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"Kadan. It means Beloved" - Iron Bull (Dragon Age)
Hello friends. The name is FaddedFox, but you can call me Fadded, Fox, whatever you decide as long as it is not offensive and inappropriate. I am 30, work full-time, have a side art business, and care for my grandmother. I have been role-playing for ages and generally love fantasy, science fiction, and adding a bit of romance in the plot. I am looking for maybe 2 more long-term partners. I may make some exceptions! I'll go ahead and list a few more things about my rp style and what I am looking for but I just wanted to give a little introduction before we jump in! Sorry this isn't super pretty; I have looked into all the BBCode yet. Without further adieu, let's get into the important bits of this thread!

About my style+ I consider myself semi-literate to literate and prefer longer paragraphs. I generally match what my partner gives me and I want to see reactions and plots being moved forward. I understand things tend to get shorter if they are just having a conversation, but I don't want all of our responses to be a paragraph or a line. There isn't much to work with there. I want to write a story with you!
+ I will try to get a post out each week. Sometimes I can do more, sometimes less, it just depends on what is going on and how tired I am. If I don't respond in two weeks, you're more than welcome to poke me. I may have forgotten I wrote the post in my head and didn't actually post it. I am pretty friendly and laid back so please don't feel nervous about it! It happens.
+ I do enjoy adding romance, but in accordance to the rpnation rules, we must fade to black here. I generally play male and male/male pairings, but depending on the plot, I am okay with playing something else. Just ask me. :)
+ I do enjoy OOC chat, sharing memes and whatever! Like I said, I am pretty chill. Just please don't be rude and aggressive. We won't mesh well if you do.
+ Cussing/dark themes - I enjoy dark themes in role-plays. I understand characters curse, they come from dark places. Character development is a must!
+ I write in third person.
+I am pacific time, if time-zones mean something to you.[/font]

+ As mentioned before, I love fantasy and science fiction.
+I use anime pictures and artistic character pictures for inspiration. I do not like using real people as face claims since they are real people, but if you want to, that's fine.
+ if something in the rp isn't working, I will tell you so. I want us both to have fun and if something is boring, that is okay. We can do something else, change things up, or just start over. As I said, I want us to be able to mesh well and have fun!
+I will not just vanish and never come back. As stated above, if I suddenly vanish, it is because I am busy. I will do my best to let you know if something is coming up but I may forget I didn't. So again, don't feel afraid to poke me. I'll respond. I will always come back.
+I have discord if you want to chat on there and plot stuff. I do prefer the rp to be here on site though. I also prefer private messages.

What I am asking for+Please be LGBTQ+ friendly in OOC chat. I totally understand if characters aren't. That adds to the rp but I don't want that in the ooc chat we have going on. Nothing derogatory about anyone or anything really. Also PLEASE don't talk to me about politics. We are here to enjoy ourselves and create something together. I am not interested in talking politics. Other than that, I don't have many triggers.
+Please be semi-literate to literate! I want to push my writing and push yours too! I understand typos. I have them lol. I just want to make sure I can understand what is going on. You don't have to write me a novel each time if you don't feel it, but at least 2 paragraphs if it is not a talking scene.
+Please be 18 and above. Considering my own age, I just find it more appropriate this way. I prefer if you're in your 20s and mature, but if you're a mature 18 year old, more power to you.
+I want a partner! This means I want to hear your ideas too! I want to create something with you so I would love for you to be able to add things to a plot, take away things, work things out with me.
+Character development. Did I say that before? Well here it is again.
+Be okay with some dark mature themes, cursing characters and rude characters (depending on the plot). I won't ever be rude to you via ooc chat or anything. (site rules apply)
+Be okay with character maiming and death depending on the plot. I do like to add that at times. You want to maim my character? Go right ahead. Allow me the same! (we will also talk about characters deaths and what not so it is not a god mod)
+OOC chat with me! I love to get to know my partners a little and share memes and songs and stuff about the rp or what helps me write.
+Please don't ghost on me! I'll poke you if it has been a while or longer than usual to see if you're okay. If you are not enjoying the rp, just let me know and we can try something new together.

