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Realistic or Modern F.O.R.U.M: Task Force L (upgraded and retooled)


Federal Organization for the Restriction of Unruliness and Misconduct
F.O.R.U.M is a peacekeeping agency dedicated to preventing super power related catastrophes. To do this they send various Task Forces out throughout the world to stop these catastrophes before anyone gets seriously hurt. There are a bunch of Task Forces and they all have a designation. For example, Task Force Ω (pronounced Task Force Omega). Task Force L is no different than any other Task Forces. Except for the fact that it's where they send "special cases" or, as the other Task Forces like to call them, "losers".

Task Force L is for people who want to help and passed the entry exam but have powers that could be considered worthless. Because they have powers at all they can't be sent to the more standard issue Task Forces like Task Force M (consisting of normal humans with advanced guns and weaponry). So they're sent to Task Force L. To probably either die or be fired.

You are a new batch of losers. You are part of Task Force L. It's your job to do what others won't do. Like cleaning up minor things of no interest to anyone else and that couldn't be threats. But... you could become more than losers. How? Why are you asking me.


I'd say that nobodies gonna let me live that down but I still haven't changed my name so...


Do got a question, what kinda "situations" and equipment we looking at?
Equipment? Nothing much. Powered indivisuals don't really get equipment beyond standard issue suits.

Situations? The kind of "this looks minor but oh shit now it's major and going to destroy the city."

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