, the Heidelisk found itself facing another surprise: another fucking Giant.

Gaheris, the madman - or rather, the mad-Giant. Having joined the convoy from day one back in the starting point, this one-armed Giant proved more than capable of seemingly disappearing when people least expect it, and really maneuverable combat, despite the permanently destroyed arm he flails around. Clad in dark blue armor forged through years of conflict, this slave without a master has since become a rogue on his own of sorts. Upon this journey, he had grown surprisingly quiet, even to his own standards. But in combat, the words he spoke with his actions made up for it.

Stabbing the Heidelisk's tough rear chitinous hide with his Giant-sized longsword, Gaheris chipped the hide as his blade drew blood through the cracked plates of the creature. He'd carved a route through the Darkborne instead of leaping like the Giantess did, and had ambushed the thing from behind. Distracted, the big hulking fuck-off beast swung its limbs around to scrape Gaheris off, and hopefully kill him before he could do more damage.

Massing his immense core strength, Gaheris lifted both his legs up to par using his one arm, grabbed onto his longsword tight, and then lunged backwards. Landing a backflip, he avoided the two scythes that dashed over his previous position, with a precise leap backwards dodging the two remaining scythes slamming into the dirt, raking up soil. The Heidelisk turned to face him instead, with his sharp longsword being a deadlier weapon. Although that White Warcry head-smash probably did some brain damage as well.

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Lazlo continued to focus on his healing, though he did hear the fighter’s words. He heard the commotion, and only through deep concentration and discipline was he able to finish his healing. He had heard the man’s words though, and knew he would only have seconds before the impact hit. Luckily, his ability to create powerful wards against darkness served him well, and was a talent that had saved him many times before. As soon as his healing was done, he turned to shield his fallen ally.

Spinning his staff and slamming it into the ground, he raised his arms towards the beast. “Lakaz rekkar tiru!” He shouted, a wave of crimson light shedding from his staff. A disk of red energy formed over the two, with strange glyphs of warding shining in gold.

At his words though, the creature turned towards him, and bolted towards his shield. Lazlo had experience with the darkspawn before, and knew that it would respond to his spell. The creature rushed towards him at speeds unbelievable for its size, and slammed into his magic shield.

The fiery energy shattered like glass, doing nothing to harm the creature. However, it gave him a second to move, and as quickly as he had made the first one, he created a second shield, with more glyphs. As more magic was pumped into his shield without the proper words of power, Lazlo’s own life force began to fatigue from the constant spell use.

“I COULD USE SOME HELP HERE!” He yelled out, glancing back towards the fallen knight.

The Hunter did not waste time. Wasted time meant living prey. Living prey meant hunger. Hunger meant pain. Pain was unbearable. Its shields that it had cast upon its fellow prey, even more unbearable. The white armor standing before it put up a good display of defensive swordsmanship. Good, but not enough to defend from the Hunter.

The owl Legionnaire sprung up above with its massive wings, leaving behind a parting gift for Uri in the form of a hail of darts, before gliding towards Lazlo with murderous intent. The berserker Pat attempted to get in the way with some furious swings, but was rather easily circumvented by the Hunter twisting its body, swinging both wings full force and smacking the man, flinging him into the woods.


The spearman acknowledged the call, and committed himself into the battle once again. Uri’s hand hurled forth, deflecting the hail of wicked projectiles with his spear. He spun his armasa with conviction, keen on protecting both himself and those around him. A few streaks of amber glints sparkled within the space between him and his foe. A few stray shrapnels bounced off his armor, as he stood resolute in the face of adversity. Even a mere human like him could stay on his feet for this long, thanks to the motherland’s great gift - the old reliable mark thirty-seven. Endowed with extensive training and drills, the marine have had enough of the creature’s redundant array of projectiles. Uri was, after all, trained for tearing things apart, and not a shield-bearer. He had been studying the beast’s pattern of attack and methodical preferences to suppress the man with unrelenting volleys. It was about time for the marine return the favor, and he did just that.

A whistling sound echoed the forest, as Uri launched himself towards the creature’s flank. Under the cover of darkness, his grimy dark hair had discerned him from the fate of having his face smashed in. Perhaps someone, somewhere out there would have noted the Sarmanian’s preference for white, and within, the repercussions of discretions. It was time to change tactics. Uri rolled himself onto the patch of grass, covering himself in dirt and soil, making it harder for the creature to detect him, as he snuck his way past its vigilant eyes with the help of a few slashes upon its limbs. He went about it with great speed, severing the creature’s rear legs, as what was considered its venous extract. While it seemed like the marine was carelessly taken by the chaos of battle, Uri had intended to douse himself in the creature’s blood, in order to mask his next set of movements. Its acidic and foul extracts were all negated by the marine’s cloak, of which were sewn with exquisite materials from the Urela mountains in the north. The strength of any Sarmanian trooper relied not only on their training, but how well-equipped they were as well. The dirt-filled, darkening cloak was a Sarmanian soldier’s best friend in most climate, as well as being able to negate certain affinities that would be considered deadly for most creatures of the Light World.

With his opponent unable to lock onto him as effectively as it did before, Uri knew what he needed to do next. The tail and wings, the marine thought, as he circled around back and leapt from the ground. With all his might, Uri stemmed his armasa into the creature’s posterior, as he leaned back against the monster’s back. His leg extended forward, pushing the well-stemmed spear further away from him. Using the monster’s back, as well as his own posture, Uri had managed to tear open the wounds further apart. As its acidic blood spewed forth, the marine was all but cowering. The poisonous extract began eating away his metallic shins and pelvic plates. Some had even made it past his padded clothes, causing a stinging sensation. Uri tried to contain his pains, but ultimately gave in to a loud shout, as he managed to pry open the creature’s carapaced skin. A faint red glow and a fiery explosion would follow. Uri had thrown his pouch, full of wood and arrowtips, into the caustic cauldron that was the creature’s wounds. He got up from the ground, as the owl’s deformed posterior became the testament of his feats of wit and strength.

But there was no time to rest. One of its limbs swung across Uri’s general direction. He threw himself into the ground, barely dodging its swing, but the acidic splash of its wounds prompted the man to dismantle his smoking pauldrons, of which were no longer viable for such a situation. Uri got up again, grabbing his spear from the ground and came at the owl beast again. This time, it was pure force of arms. True to its name, his weapon withstood a multitude of parries, as well as the dispensation of lunges and slashes. Where he lacked in arcane capabilities, Uri would make up for it with what he was familiar with - the physical persuasion method of hammering someone or something into submission. With every stroke of his hardened Sarmanian steel, the marine was relentless in his quest to see to the demise of the beast. He shouted and grunted where his breath was beginning to fade. His scarlet eyes fixed intently on the monster with a certain despicable hatred, while his hands did not cease its course of utter traumatic destruction.

Having had more than enough for its part of the bargain, the owl-like Dark being took flight. Bones ripped, limbs and tendons torn asunder by this rampaging force of man; such strength and dogged vigor overwhelmed a graceful and sporadic fighter such as the Hunter. It hasn’t felt this much pain since it was still alive. The being seized the moment as Uri’s spears glided past it for but a split second, before opening up in a hailstorm of iron wings, punching into Uri’s gut with a thousand small daggers. Unfortunately left alive, the spearman served as a launch pad, as the Hunter pushed on him with its arms, springing free into the sky.

Not for long, however.


Lazlo’s cry for much-needed assistance did not go unnoticed by the mage Gilligani, who was not too far behind, having been temporarily stunned and effectively knocked out of combat due to a sudden and evident decrease in the Light reserves. Regardless, heeding the call, the man pondered his options. While the Sarmanian spearman quickly demonstrated his prowess with a responding strike in the form of a fantastic martial display, Gil sought to make himself useful at range, at the same time not wanting to draw too much attention on himself, for after all, Gil wouldn’t say he would have lasted very long if that thing wailed on him instead of Uri. In conclusion: a decisive move to drastically turn the scale to their favour was preferred.