I think that is about it. I will update these lists as needed.

Things I am interested in-Sirens. I just love sirens. I have my own version which we can talk about and mesh with your ideas.
-vampires -NOT Twilight. I also have various types of vampires in mind, and we can play around with that.
-Artificial Intelligence - also have lots of stuff with them.
-Dragons. Just, who could not? I love dragons. Everything dragons.
-hunter/hunted type stuff
-demons/witches/nightwalkers oh my!

Will updated as things come to mind. I just added some plots and things can be combined and stuff! Also, if you don't like any of these ideas, that's totally fine; message me anyway and share one of your own or we can start hashing things out! :)

Loose plots

Descendants of Dragons <craving
This plot revolves around a race that descended from dragons. I have similar other types or races, but this one is called the 'Dra'za'. They have antlers on their heads, a pale type of scaling on their body that is soft, and long tails. They live in their own cities in the forest and honor their gods which are dragons. No one has actually seen a dragon in ages however. I am thinking that maybe the clan is fighting with another race of some sort, could be humans or whatever race you want to pick and something happens to force two of the characters together maybe to raise a child or something? I don't have a full idea fleshed out here, I want it to be open, but I did see my character as one of the Dra'za and he is a bit young, maybe 18 and he had been attacked by the other race and is deeply scarred and has some trauma and what not and exploring how he and the other character open up to each other though they were initial enemies. I do prefer m/m here.

Lacoi Doctor <interested in
This one is kind of similar to the one above in that I am looking to play a character that was traumatized by something. This time, he was a doctor in a war. He has PTSD, trying to go back to being what he was and having a hard time, and he's got a physical injury. His race is somewhat more aquatic. They have finned tails and a big frill around their head (think that spitting dino in Jurassic park). They are generally blue in coloring and rarely, we have a red one but they're usually from towns bordered with the ocean. I am thinking his side lost the war so your character can play same race, conquering race, or something else all together! There is a lot of open space here.

Demon Mage <interested in
Let's explore the magic of this realm first:

Mages are born with magic. Everyone has a little bit of it in their bodies but mages have more of it in their body and are able to harness it. Each mage usually selects a type of magic to specialize in; elemental, will (incantations and long spells), runes, healing (dark side would be necromancy but that is forbidden taboo magic), potions. Any mage can use a will spell to call forth demons. Calling demons is also banned, considered forbidden magic and dark. Also usually, people think the mage is stupid because demons always win and the mage always ends up paying a higher cost than intended. Mages that call on demons tend to get possessed by them and go on rampages, destroy people and areas and causes a lot of havoc. These mages are called 'Anchors', as they are the anchor the demon gets into our world, like a portal. Dragons, and demon hunters scour the earth for these Anchors to destroy them and send the demon back to Abyss.

But what if demons and the whole process is really misunderstood? What if demons were actually familiars at at one time, similar to dragons? Maybe demons became a thing because familiars were tortured, abused, twisted to dark purposes and created a never ending, ravenous hunger of despair and anger?

So I am thinking my character is a mage who did in fact contract with a demon and the demon sometimes gets the better of him and escapes his 'prison' to cause some damage and take what the mage promised him, but the mage overall, is a good person and only did the contract out of desperation to save his people and usually keeps the demon locked up inside of him. He uses will magic, but with the demon in his skin, he now has a greater potential for magic that is more instinctual an instant than the other forms of magic. Initially I see him as running away to a new place, trying to start his life over and keep the fact that he has a demon inside of him secret. Someone finds out, maybe starts trying to hunt him down, maybe they got to them before the secret got out and so they know the person behind the demon. Eventually together, they learn more and more about each other and the demon and realize that 'demons' really aren't 'demons'. So this is very heavy on the character development aspect. Also doubling would be nice. I'll be playing the mage and the demon so some of my posts may get longer since I have two characters. I can play male or female for this role, okay with most pairings here, and open to ideas!

