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Fantasy (f4m) Unexpected Bond (Alien/Human)

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Action, Romance


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To whoever may be reading...welcome! I am on the search for an Alien/Human plot, consisting of themes/genres that include: romance, suspense, action, and drama.

I have been role-playing for a total of 6+ years with frequent use of 3rd person, preferring multi-paragraphs/novella when writing. However, I am very flexible and will accommodate to my partner and their own personal preferences. All I ask is for some effort, literate, and descriptive responses to the best of your ability.

Plot Summary: Earth has been visited by (insert alien race) for centuries - collecting information, biological data, and to seek out any intelligent life in the universe. While these out-worldly visitors came with good intentions and a proclamation of peace, humans showed no sympathy towards these outsiders due to the sheer fear of the unknown. Humans were forever hostile. In the midst of the 21st century these visits have been disregarded as myths and speculation... the human race went on oblivious to their planets past. However, after some unexpected events...Earths future will be changed forever. After another alien expedition gone wrong, resulting in a confrontation with unkind military officials these star visitors are once again attacked by human forces. Realizing that the humans will never accept their peace the (insert alien race) plan for a full scale invasion - seeking revenge for the slaughter of their people.

Plot Details:
  • I will be playing a human female.
  • You will be playing a male alien. (You may come up with your own race and appearance to suit your needs and creativity)
(In the paragraphs below I am merely stating the events that have taken place to morph the beginning of the story. I will NOT be godmodding your character)

Based on the plot summary your character will be apart of the expedition to Earth in a final gesture to make peace. However, after crash landing and being attacked by the humans it leaves your character severely injured. After these events unfold my character find yours wounded and yet startled, she decided to be merciful. These events cause an unexpected bond between these two characters, leaving them with emotional feelings for each other.
With an unexpected relationship set in motion and your character finding a way back to your home planet (visiting your human companion from time to time) leaves your character in a struggle. Still persistent with the hatred of humans and mourning your fallen comrades you are in league and in favor of the invasion/occupation of Earth. Now a high-ranking Commander you lead several squadrons to Earth and it is here that these two characters come face to face again....only with different intentions.
I am thinking this story could start with the invasion as I would like for this to be a reunion for the two characters. They are much older and mature at this point and it would be sufficiently dramatic if their reunion is met with angst, drama, and action.

I do apologize that my ideas sound a bit jumbled and messy. This dose not reflect my role-playing skill. I am more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Also, if you have any ideas of your own I would love to include them.

If you are interested please send over a PM or leave a comment. : )

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