Standing up and dropping his morning star, Gil tugged on his left glove, pulling the thing back while stretching his arm towards the winged creature currently focusing on Uri, mouthing the old words. “Decipula.” - he whispered, as three gems from rings on his fingers, among the myriad jewelries adorned by the mage, glowed a vibrant green light - ZWOOSH.
Suddenly, from underneath the winged Legionnaire’s position, three tendrils seemingly made out of pure arcane Light energy, each radiating a calm green, reached out from the foliage of the forest floor and practically launched themselves towards the Dark-kin, poised to pull it into a violent restraint mid-air.

“Uri! Get it!”

Without a word, Uri obliged. Moving in for the final kill, the squirming owl won’t get out of this one.

But it did. Shit.

Using the last of its energy, the Hunter broke free; in a great outburst of Dark outgrowths striking out in the same manner that Gil’s arcane tendrils engulfed it. Calm green clashed with violent nightshade, meshing in an ineloquent massacre of overwhelming darkness against ill-powered Light. Fortunately, that was all the energy it had; nothing left was in store for the berserkers that had bested it in the form of combat that it had not yet perfected.

Another time, then, as the owl-man transformed into a mere owl, and darted away into the blackest skies.


Pat didn't even see what hit him, he heard the whizzing darts, and saw a dark streak, that was it before he felt a deep impact in his upper abdomen, his armor held, but the wind got knocked out of him harder than a giant punch a tree. He was sent sailing through the air, he landed the back of his head connected with a half buried rock, sending a splitting pain all around his head and sending stabbing white flashes to his eyes before it faded to black.

He felt the same presence he did back in the ruins after he had killed the beast, invading his mind and setting to fire, but this time it was different, he could feel a conflict. It was pushed out, choked and ousted. He felt one last push from the rage filled beast before it was snuffed from his mind. His subconscious mind was scrambling for an explanation but couldn't find one, instead the dark returned, only this time something had joined the darkness. The silence was deafening and he was struggling to try and wake himself, but he felt that something had changed, where the fire had raged was gone, replaced by something he couldn't define, but was somehow worse, like the monster in your closet leaving, but in your heart you know that in the emptiness something even darker had replaced it, you just couldn't see it.

Finally after what seemed like years of anxious waiting, he saw vague images of bloodshed, violence, and atrocity. Somehow he knew whatever had pushed the other thing for lack of a better term was what he was seeing. Something in the shape of a warped man with two baleful red orbs for eyes, it radiated venomous scorn and malice and just as soon as he had beheld it, the thing was gone just like last time.

His vision returned to him slowly, and his head was pounding, he reached up to his neck and felt a dried trail of blood. He saw he was slumped on a tree next to a rock. But something was different, he was different. For an instant he felt like a man condemned to death, incalculable amounts of dread and disbelief weighted upon his shoulders, but it subsided like the nightmares a child would have.

He groaned as he slowly got to his feet, feeling like an iron stake was being driven into the back of his head. “The hell happened?” He asked groggily as he reached for the back of his head.

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The Giant felt the impact of her warhammer all the way up her arms. Her booted feet hit the ground hard enough to shake it, though even she was dwarfed by the sheer size of the monstrosity that faced her. Other warriors rallied to the attack, she noted peripherally. And a good thing too. For when the Heidelisk hooked its scythe arms around her, even she was pulled from her feet and sent tumbling through the air again, this time in a far more uncontrolled fashion. The sheer strength of the Darkborne was unbelievable. It'd take a full blow to its head from the mighty Guardian weapon and still it fought on!

Aymeline's airborne body hit the flaming rabbit familiar, the impact more like hitting a waterfall than a solid object. She felt the brief flare of heat before she was blown past it. Then she hit the ground...and bounced! Still going too fast! So the Giant lifted the White Warcry and thumbed its activation trigger. A series of rapid clanks and whirls issued forth as the legendary weapon reconfigured itself, switching out from warmode to its fortification mode, a wickedly long yet blunt pickaxe. Aymeline struck the ground again and this time whipped the White Warcry into the forest's dirt-and-rock surface. The pickaxe sank in deep and she tore up a great swath of forest floor as she used her weapon to stop her momentum.

Landing on her feet at last, Aymeline swung her weapon up and reconfigured it once more for war. Then she charged back into the fray, as gears and panels swapped the pickaxe shape back to its massive two-headed warhammer shape. Ahead, she saw another Giant engaging the Heidelisk. A one-armed man who fought with astonishing agility! Emboldened, Aymeline picked up speed as the Darkborne focused its attention on its current quarry. Tall as she was, Aymeline couldn't easily reach its head again. That armor was immense! Thankfully, she wielded exactly the right weapon of war for this kind of conflict. Where blades failed to pierce its hide, brute blunt force impact could batter and crack. And not all of it was armored...

Half a ton of Giant sprang into the air for another mighty two-handed blow. This time, she came in behind and brought the White Warcry down on one of its two front supporting legs, aiming the white-jade anvil of her weapon for the joint. One good smash and she could cripple its mobility!


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Lazlo Talonguard
Lazlo prepared himself to cast another spell, knowing well that if he didn't continue his shields this thing would take them. He was growing annoyed with this, the whole situation. Why was he risking himself for someone he didn't know? Any smart fool would leave the girl as bait and vanquish this evil. But instead, he was sitting hear, burning his own energy and risking death for this woman he had never met. The whole situation pissed him off, and he had about enough of it. His eyes flashed a deep red, and he considered drawing more power to blast this thing into oblivion. He closed his eyes, and felt the heat within his blood. He could draw from it, and while there could be some consequences, he would have the energy he would need to convert from life to chaos. He opened his eyes, and prepared to draw from his blood...

But there was never a need. With great heroics and feats of combat, the creature was sent back into the darkness from which it came. Lazlo sighed, and released his grip on his magic. His barriers fell away, and he hurried to the fighters who were hurt.

"I can heal you, if you'd like. All of you." None of the wounds looked too severe, and he still had plenty of energy left within him. Given time, he could easily muster the power to heal. The problem was usually just that, he had no time.
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Buras was all to glad to see that he had not injured the head when he severed it. Let the wretched thing's soul rot with it's body. But the fight was not over, as much as his bruised and battered body wished it were. A creature he had never seen clawed it's way from the dirt and stood seemingly impervious to all attacks. It seemed more annoyed than hurt by the blows raining down upon it. He would be of little help, down one hand and no doubt a couple fractures. But he did have an idea.

Taking a small bag off his waste, he opened it to reveal herbs native to the icy region he calls home. "Maria, make sure I do not hurt anyone." he said to his battle partner before downing the herbs. He could feel it's effects almost immediately. As his physical senses were dulled, his magical sense opened. He could see the Light, like a second sun that was always just behind him, never directly in sight but it's warmth felt. He reached out to it and dipped a hand in the liquid fire that did not burn. He looked around as saw the flames of each of the soldiers, some shining brighter than others, and some snuffed out as soon as he saw them. Alongside, no, surrounding the flickering lights was a physical darkness. And at it's center was a screaming Darkness. He did not like that Darkness, he wanted it to go away. So, with palm outwards, he lifted his hand and fired a beam of pure Light at the offending Darkness. As tall as he and just as wide, it streaked across the battlefield, cleaving through any in it's path. But that stream of Light did not last long, as the Light withing Buras was quickly drained. And when the beam dimmed, Buras collapsed. Exhausted from the Darkmage and now having used up a large amount of his Light, he was on the edge of consciousness. But before slipping into unconsciousness, he rolled his head over to where he thought Maria was and gave a soft smile. The Light was much more beautiful up close than from afar.


