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Fandom Fabletown - Character Sheet


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Full Name: Maleficent Moor
Nickname: Mal, Fairy Godmother, Mistress, The Unseelie Queen, The Briar Rose
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Birthday: 4th June
Fable: Sleeping Beauty
Occupation: Magical Provider/Teacher

  • Height: 6' 2"
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Green
    Scars/ Other Facial details: Shallow mint green skin, Black Horns, Yellow Sclera (Concealed Via Glamour).
    Body Type: Tall and Slender.
    Attire: Variety of modern fashions though nearly always in her signature black and purple colors.
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Full Name: Victoria vile
Nickname: Wolfie
Gender: female
Age: 16
Birthday: 4 October
Fable: little red riding hood

  • Height: 6’2’
    Hair Color: brown
    Eye Color: brown
    Scars/ Other Facial details: she has a skin condition and a scare on her face
    Body Type: muscly and tall
    Attire: normal ripped jeans and a Flannel


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Full Name: Ashton King
Nickname: Ash, Mino, Lil Mino
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown but he tells everyone he’s 22
Birthday: May 14
Fable: The Minotaur

  • Height: 6’9 (8’9 in his original form)
    Hair Color: Dark brown (Black in his original form)
    Eye Color: A light reddish brown color (Yellow in his original form)
    Scars/ Other Facial details: He has cut on his ear making it look kind of sharp like an elf ear, he has a black floral pattern tattoo covering the left side of his chest and extends out into a sleeve down his left arm, and he has three circle like scars resembling a gunshot wound or being impaled by sharp stick in a line starting from his lower abdomen to his mid chest.
    Body Type: Very lean but bulky to display his honed strength
    Attire: Usually a long sleeve graphic tee with sweats to match and some simple slip ons when it’s cold he’ll usually wear a thick pull-over sweater with some jeans and high-tops

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