Warning, this is a very dark themes role-play initially, and mature content (what he has to do to satisfy the demon, > cannibalism. More explained if you are interested in the plot).

Fairies exist? <interested in
Soooooo not sure why but I have a hankering to play some fairies. And I mean the ones that fit in your hand. Kinda had a scene in my mind of a male fairy that gets hurt during a rain or something and a human picks him up, saves him. Get to explore some things, maybe add some more fairies or have other characters that are pint sized beside the human. lol. Lots of fluidity here.

In the Deep <always craving] << love sirens!

1. Kinda want to play with a merman who'd just laid eggs (seahorse anatomy) and maybe is injured or something, humans could have captured him and the eggs. Maybe he is in a marine biology station area partnered with a zoo? Lots of different things to explore here and open to ideas!

2. This idea is currently taken, but may be open to more ideas: Sirens. On another planet. Let's mix this up. I'd love to discuss lore, character ideas, this is very open. Main thought for this is sirens are living on a planet made almost entirely of water. There are several different types of merpeople here. I would love to play a siren, but the joy of having a big open world is that this has the potential for side characters as well as doubling if you want to do that and also play a siren. Also was thinking the main other character(s) comes from off the planet either to harvest something on this aquatic one, or try to settle here, or heck, maybe they get stranded here. Or, maybe they try to take one of the sirens off the planet for research purposes. Lots of different plots possible here and would love to develop the story with you.

NOTE: IF you are okay with it, there is also a chance for mpreg because I did see the sirens functioning like seahorses where the boys are the ones who carry the eggs, but if you are not okay with that, that's fine. We don't have to include that. Just a thought. :)

Frozen Felvi

I am imagining a race of people with their own magic and religion which we can develop and explore. Another group of people were trying to annihilate them for a reason we can work out together, could be for land and resources or something else. Regardless, one of the priests, in desperation to save his people, evacuates everyone from their last sacred city and unleashes a spell that is intended to destroy the advancing army, knowing full well it will kill him in the process. His apprentice modifies a spell to counter it. So the advancing army gets hit with the spell, many die, as intended. However, a massive stone wall his erected along with fog to block the city from sight and the spell also freezes everything in time. The apprentice effectively saved his mentor's life by freezing the mentor and everything around him. Now years of passed and people still talk about the sacred City and the mentor and apprentice are regarded as deities themselves. No one knows if the city actually existed or if it is just myth. The concurring people of course say it never happened and no one can seem to find the place.

But what if a descendant from the apprentices line does happen to find the city and unfreezes it and the man left behind? Figured could be fun to play around with! The priest could be male or female, I don't mind playing either gender here, and yes I do prefer the priest/priestess role.

Cradle <interested in
This one is another 'mpreg' of sorts though technically hermaphroditic. I am imagining a race where the 'males' have antlers like a elk and male deer, and effectively called 'stags'. The slightly more female 'cradles' do not have antlers, but they can produce children. They tend to live in high altitude cold regions and have a society where stags are more dominant. They are also the ones more likely born since cradles need a lot of heat and warmth to actually become a cradle in the eggs. (yes they lay eggs). Stags claim a cradle if a cradle is willing and they create a family. It takes a village to raise a child as they say so close knit families band together and there are usually siblings in the mix. Since there are so few cradles however, there is competition and a Cradle can be taken from a Stag if another Stag challenges for rights and kills the original stag/ the other stag gives in. In a very animal kingdom fashion, the new stag usually wants to kill the unborn eggs of the previous stag to make sure their own children get the resources they need as food and resources are also scarce. This traumatizing dilemma often leads to Cradles fleeing for their children's' lives. Cradles can suffer big consequences for running away if they are caught since it is considered their duty to help provide for the continuation of the generation. Usually, the cradle and the eggs end up dead in the cold. It's a heavy topic.

I wanted to explore the race dynamic a bit but also what if a Cradle ran away and is helped by someone of other race? could be a much more open world with some drama there, and finding a way to change the hierarchy and relationship dynamic. I imagined siblings for the cradle some who want to bring the cradle back, some that don't, maybe one who is atypical as well; so a stag who likes other stags which isn't frowned on, but seen as deviant in some ways. No laws against it since there are few cradles; but it would be a huge no-no for two cradles to be together, so different things we can play around with.