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The White Warcry connected with its target well enough, considering the Heidelisk was making no attempt to dodge. Its preoccupation with the other threats left it completely blind to the Giantess, somehow. Really, she's like, a huge beast lunging at frightening speeds. But all things considered, the Heidelisk is a Dark spawn that's many times larger than her and can probably eat her in three big bites, so she'd be the small, maneuverable target in this case. Smashing with a resounding crack, the leg bent in a very, very awkward way, eliciting screams of pain from the monster. Tilting downward, its fall was halted with two of its own scythe-limbs. The two other limbs nicked Aymeline's armor in a swipe, which was still enough to knock her off balance, while the other wards off Gaheris.

More sounds and commotion entered the battlefield, although not in the way people thought it was going to be. The Guardsmen and Conquerors valiantly mopping up the regular Darkborne on the field around the Heidelisk spared a moment to direct their attention to the ruckus approaching the outpost from behind. But from the darkened canopies, out came not a fresh flock of Darkborne, but a convoy. The latter half of the supply convoy (the half that carried construction materials) had arrived early. Although the convoy was a lot shorter and less armed than the one carrying reinforcements that had arrived at the outpost (the one that brought Vera and Uri and the other lads), this convoy still hauled ass and kicked morale up a notch.

The battle was now in their favor. The Heidelisk's demise was now just a matter of time.

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Jazmin, Alex, Clanus (collab with @Kabboom )

Jazmin opens her eyes slightly as she didn’t feel the impact of the monstrosity, yet she felt herself getting launched. She then opened them fully when she realized she was laying in someone’s arms, whom was bleeding profusely from all over. She didn’t know who this man was, but he had just saved her life. She started to panic, she was a cleric and could heal him, but she didn’t know if her magic was strong enough and she started to panic even more.

She took a deep breath and decided to look over his wounds. She gently moved him and heard some grinding noises from within his body...Multiple fractures. She listened to his breathing, raspy and gurgly...he was bleeding internally and blood was filling his lungs. Tears filled her eyes and she wiped them away, she didn’t know if she could heal him. She looked up at the outpost walls and screamed. “I NEED HELP! ANYONE?”

Clanus was at the walls when he heard an unsatisfying thump near the base of the outpost. Peeking out of the entrance, he found... what in the tarnation was this? The lady that went weird and ran out after he saved her, slumped behind a warrior who had… a weird shield, and was bleeding. Reaching out to aid, Clanus grabbed the lady first. “I’m here, I’m here, the hell’s goin’ on?”

Jazmin noticed the man that had saved her before when she was in the outpost. She looked from him to the Alex. “He...he saved me from the monstrosity...but he has multiple fractures and also his lungs are filling with blood. I know I’m a cleric, but...but I don’t know if I can save him. His injuries are a lot worse than I expected.” Jazmin said as she looks at Clanus. “Help me gently bring him into the outpost, I can try to heal him if we are out of the combat zone.”

Nodding, Clanus obliged. Sliding his sword into its scabbard, the scoutsman assisted the healer in dragging the half-mangled warrior up the stairs. The other Guardsmen guarding the entrance swiftly made way, somehow squeezing themselves tightly against the sides of the already claustrophobic stairway. After they were in, the two laid Alex in a discreet place, out of direct line of sight of the Heidelisk and the field. “Okay, lass, what now?”

Jazmin began running through her head what to do and then remember the non magical procedure for draining blood from the lungs. “I need a hollow tube and also a needle.” Jazmin said as she then muttered a few words and placed her hand on Alex’s chest, attempting to heal at least the wounds she could heal with her magic. “I may not be able to heal him through magic, but i can help with actual medical practices.”

With some helpful shouting and percussive persuasion (punching Guardsmen for not giving up their goods), a hollow tube was procured. Needles were not very common in the outpost, but the soldiers here made do with sanitized sharp tubes hollowed out with Light magic, along with a probably inefficient canvas bag to store the goods. “This good enough, lady? All I can do!” Clanus replied, hands full of stuff as other Guardsmen shuffled around the place, putting crossbow and musket fire on the Heidelisk. From the sound of things, some Giants had engaged it in some manly fisticuffs, and the soldiers were cheering Aymeline on, advising her to jam her White Warcry up orifices that even Clanus wasn’t sure the Heidelisk had.

Jazmin managed to heal more than she thought, but the internal bleeding was still a problem as she looked at what Clanus had. “Yes, this should work. Get me some sterile bandages and be prepared to hand me whatever I need.” Jazmin said as she took a deep breath and set to work on removing the blood from his lungs, starting by making a hole where the blood would drain out of and placing the tube inside.


'The journey was a long one, but hey, it should be worth it in the end right?' Stravix thought to himself as he stretched from his long nap. A guard had woken him up saying they were arriving to the outpost shortly. He hopped out of the caravan he was napping in and started to walk the rest of the way on foot. Stravix couldn't wait to finally relax in a real outpost and get to work on anything that needed to be repaired. Stravix's job was an engineer/inventor...which was really easy to do with his abilities. Stravix chuckled to himself as they neared the outpost, which the smirk was quickly wiped off his face as he heard yelling and swords clanging against things. 'Oh no, the outpost..' Stravix thought to himself as he reached into his pocket, grabbed what appeared to be a chunk of metal ore and fashioned it quickly into a steel sword before running forth towards the noise.

When he got there, he did not expect to see a giant monstrosity in front of the outpost, which was looking rough due to all the damage dealt to it. 'well...that will be a bitch to fix' Stravix thought in his mind as he then focused his attention on the big threat. He could use his lightning on it...but he wasn't sure if it would do much to the armored foe. Stravix quickly turned his attention back at the outpost and then made a run for it. If he got to the outpost, he could at least shield it from further damage...as long as he could concentrate on it and there were no enemies inside.

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Pat saw the healer offer his services he felt the full waves of pain pulse from the back of his skull, it didn't hurt as bad now, by it was gonna smart like a mean old bitch the next day. “Thanks for the offer newbie, but I think we have a bigger problem at hand.” He said as he looked up toward the Heidelisk, the dark creature towering and raging in the night. He retrieved his sword, inspecting it for any damage that could've been caused. After no apparent damage had been found, he skirted the edge of the treeline, scanning for more minor darkborne, keeping his eye on the Heidelisk the entire time.

He had broken off from the main group, probably not the best idea, seeing as Vera was injured, and the only one who looked competent enough to fight. He watched as the two giants engaged the abomination, he watched as it flung Aymeline through a giant flaming rabbit, he suddenly had an idea, albeit a very stupid, dangerous idea, an idea so incredibly ludicrous that it had to work.

He started to make his way over to the giants, making sure to stay in the light of the pixies, lest he got shot by a buddy fucker*.

Buddy fucker*: A teammate who accidentally kills another team member usually through a stupid mistake on their part.
Aymeline’s sweat was accumulating on her brow. Nothing she’d done so far was worthy of breaking a sweat yet, though, it was just the whole scenario that brought stress into her mind. Those dark and bitter days on the Meriward Front have come back to gnaw at her subconscious, reminding her of her failure. She couldn’t protect her friends then, even with the Light connection. Would she perish now, when the Light was a lot more distant, and the foes more powerful?

No, now is not the time to think. Now is the time to act. Getting up to her feet, Aymeline steeled herself. She won’t fail a second time. Her comrades, her fellow warriors of Light, they shall not fall to the Heidelisk. She forbids it.

