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Fantasy Fabric of Najud (Fantasy - Steampunk - Martial Arts) [CLOSED]

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Action, Adventure, Magical


One Step Beyond
Wow you can draw- that's awesome!
Thanks. Unfortunately I'm not very good at a gritty realistic style but I hope it gets the point across.

@Steamdrunk @Lithia Lace @still watching fma @simj22 @GhostofWestphalia @Elenion Aura @shapeshifting
Guys, we doing this or what? B] Don't know how big Niti is willing to make the cast, but I'm pretty sure if your profile comes in too late you might get cut off x.x
-goes back to not finishing character profiles- ;P
That's seven now, right? I think that's a good stopping point so that I can keep track of the story.

For the sake of everyone I think I'll strictly DM and play all the NPCs and whatnot. I'm more interested in seeing what others come up with anyway.

If you all want to start posting your characters and asking any questions you may have we can get the ball rolling.

EDIT: If anyone else wants in, now is the time to say your piece.
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One Step Beyond
I think I've figured out the best place to start the story, so I only have one request from everyone when making characters.

No automenschs. Assume that no one knows that they're self-aware yet. That's all I'll say.

I'll get to work on a map of Vincenzo soon. ^_^


One Step Beyond
I think now I can finally go to sleep as you all get to work on your characters but I'll also leave this here. Hopefully I can get around to doing the opposite genders for all the races. :xFsmile:

Dune Elf dancer.jpg


One Step Beyond
I'm going to bump this again and re-open interest. We need just a few more to start and I can't wait forever.

So if this at all interests you, here's your chance, first come first serve.


One Step Beyond
I'll be making updates as they come along, but hopefully I can have the female reps for the frost elves and the jinn within the end of the week. :xFsmile:


One Step Beyond
Just a heads up to all, I will be doing the first IC post later tonight. I want to get the ball rolling so the interest doesn't wane, and due to the nature of this story, you don't necessarily have to join right at the beginning.

On an unrelated note, I'll start working on all the male non-humans next week. :closed eyes open smile:

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