Fall of Vampire's Reign <<Taken
1. In this story, I am thinking medieval. I am seeing vampires living in covens throughout the world and they used to have meets between the ones close. They have their own society. Humans know of them and some may want to hunt vampires but for the most part vampires and humans live separately. Vampires can and do drink human blood but for the most part, they satisfy their hunger with the werewolves that protect each coven. That's right, in this rp, Werewolves work with vampires. These werewolves are treated well and have their own packs for each coven. Wolves are allowed their own culture and to live with the vampires. They serve as guards and usually the masters of the coven each get a personal were wolf guard. Werewolves also supply blood to the coven and the coven gives them land to farm and do whatever it is the werewolves need.

Now the problem comes when there is this... creature... that has started to hunt down vampires. They are big, gangly, and often hunt in packs. Vampires are being targeted for food and the werewolves are dying trying to protect the covens. Covens have stopped venturing out of their little cities and instead try to fortify their home from these creatures. But with werewolves dying, blood supply is thinning out and some covens are dying from some sickness as well. (vampires are a race rather than turned)

The story is about trying to figure out what these creatures are, why they are attacking vampires and how to stop them. First thought was that one character is a vampire and another is a werewolf. I do see romance, but again, very open world, and can potentially have side characters and doubling. Maybe we can do arranged marriages between the covens or something as well as they try to survive and figure out what is happening.

Foundling <<craving
Another vampire and werewolf idea but this was is a bit different. Werewolves and vampires are at war with each other and humans ask werewolves to protect cities from these creature nibbling their necks in the night. Vampires only seek human blood when they are trying to have a family. (yes vampires are a race rather than being turned.) So being prevented from drinking human blood is really putting future generations at risk for vampires. Of course werewolves don't know or care and humans certainly don't know about the connection. Vampires have their own cities and usually feed off the livestock they have growing there. Werewolves sometimes attack solitary inhabitants if they are further away from the main walled vampires towns and such but otherwise don't often attack an actual coven holding.

But what happens when a pack of wolves discovers a vampire family mascaraed and just a little child left alive? What if they decide to raise the fledgling and try to train it as a wolf and to go after its own kind? I think there could be lots of character growth and fun/drama to be had here. I would love to play the vampy and of course can play some wolves since we'll be in a pack setting and then eventually as we branch out there will be more vampires to play etc.

Also doesn't have to be vamps and werewolves if you have another idea, we can do other races but certainly want the dynamic of enemies here. We can always combine ideas from other plots too

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knows things
Your AI idea is pretty cool. I could play some sort of runaway girl and try to survive hidden in the city together. Wanna brainstorm?

Also, you might wanna fix the bad tabs.


"Kadan. It means Beloved" - Iron Bull (Dragon Age)
Thanks! I am at work so I was going to try and fix it when I got home lol. see? I am not very good with bbcode lol


"Kadan. It means Beloved" - Iron Bull (Dragon Age)
Mostly looking for sirens or something right now. Got several vampire ones going on so excited for other kinds of pairings. Also feeling more inspired with apocalypse rps or arranged marriages.


Your Local Fair Folk
Hey howdy! If you're still looking, consider me interested in the sirens concept! :3 I'm Xeno, I'm 22, and if the username wasn't a clue, I'm into speculative biology both in fantasy and scifi settings! The concept of a water planet is honestly a favorite of mine right now. Lots of good things to work with there.

I'll give you the heads up that I will be as active as I can and should be fairly active right now because I'm currently not in my next semester of college just yet. But when that comes along my time will vary more. I'm also EST, so fair warning that if I disappear not long after this post it's because it's 1AM lol ^^;


"Kadan. It means Beloved" - Iron Bull (Dragon Age)
Hi! Sounds fair. Sometimes I'll be really active and sometimes reply like once a week depending on how tired/busy I am. But always ip for once! I'll pm you <3

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