He finally made it to Aymeline, after dodging stray shots and crossbow bolts, he had managed to stay out of the Heidelisk's field of view. After stopping a few feet short of her he looked up. “Yo giant, I got an idea for killing the big fucker.” He said as he felt forces at work in his body, he had a feeling he had access to a new ability, and he planned on using it on the beast.
“Hm? What’s the idea?” queried the Giantess, surprised by his sudden appearance.
“Throw me.” He said, although he believed it would work, his pessimistic side argued that it was extremely stupid to do, seeing as he could get swatted out of the air like a fly, after he had finished the sentence, he felt his instincts pushing him to say something. “Nihil” he growled and he felt a surge, his repressed anger and rage flowing in his body, and he felt it flow into his sword. The edge ran pitch black, his grip tightening until his knuckles popped. He exuded venomous malice and he felt his sword become an extension of himself, like they were connected in spirit.
The Giantess was unsure about his request, it didn't seem like the most strategically sound choice, but necessity breeds invention. She had noticed him growl something and could feel the hatred pour out of him like a dam bursting, when she touched him, she felt the poisonous emotions and thoughts, it caused a sharp pain in her head before it passed, he could be fueling the darkborne, but an the old adage of fight fire with fire might work. He crouched in the palm of her hand as she slung the white warcry. “May the light guide you, if you aren't lost to it completely…” she whispered before standing.

After taking a running start, she hurled him with all her might, and she was extremely nighty. He sailed through the air, far above some of the highest battlements of the outpost. “Look!” Shouted one of the guardsmen mid reload, “Finn look at this!” Yelled another. “We don't really have tim-” Finn didn't have a chance to finish as him and a squad stood with their mouths agape at watching a man sailing across the sky toward the Heidilisk. They watched the arc of his trajectory in stunned silence that someone would be crazy enough to do that, and even crazier to do it toward a Heidilisk.

He gripped the the sword overhead and brought it down full force, using the power generated by the throw as well as the nihil strike, slicing deep into the neck of the Heidilisk.

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The Heidelisk took a neck-splitting blow, thanks to the foolhardy exploits of the berserker. The battle was now in its final phase, and victory seemed assured for the forces of Light. The question is, will anyone else die before it? Hopefully not. Not when the big beast was this weak. Its breaths were becoming more jagged, and its eyes sparked with pained frenzy, even for a Darkborne. Its minions, the regular Darkborne on the field, have abandoned all pretense of self-control, and are now blatantly being ordered by the shrieking Heidelisk to lash out as a swarm.

A small army of Burrowers, Runners and Darkwolves charge the Giantess, breaking through the meager barrier of guardsmen that stood between the two. Ignoring the guardsmen that still chopped at the beasts as they ran past, the Darkborne 'team' split up into multiple vectors of attack, before engaging Aymeline from multiple directions. These tactics bolstered their combat ability, but it didn't change their actual ability to withstand an angry giant lady's attacks. Swatted like flies, the Darkborne detachment was wiped out shortly, leaving Aymeline free to make her way towards the Heidelisk again.

Multiple Darkborne groups were sent after Gaheris, but to no avail, as the one-armed Giant used his agility to decimate the foul-spawn's ranks, and keep his distance. His mind was not on the Heidelisk anymore, successfully distracted by the small fry that have presented themselves for his blade. Slashing and stabbing with rather reckless abandon, the Giant temporarily lost himself in the slaughter, supported by the constant peppering of bullets and arrows from the guardsmen.

The nihil strike dealt massive damage, cracking the neck joint and left the head dangling precariously. Despite this, the Heidelisk still appeared alive. Using one of its free scythe-limbs, it swiped upwards and scraped the entirety of its backside, forcing Pat to rip his axe free and slide down its crooked back, lest he be cut in two. With its other limb, it swooped up Gaheris and pulled him into its belly-mouths. The fervent mouths, pummeled with constant firepower, hungered for flesh, and wasted no time biting into the Giant's armor.

But Gaheris yielded not. And neither did Tharek, the third half-Giant on the expeditionary group. His kilt did not impede his movement, as the swordsman from the North strode onto the battlefield, huge-as-fuck claymore in hand. Lunging forth into the belly of the beast, the tip of Tharek's blade pierced one of the abominable jaws, chipping the teeth as he stabbed it. With his free hand, the kilt-wearing Giant pulled Gaheris free, before stepping off himself. Feet stomping against the ground, the two immediately press their backs against each other, as they clear a fresh supply of Darkborne underlings sent against them.

Leaping in from afar, Aymeline landed with a thundering crash, sending up dirt and debris and dismembered Darkborne bits, shifting seamlessly into action with two deft swings of the White Warcry, sending more Darkborne bits into the air. With the Heidelisk's rumbling breathing above their heads, the three Giants come together, with Pat emerging from the side, having added more Dark ooze to his axe via violent action.

"What's the plan?" Aymeline blurted out, as she grabbed a Burrower and roughly introduced it to the dirt.
"The beast is weak! We must bring it down onto the ground!" Tharek proclaimed, swinging his claymore in a wide arc, catching Runners and Darkborne with the sharp end of his weapon.
"Yeah, we got that much, but question is how?" Pat chipped in, maneuvering himself between the Giants' legs and trying not to get squished as he defends their vulnerable legs from the nipping Darkborne.
"The... leg..." groaned the final member of the team. Taking brief respite from his mindless onslaught, Gaheris pointed to the Heidelisk's lower scythe-limbs, which were busy holding the Heidelisk upright.

A silent nod between the team confirmed their thoughts. Pat grabbed onto Gaheris' flailing broken arm, holding on tight as the Giant moved frighteningly fast towards the Heidelisk's crippled limbs. Stray arrows and bullets ricocheted off the duo's armor, as guardsmen and Conquerors fire indiscriminately into the Darkborne mist (there's a shit ton of them, who knew?). The limbs towered upwards and was unreachable, even for a Giant like Gaheris Agramar, like a pillar extending into the dark void of the sky. But since when did Gaheris Agramar and Pat Faber care about physical limits? Aiming haphazardly, Gaheris hurled his greatsword at the joint, missing by a marginal amount as the hunk of steel pierced chitin and lodged itself in the 'forearm' of the limb. Balancing Pat onto his good arm, Gaheris took aim again, being more careful this time, and gave him a good toss. The human berserker braced himself for impact.

Clinging precariously to the embedded greatsword, Pat hoisted himself onto the handle, which was a tremendous feat given his relative size to the greatsword. Being a 6'3 murder-beast meant he could take any fighter head-on when his feet were on the ground, but it made aerial maneuvers a bit... difficult. Nevertheless, the warrior balanced himself on the blade, enough to draw his axe. He had enough juice in him for another Nihil Strike. Even if he didn't, then he'll just have to suck it up.

Tharek and Aymeline ran to the side, making their way up onto the Heidelisk's back. Tharek took the long way around, with his kilt and unfamiliarity with vertical surfaces limiting him to running up the thing's back from all the way behind; Aymeline took a more direct approach, using the Pickaxe configuration of her White Warcry to dig into the Heidelisk's thick skin and simply climb up at the halfway point. As the two made it up the top, the beast's scythe-limb came back up again. Bracing himself, the half-Giant Tharek bore the brunt of the swipe, skidding back a fair bit on his solid two feet, with his claymore nearly buckling from the impact. Seizing the moment, Aymeline's White Warcry returned to its hammer form, and she mercilessly whacked away at the flexible joint on this scythe-limb, breaking it on the fourth hit. Casting aside the broken limb, the two ascended to the apex, where Pat left his work sadly unfinished.

A quick glance down onto Pat confirmed the plan. They were ready. It was now or never. With her last good breath, Aymeline yelled out a warning to the guardsmen. "Guardsmen, evacuate! The Heidelisk's coming down!" The Guardsmen obliged, mostly out of unwillingness to be crushed by a falling Heidelisk. With that out of the way, the Heidelisk died.

Pat gathered his balls and jumped upwards, barely reaching the scythe-limb's vital elbow joint. With a devastating Nihil Strike, he split the limb in two, severing the Heidelisk's stable contact with the ground. With his energy spent, he clung to his axe and fell, landing in Gaheris' grasp. The Heidelisk soon found it down a crucial scythe-limb, and with all its other limbs preoccupied or disabled gruesomely, the being wobbled on its remaining limb. Its trembling body served as a piss-poor launching platform for Tharek and Aymeline, but they persisted and leaped upwards. Tharek's claymore landed with a disgusting slash upon the fresh neck wound, squeezing the Heidelisk's vocal cords. Aymeline's hammer landed on the claymore, giving it the blunt force needed to push through the rest of the neck, severing the Heidelisk's head in one fell swoop.

The Heidelisk collided with the ground in two parts. The ensuing impact kicked up dust. Lots of it. The immediate battlefield was obscured, even to the guardsmen on the field, containing the regular Darkborne. Still on top of the situation, the Conquerors gave command, and the collective group of soldiers on the field begun pouring indiscriminate fire into the dusty mist. Grenades, crossbows, bows, guns, even rocks and stones, all went into the oblique field of dust, with the ceasefire order coming from Jericho himself.

Jericho Audaton

An absolute mess of a battlefield. At least the Heidelisk's dead. Barking the ceasefire order in the loudest voice that he could muster in his current state, Audaton managed to get the guardsmen and Conquerors to stop shooting into the dust. If the Heidelisk is dead, then the Darkborne would no doubt have charged out at them by now. What little there were left would've been killed already. All that would've been left to take the firepower were the brave warriors that got the job done.

Waving two Conquerors over to his side, Audaton entered the dust. The brown air choked his nose as he delved deeper, with his Halberd barely visible in front of him. As he went further in, the dust dissipated, and he soon located Pat. The berserker was absolutely exhausted, resting on Gaheris' slumped over lap. The duo were still alive, thankfully, and Gaheris gave out some coughs to let Jericho know he was still alive. The two other Giants revealed themselves through their silhouettes, standing up bravely through the dissipating mist. With a light chuckle, Aymeline acknowledged Jericho.

"Pretty good, huh?"

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Stravix got into the base with no worries and managed to get to the center, got ready to throw his shield up, when he heard a large thud outside the outpost. He looked up and saw that the giant monstrosity was dead and his heart jumped for joy. 'Good...the deed is done.' He thought to himself as he then went and looked for a guardsman. "Excuse me, where can I find whomever is in charge?" The guardsman looked at Stravix and pointed out Jericho. Stravix nodded his thanks and walked up to Jericho. "Excuse me sir, I do believe I'm to report to you. I'm Stravix, Engineer/Repairman/Inventor. Looks like your outpost is quite a mess now isnt it?"

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The battle raged on. Men and beasts danced in the fevered pitch of battle, all displaying vivid colours of wild, crazed, blood-drunken madness. Then flash - came the Light, amidst the glimmering of blades and fangs, banishing the Dark's dominion.

Maria watched in awe as a coherent beam of Light energy came firing out of the Inuin's palm in torrents, similar to the larger column the giant summoned earlier. The beam of Light travelled across the battlefield, as the defenders of the Light looked upon. The Darkmage was felled, but the beasts have not given up, and amidst the bloody fray that was still raging around them, Buras's Light was a reminder of the might and beauty of the Light - may it bless them with the strength to stand and the courage to endure until the morning comes, now that the fight was approaching an end with the odds in their favour.

The beam of Light fell short of the Heidelisk, not that Maria was paying any mind to that. The girl had rushed over by the Inuin's side when the latter collapsed.
"Not on my watch, Buras. And I'll see to it that we make it out of this too." She said in response to the Inuin's request.

However, that by itself was easier said than done. The Inuin was exhausted of his Light and strength - he couldn't even stand, let alone swinging a blade. She couldn't drag him into a fight. While the battle was indeed winding down around them, with victory in sight as the Heidelisk soon fell, numerous Runners and Exmen were still roaming the opening around the fort. The Guardian had to take her battle partner to safety, and the question was how.

Maria held the polearm firmly in her hands and prepared for a fight, scanning the surrounding and pondered her options.

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Hearthfall Season - Night
Outpost, Darkwoods

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A Long Way From Home

Wrinkled frowns dissipated, the wicked shadows receded. The warrior's armasas resided within the confines of his firm hands, dripping with tar-like ligaments that had tainted what was once a glimmering symbol of Sarmania's might, as well as his battle-scarred armor. Fatigue found its place within every fiber of the weary spearman. Uri growled audibly, as he tried to catch his breath. Is it over? It has to be. His body ached all over, contrarily bringing the man a sense of relief that he was still alive. Ghosts should not be able to feel pain, or so he thought. The twin spears retracted, with a metallic ring to it as it retained the form of a long dagger, all the while being wiped clean of the black residue at the swipe of Uri's hands upon his waist sash. A loud thud upon the soil and the man was on his knees, as his gauntlets found his dirt-filled face. His head were being hammered in. Where he had tried to ignore the pain, the inevitable aftermath of any human's finite physique were all visible to those around him. As the battle suppression receded, everything around him came into focus. Among his peripheral clarity, it had struck him with a certain realization.

"Commander Pavlov!" Uri gasped in horror, as he quickly got up, and dragged himself towards the treeline.

There she laid, beneath the fallen willow. Uri took off Vera's helmet, as his index and middle finger landed upon her neck gently. He felt her pale neck's pulse, and let out a relieved sigh. While she was still unconscious, Uri was glad that Vera was mostly safe. Mostly. She had lost a lot of blood, but with the cleric's help, Vera was stable for the time being. There would be a time for guilt and redemption, but for now, he had to move her back to the outpost. A few metallic clang followed, as Uri lifted his wounded Sarmanian commander with what strength he had left. The wounds that Vera had sustained were more than enough to be anointed by her successive Sarmanian comrade to be the foundation towards their recent successes. Uri had coined it as such, as the battle was far from any credibility of an ensured victory. How many more long battles must they endure, before it all comes to an end? Let alone a happy ending. But from what the young Karelian could see, it was a hopeless one. He had expected it as such, but with the recent skirmishes to account for, as well as the wicked forces that they have seen, the flames of the righteous were nearly extinguished - fading gradually from the grasps of the negligent souls far from the woods.

"Come on, Commander. Hang in there..." he said, as Uri paced himself past familiar faces, disregarding everything around him.

The long march towards the outpost had captured the weary marine's burdened heart. He could not bear to see another battle such as this, for Vera's sake. The girl was someone dear to the man, and he could not keep her safe. He had blamed himself many times before, but with it, a certain hatred for this wicked world's cruel hands. What were they doing here? Were souls of the naive something to be simply another batch of fodder for the slaughter? These questions plagued the cursed knight, as his steps got heavier. His disdains and contempt were raised, but unspoken. Doubt has always been a soldier's worst enemy in the face of adversity. When Uri enlisted, he had wanted to better himself, but it had seemed that it was not enough. He was no fortunate one to keep giving and giving. No amount of words were enough to depict what he had seen. For once in his life, the man wanted to go home, but cowardice was not the right way to go, not when Vera would view it differently. Her eccentric personality did not justify his cause to stay, but rather what he wanted to escape from in the first place - what evils mankind and the World of Light as a whole were capable of. There were no good or evil in this place. It was coming gradually to him now. All that matters in the end is survival, no matter the price. The Darkbornes were not that much different from the World of Light. To each evil given, a reciprocal interest would in turn be returned in the folds.

The long march came to a halt upon the asphalt and smoldering stones around Uri, as he settled Vera down upon a vacant stretcher. Everything around him gradually blurs, as he laid down next to Vera. Uri's hair flowed upon the hard ground, as his eyes made peace with his struggling body. The end of their journey. However, a reticent, yet audible sound caught his attention, as he turned to his left side to the sight of a glaring pair of red crystals. Watered to the brim, while dyed in crimson, Uri could not help but let his tears flow. His hands reached out to the creature, interlocking his fingers with hers. She smiled.

"Is it done? ... Is everyone else... safe?"

"It's never done... you know that... commander..." Uri chuckled with relief.

"There's no commander here, Uri... only Vera... I told you to stop... calling... me... that... potato head... My promises undone by my selfish actions... I am... ash- ...amed..." Vera smiled slightly, trying her best to breathe her words.

In the moment, Uri closed off his darker thoughts, abiding by Vera's calming words. Between them and the outpost being relieved of its troubles, they could care less about what happens next. They have done their parts, and have gone further than most could. However prideful that may have seemed for the marines, there was no helping but take into sight above them.

"... heh... well... you did promised the company the stars..." Uri turned towards the clear sky. His fatigued hand pointed towards the glimmering dome of darkness. The spearman's gauntlet curled up gradually, as if grasping the stars.

"... We're a long way from home, aren't we, Uri?" Vera giggled, with a few coughs in between her weak voice.

"Aye... one hell of a fight. Wake me up when Hearthfall ends, will ya, commander? I'll... see... you... on the ... other side..." the spearman's voice grew softer, as he faded away and let the tranquil zephyrs carried him off, knowing that Vera was still intact.

Vera turned towards Uri one last time, as her eyes lowered gently. Panning from the guardsmen scurrying about, the Sarmanian duo laid silently beneath the tattered tarp. The peaceful breeze carried them home, undisturbed by the troubles of the world.

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Fight was over, nothing to worry about now. He was still a bit annoyed that there was not utter destruction here, but that wasn't his concern. He would find who was ready to destroy the darkness, then ally with them. Until then, he would play the happy healer while he got a feel for the rest of the people. He moved to the large man who had gotten injured, figuring he wouldn't mind some healing. His face stern, and his body stiff, he moved up to the warrior.

"Do you need your wounds closed? You took a beating there it would be a shame if you couldn't fight again because of an injury." There wasn't much to be said. He had plenty of energy, the fight didn't last long and he was not in much danger (though he might have been if his shield kept getting attacked.

He silently watched the whole group. He could tell by looking at them who would be strong allies and who would just be liabilities, and even worse, who would be enemies. It didn't matter-his faith would lift him through anything, so no matter what the obstacle, he would be ready, and the people around him could rise up with him, or fall into the darkness that he would destroy.

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The caravan arrived just as the battle began to draw to a close. A shame that the main event had concluded before Luthax had an opportunity to take part in the action. The Guardian broke off from the convoy and went ahead towards the fort. While the largest of the Darkborne horrors had fallen, stragglers still remained. Exmen, Runners, and the sort--nothing of serious concern. It was the common Imperial grunt's job to clean up the battlefield after the Guardians slew the deadliest foes, but Luthax was in a helpful mood. That, and he felt obligated to make up his usefulness after arriving after the battle.

As the others rallied, the Guardian in Bloodplate* strolled across the battlefield with his Bulwark Paradox* in hand. Three exmen noted Luthax's presence and darted towards him with fangs bared, ready to tear into their newfound quarry. The first was met with a powerful downward slash that cleaved the body in half, leaving the two pieces to dissolve seperately. The second found an armored fist in its jaw rather than flesh. Whatever brain it left was now gone as Luthax's green flames burned the dark flesh from inside out. The third exman was pitifully ended with a stab of the Bulwark Paradox and dissolved around the blade.

Luthax let out a small chuckle at how easily the individual Darkborne fall. In hordes, they were a threat, but one or two? A farm hand could slay them. He continued his leisurely walk--his armor making it rather bothersome to do otherwise--around the battlefield, eventually coming across a convergence of Darkborne. An event that indicates some source of Light amidst landscape. More likely than not, a group of warriors that wandered a bit too far from the vanguard against the Darkborne. His superiors wouldn't be too happy if they found out that he left the poor soldiers to die at the claws of Runners and Exmen. It doesn't help his case when his armor glows green when he's using his powers.

Drawing a flintlock with his left hand, Luthax fired an incendiary Light round nearby the general location of the trapped soldiers. The shot exploded in a flash of green light as Luthax drew closer and shouted, "Hold on! Don't let the Darkborne overwhelm you just yet! I'm coming!"

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The arrival of another warrior in her field of vision surprised her, as battle was joined and most people took pains to stay out of the path of a charging giant. She was only too happy to launch the man, however, ridiculous of a plan as it was. She couldn't argue with the results, though. That throw and his blade nearly took the Heidilisk's head off!

Leaving her to deal with the fallout, for the Darkborne flooded the ranks of the defenders. It was all she could do to keep herself from being overrun by a seemingly endless horde of Burrowers, Runners and Darkwolves. Some were faster than she, faster than the mighty White Warcry, so she swung her great hammer and smashed the enemy she could reach while enduring hit after hit. Her enchanted jade-steel alloy mail resisted their teeth, as the Light resisted the Dark. As her Guardian weapon thinned their ranks to nothing, she was finally free to smash down the few more agile attackers, leaving her free to join the final push.

Joining with the other giants, she joined the final assault and indeed climbed the great monster's back with her pickaxe configuration. From there, her hammer smashed the claymore in and finished the monster.

Aymeline rolled upon impact, thudding to a stop over the bodies of the fallen, feeling very much fallen herself. It took her a moment to start breathing again. Then, wearily, she planted the White Warcry in the ground head-first and used it as a crutch to push herself to her feet. Her back ached savagely from the blow she'd taken in the ruins, and numerous more cuts and scrapes had accumulated from this assault. Her ribs hurt where she'd taken blow after blow. And though she didn't limp back to the Outpost, her sinews and tendons creaked from the enormous demand she'd made on them. What's more, the well of Light within her was all-but-empty, spent by her Proxy power earlier and flowing back in by trickles. She'd need at least a full night's sleep to regain her strength.

The Giant arrived amongst the surviving warriors at last, her cheeks smudged and her pink hair an ashy mess but her gleaming mail still shining despite the carnage of the battle. Towering over most everyone else here, she straightened and looked on, knowing the common soldiers of the Outpost had come to see her as a rallying point. Weary as she was, standing tall could do more for their morale than a rest would do for hers.

"Everyone in!" she bellowed suddenly, turning back to the battlefield as she saw intermittent action and a few soldiers who hadn't rallied up. Aymeline set the great jade hammerhead on the ground and cupped her mouth with both hands to amplify a surprisingly high-pitched yet incredibly loud voice when she projected, as she was doing now. "Rally up! Signal for wounded!"

Turning back to face the Outpost, Aymeline chuckled and pointed to Quatermaster Sculley. "Get the sled!" Though she'd only had to use it twice before, the soldiers of the Outpost had rigged up a wooden-braced sling tied to a rope harness she could shoulder her way into. Once lashed up, the Giant set out with a soldier or two. When they found someone too injured to stand or walk back to safety, they could take a seat in the sled and let her pull them in.

Spotting a healer or two among the gathering throng of survivors, Aymeline said to them, "Stay put, I'll bring your work to you."


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Jericho Audaton

The night was still long, but not with combat; hopefully, at least. They'd spent at least a solid hour, repelling the blasted forces of Darkness, culminating in the Heidelisk's beheading. The rest of the Darkborne around would hopefully be smooth sailing from here, with their controlling unit gone. Aymeline had rallied the green Guardsmen back into the safety of the outpost, with the Conquerors standing firm outside - although some of them did show some hesitation when she put her hammer down and yelled out the rally order. Their commander's stand-guard-or-I'll-pull-your-eyes-out-your-ass glare convinced them to stay still, which was good for everyone involved. As demonstrated by one of the newcomers wearing green armor, there were still Darkborne afoot, and grenades would be more than appreciated at this phase of the cleanup. No one wants to get jumped by a random Darkwolf when the big bad Heidy had already been vanquished.

"Yup, a fine fucking mess. Can you fix it?" This Stravix appeared to be a build-based Guardian, based on the sole shield that Jericho saw upon first glance. Build-based Guardians have done a fine job patching the Empire's infrastructure and overall construction work, what with their ability to, well, build. They usually come with a weird quirk to their abilities, however, like that one guy who could only build things when the materials were on fire, or that other girl who built exclusively sand buildings. Hopefully this Stravix has something actually useful for a frontline outpost.

Lt. Finn

Lieutenant Finn stabbed an Exman thoroughly, through the heart. The night had not been tender on his wretched body, and he was feeling the burn. His tendons felt like they have already melted, and his legs feel like they were made of hardwood, so stiff and painful to stretch. He'd been in this outpost for months, and this was the first time in his years of fighting that had really worn him out. Maybe he should get some rest, after the perimeter's secured. The big Aymeline's returned for her medic sled, and if she's eased her guard, then maybe... maybe he can ease his, as well.

Yeah, that would sound nice. Loosening up for once. Funny, how those thoughts come to him in his times of stress. Sweat drenched his entire torso, soaking his back and front. Salty droplets of mental and physical exhaustion manifest themselves and continue to drip into Finn's eyes whenever he opens them, making them sting more than they already do. Considering his current state, with the tattered weapon he clenched in his fist, and the scratched-up armor plates pressing down on his shoulders, he could go for a rest. Maybe after this, he'll go to sleep. Maybe he'll call for a rotation, get out of this Lightforsaken forest. Maybe he can go back home-- no, maybe he can roam around freely. He was still young. Right? Maybe... maybe he can find someone. Settle down.

But that'll have to come later. For now, he needed to make sure this perimeter stayed up. The Conquerors had everything under control, looks like, but he'd never been one to assume things. Him and his retinue of Guardsmen will hold near the entrance while the Conquerors clear out the treeline with grenades. That's a good enough plan, considering his legs. He needed more men, to establish post-battle ops within the outpost. Greenies herded, tallies counted, repairs queued, bandages shared, magics checked, much more. But he can't do that, not with these legs.

"Umak, go find Sergeant Eiglen. Tell him to do post-battle ops." Finn hushed one of his comrades-in-arms, sending him rushing back towards the outpost with heavy steps. That Guardsman was, well, old, with the white hair, and he'd apparently rushed out to the fight when the first gunshots rang out. The two exchanged names after the Heidelisk came up, and fortunately they're both alive to remember each other's names. His team spirit is admirable, but his age prevents him from being a strong link in the chain. Some improved footwork, and Umak will--

Why have his footsteps stopped? Turning around, Finn spotted the old Guardsman stopping at the base of the entrance staircase. The old-timer's gaze was fixed on something, slumped over in the corner of the stairway. Shifting closer, Finn got a closer look at the object. The person.

Shit, wasn't the commander close with that guy?

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"Yes sir! all i need is quite a bit of metal ore if you got a mine or something around here. it takes me about 20 mins per ton of metal to build something nice out of it. if you have a layout of the damage and what the outpost looks like when completely structured, im sure i can reinforce it with metal rather than the stone i see lying around here." Stravix said with confidence in his voice. Stravix was always able to build metal and it was his specialty. he loved repairing, remolding, and even deconstructing metal object and transforming them into brand new versions of themselves or even something they were originally not. "i can also reinforce or repair metal guns and armor and, if we have left over metal ore, make bullets and extra melee weapons. however, if there is a storm about to roll in anytime soon, im afraid i would become absolutely useless to you at that time." Stravix said with a sigh. he hated his quirk, but at the same time, loved it because that meant he could relax and watch the lightning shoot across the sky. "other than that sir, i am ready to be put to work on whatever you need."

Jazmin and Alex

"ok, he should be fine now." Jazmin said out loud as she finished patching Alex up. She was proud of herself, with what little she had to work with, she managed to get Alex stabilized and breathing normally without any internal bleeding. However, she wants sure how long the mighty warrior that saved her life would be out for, hopefully he would recover before the next onslaught. Jazmin looked around and made her way to the outside to try and find the other injured members of the outpost and try to save their lives as well.

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Stravix and Jericho (collab with @Kabboom )

"Yes sir! all i need is quite a bit of metal ore if you got a mine or something around here. it takes me about 20 mins per ton of metal to build something nice out of it. if you have a layout of the damage and what the outpost looks like when completely structured, im sure i can reinforce it with metal rather than the stone i see lying around here."
Stravix said with confidence in his voice. Stravix was always able to build metal and it was his specialty. he loved repairing, remolding, and even deconstructing metal object and transforming them into brand new versions of themselves or even something they were originally not. "i can also reinforce or repair metal guns and armor and, if we have left over metal ore, make bullets and extra melee weapons. however, if there is a storm about to roll in anytime soon, im afraid i would become absolutely useless to you at that time."
Stravix said with a sigh. he hated his quirk, but at the same time, loved it because that meant he could relax and watch the lightning shoot across the sky. "other than that sir, i am ready to be put to work on whatever you need."

Alright, good. Well, we don’t have a mine nearby. Can you make do with what you have in the wagons? Try not to use the weapons and armor, we need those.

Depends on how much metal ore we have on the wagons vs. how much needs to be done and made. I will not dig into the supply i keep on my person, which is the metal armor, the sword, and the ore i keep in my pocket. With the damages sustained and the weapons and armor that could be damaged, i would require about 5 to 10 tons of metal ore to fix the hole in the ground, put up new walls and create more ammunition. Repairs are easy for i just use the metal they are made of to reform them.

That’s… not gonna be good. We don’t need to fix the hole in the ground, focus on the walls. How much for them?

Hmmm...seeing how tall the walls are and the fact I also have to make the stairs to be able to climb up them efficiently…” Stravix closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them. “I would need at least a ton of ore to surround the outpost.

Well, I don’t even know if we have a ton of ore lying around. Get it done however you can.

Stravix thinks for a moment on how he could possibly get it done, before a light went off in his head. “The big hole in the ground the Heidilisk came out of, do you have any spare workers that could help me excavate the hole to see if any ore is lying inside of it? Should be deep enough to grab some. Then i can pick and choose the areas that need the most work done and the most protection.

That can be arranged, yeah. You go grab some guardsmen and check it out. I’ll hold the perimeter.

Stravix nods. “I will get right on that. Depending on the size of the hold and how much ore we have on the caravan’s, it shouldn’t take me more than 4 hours to get the base up and running on defenses. I can also help the smithy fix armor and sharpen weapons in that time frame as well.” Stravix said as he turns around and shouts as loud as possible for everyone to hear, even those inside the base to hear him. “I need some strong men and women to help me excavate the giant hole in the ground outside the base in order to make some reinforcements, who wishes to join me?

A few guardsmen whom were not injured or shaken during battle offered to lend a hand, walking up to stand beside Stravix. This was plenty of people, but Stravix stood around just a bit longer before he wanted to head out, just in case.


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Lazlo Talonguard
Turning to see who had called him, he saw that he had his work cut out for him elsewhere. Apparently most others didn't do as well as they did, which made him question the ability of people here. Sure, if he was alone his barriers would have shattered and he would have had to think of something else...but that was it, he would have thought of something else. Did nobody else here think of plan B, or did they just wildly run in swinging like nothing mattered? Perhaps this was what the Archbishop spoke of when he talked of the weakness of the world, and this is why that only a select few could be darklights. He didn't know all of them, but had a feeling none of them could have survived like he did; but of course none of them had the flame of faith that he did.

He knew then that the reason he was here was not just to banish the darkness, but to bring others into the light. He would need to implant in them the visions of the Red Church so that they might slowly succumb to the truth. It would take time, but it was a task he was willing to wait for, as there was one truth, and it was his job to spread it to those less fortunate than himself.

"Of course." He said kindly, meeting the giantess halfway. "I can take care of these men, you should focus on finding others. Are you alright? I can mend your wounds first so you have the strength to carry more men if you'd like?"


Master P

Pat was fucking tired. At first the surge of power that flowed into his sword had cost him much of the stamina he had. The second one drained him completely. He could barely move after striking again. After the dust settled, he completely lost the will to do anything more, he had killed the damn monster, and that was enough. He just sat with a blank, tired expression with his sword resting blade down on his shoulder, the grip and cross guard sitting above.

After collecting himself at the foot of Gaheris, the apparent ninja-giant of the group he looked wearily at the robed man who looked like a priest. "Yo, mind giving me a hand up?" he managed to groan, he felt he was going to sleep extremely well this night.



Behind Your Chair

Surprised at the offer, the mail-clad Giant turned back to the presumed healer and studied him intently. Then a slow smile spread across her face and she dipped her head in admiration, causing long locks of pink hair to bob across her field of vision. "A kind offer," she says to the man who looked like one of her fellow Guardians, albeit one she didn't know personally. "In my experience, the amount of healing energy it takes to heal is proportional to the size and extent of the damage. Healing me now would likely take the strength of healing four men, if your powers work the same way."

"A kind offer," Aymeline repeats, stepping forward to shake the man's hand. "But I'm fit enough to carry the wounded to you. I'll keep through the night. Once triage is done, and once I've had a good night's sleep, I'll have the energy to grant you all the healing you need to do. I'm Aymeline, by the way. And it's good to have you with us after a night like this."

With those words spoken, and after listening to any response he cares to make, the Giant sets off across the battlefield to find any of the wounded she can to haul back in her sled to the safety of the Outpost.


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Swiftly, the Conquerors establish a perimeter, putting their training to good use. They hadn't been too useful early on in the fight, but that only meant they were the most qualified ones to mop up the stragglers and guard the perimeter now. With their lightweight armor plates fastened tightly to their bodies, they made no sound as they hustled about, their greaves reflecting shimmering moonlight as they strode forth. Burly figures rush through the smoke and mist left behind by the Heidelisk's great fall, already searching for survivors. Elsewhere, lone Darkborne, severed from their higher command, revert back to their feral forms, charging mindlessly in the vague direction of Imperials, only to be obliterated under a maelstrom of crossbow bolts and grenade shrapnel.

The two Giants, Gaheris and Tharek, went their separate ways: the broken-armed Giant headed for the outpost, to check on everyone, while the claymore-wielding one trudged back into the Heidelisk's corpse, looking to ensure that the Darkborne threat was sealed, and that no sneaky surprise subterranean tunnels were going to reopen. Conquerors in the area simply moved around the big lumbering warriors, like a stream splitting between a rock; some of the more rookie-looking ones did stand around and gawk at the Giantess, before being slapped upside the head by their comrades and pushed to their positions. Other Conquerors brought wounded to Aymeline: from bleeding Guardsmen limping towards the sled, to bloodied Conquerors carrying legless comrades on their backs, to heavily mutilated Guardsmen, clinging to life by the skin of their teeth, being dragged on the ground towards the pink-haired medical wagon.

A prominent Conqueror sergeant approached the green-armored warrior, or rather, ran up alongside him. "Sir, we should push in! We have friendlies deep in the forest, and they haven't made it out!" the Conqueror had never met Luthax before, and the two hadn't even introduced themselves to each other, but judging by the fact that his guns were pointed at the Darkborne and not the Guardsmen, the sergeant assumed Luthax was friendly. Alongside him were a few other Conquerors, crossbows raised and ready to annihilate any threat that dares peek out. "We'll go in together, yes?"

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Jericho Audaton

a familiarly annoying voice rang out behind him. "This is all madness!" the viscount in charge of this outpost cried out. He had not taken his sudden demotion well, and has now come out of his hidey-hole up in the outpost tower to berate everyone actively involved in its defense, apparently. "You are an utter disgrace, Guardian! This is a clear violation of Imperial battle doctrine, and an outrageous misuse of rightful Imperial assets!" he continued, fancy hat fluttering with his movements, as his pair of bodyguards struggle to keep up with him in shiny, untested metal armor. Judging by the looks on their faces, they've grown used to this kind of behavior, and are simply just waiting for his tantrums to be over with.

"Your command of my outpost has yielded us nothing but disaster! First, your 'expeditionary' group arrives out of order, and completely lacking in discipline, and now, you have brought the vile Darkborne upon us with your foul presence! Have you no wit?! My men are meant for defense upon the walls, for defense, defending the gods-damned outpost, do you hear me! How dare you take them from my command--"

"Oh, your command? Where the fuck have you been for the last few hours, huh?" Jericho retorted. The night had been long, even longer than that Devourer Serpent night, and Audaton couldn't tolerate this corrupt behavior no longer. Officers like these are why brave men continue to die meaninglessly on the fields; stubborn dogs maddened by their pursuit of glory, discarding the lives of men like pawns upon a chessboard... the ashen mountain of dead men are fed, and made bigger by the fires of greed and selfishness. They never realize that when all the lives they could burn finally slip through their fingers, their own fires will be snuffed out abruptly, smothered by the Darkness like a pincer.

"Y-You dare speak back to me?! After all that you have done?! You dare?!"
"Why, yes, I dare, you good-for-nothing viscount!"
"I've been out here, coordinating our defenses, while you were sitting in your stupid fucking tower, with both your hands up your ass! You think, because your family connections got you a higher rank, that means you are superior to everyone else who opposes you?! Look around, fuckface! You have done fuck-all, you are fuck-all, now fuck off!"

And without further debate, the viscount huffed himself off the premises. His bodyguards followed him shortly after. At least that was the viscount out of the way. Now, onto the current situation, right. Maria and Buras were nowhere to be found yet, but the Conqueror sergeant that Jericho sent should find them soon enough, Gods bless him. The other three Giants were up and about, which meant their wounds are not too serious, and Aymeline was collecting the wounded. Off of the top of his head, Audaton could recall a few more members of his expedition, who were incapacitated in some way back in the outpost. He'll address that problem later, for now he needs to focus on the Front: once the wounded are collected, then the retreat order can be sent, and the Conquerors can retreat inward. The uncoordinated Darkborne are child's play against the crack troops; for all other purposes, the battle has been won and the outpost successfully defended.

Heading towards Pat, Jericho noticed the new face. That guy there, where did he come from? He certainly didn't come from the convoy groups, since Jericho did a thorough visual inspection of them when they rode onto the scene, and he was definitely not part of the original group. "You there. Are you new? Where'd you come from?" Jericho nodded at Lazlo, his undone helmet strap clinking on his dirtied armor plate as he did so.

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